Great video about flexible intelligence

I wonder if people who know many languages or musicians who have learned many instruments would be any better at the bicycle challenge.

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I watch this guy too Wendy,I like his videos. This is a perfect example of rewiring your neural network. Imagine if the first bike he gave his son was the backwards bike, he probably would have picked it up even quicker,just like his first bike. I think kids still have a lot more room upstairs,and not as much unwiring to be done to learn something new. Remember the woman scientist in "what the bleep" who, along with her husband proved that the neural network could be changed? Before that, it was believed,by western medicine anyways,that the neural network, once damaged, couldn't be repaired! That discovery was so important, but got little attention. This was a great way to demonstrate it,,,Thanks

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Thanks for your comments Tscout. It just showed me how utterly vulnerable we are to thinking in one particular way - no wonder we all have such a hard time getting along. I can imagine his moment for "getting" the bike was like when you stair at one of those hidden images in the dot patterns - looking and looking and swearing there's nothing there until suddenly the picture snaps into focus and then it's impossible to look at the same pattern and not see the image.

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