Music Made Visible

musicmadevisible is a new concept in musical expression, a stream of cymatic images representing an analog of music in visual form. If our eyes could see music we would not see waves, as is commonly believed, but beautiful holographic bubbles, with shimmering kaleidoscopic patterns on their surface. The CymaScope allows us to see this previously hidden realm of beauty.




  Almost all audible sounds are bubble-like in nature, not wave-like as is commonly believed.

If our eyes could see music they would be bathed in scintillating kaleidoscope-like patterns

  The Cymascope is an instrument that makes sound or music visible, creating detailed 3D impressions of sound or music vibrations. Here the rapidly expanding sphere is captured in a frozen moment. The interior reveals a beautiful and complex structure representing the rich harmonic nature of violin music. musicmadevisible images can be thought of as analogs of music because the geometry they contain is a mathematical correlate of the musical pitches and intervals that caused the pattern to form on the Cymascope membrane.  


Play with the interactive cymapiano:



The CymaScope has applications in almost every branch of science simply because vibration underpins all matter. The ability to see such vibrations permits a depth of study previously unavailable to scientists, engineers and researchers. Readers will have seen our list of research topics covering subject areas from Astrophysics to Zoology. Just as great advances in medical science have come about as the result of the microscope, and huge strides have been made in understanding the Universe with the telescope, the CymaScope instrument holds enormous potential to reveal the hidden realm of sound and vibration. Our team recently made a wonderful breakthrough in the field of dolphin language research and in Mereon research, an energy pattern that may lie at the heart of creation. However, as with all scientific instruments it is vital that the relevant maths is developed, enabling predictions to be made and dynamic
systems to be modelled.

If you are a student or professor of applied mathematics we invite you to contact us to discuss a possible collabortive study of the CymaScope instrument. Alternatively, if you are interested in acquiring a CymaScope please drop a line to:

John Stuart Reid, Sonic Age America, [email protected]

Wendy's picture

It would be interesting to see if a piano or old organ that was tuned to the older tuning for concert A (I forget the exact numbers of hertz) would have prettier or different patterns.

Noa's picture

I tuned my guitar to the Solfeggio Scale.  I can't hear the difference (maybe someone with perfect pitch can), but it's probably more beneficial spiritually and health-wise.

Since everything in the universe is vibration, I'm learning not to underestimate the power of frequency.

Starmonkey's picture

And I'll attempt to hear you...

I have perfect pitch! ;)

Pitching one right now, even...

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