Stevia might act as a contraceptive

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Both of the articles that I read on the subject say that the amount you would normally use as a sweetener is not enough to affect fertility.

The bottom line: Stevia extract, at the miniscule dose used to sweeten food and beverages, when used in moderation does not appear to exert any negative effect on human fertility at all.  The doses used in animal studies of doubtful scientific methodology were enormous in comparison, and the negative effects where they occurred, were unable to be reproduced by other scientists.  Both studies showing impaired fertility used an extraction of the whole herb.  Exhaustive toxicity studies on compounds isolated from stevia, such as stevioside and rebaudioside A have not found any negative effects whatsoever.


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If you're trying to get pregnant, then maybe it would be wise to opt on the side of caution and avoid stevia.  Otherwise, stevia is a natural sweetener made from stevia leaves.  I put it in my coffee every morning.  For me, it's the best alternative to using sugar everyday or artificial sweeteners.  Aspartame, on the other hand, is an excito-toxin made from the excrement of genetically modified bacteria and has a host of adverse side affects.




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I do use stevia as a sweetener in small amounts, but I also just read an article citing info regarding what is being mass produced for regular consumption.
It discussed that what we are being sold as stevia has been modified to such a degree, often having various 'sugars or sugar alcohols' etc. added to it that it isn't the 'natural' sweetener it's claimed to be.
For example, a packet of Truvia, a popular stevia brand, contains erythritol, a sugar alcohol, and "natural flavors", along with the stevia leaf extract. Another stevia product, contains dextrose, a starch-derived glucose which is often extracted from corn, wheat or rice.
The recommendation I read was to only use the actual plant (stevia rebaudiana) leaves that you dry and powder for your own consumption. To me, as a kitchen herbalist, that makes the most sense. If I were a young woman of childbearing age, I would definitely consider NOT utilizing this plant whether in it's natural state or not.
Always, err on the side of caution with any herb, or anything else you ingest. I would definitely consider all the above before I'd recommend stevia for children as well.

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Thanks for sharing ladies - I didn't know that the small amounts were ok. Trader Joes sells the powdered stuff with no additives in it for a good price.

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