What Really Happened at the Pentagon on Sept. 11?

This is so much more than just another 9/11 Truther video.  Barbara Honegger has probably done more research on what happened to the Pentagon on that day than anybody.  In this presentation she exposes one lie after another in the offical story.  And she doesn't just speculate about who did it, she names names. Afterward, Honegger gives specific suggestions for what you can do to bring the culprits to justice. 




One thing that surprises me is that no one asked the question during the Q & A session:  "Why haven't the guilty parties been tarred, feathered, and run up a pig pole?" Two years ago, they supposedly had enough evidence to hold a tribunal to convict the ringleaders - George W., Rumsfeld, and Cheney, so what's the holdup?

Sure, we all know that the ultra-rich and powerful are pulling the strings, but what's wrong with the rest of us?   There is strength in numbers and we have the power to change the game.  Why aren't we demanding answers?   Until we do, the tyranny and genocide will progress.  Our silence is consent.

Obi-Wan: You cannot escape your destiny. You must face Darth Vader again.

Luke: I can't kill my own father.

Obi-Wan: Then the Emperor has already won. You were our only hope.


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That 's a good talk.  Maybe too good because I can't seem to find anything current by or about her.  In the talk (given on Jan.12, 2013) she mentions her book by the same title as the talk (Behind the Smoke Curtain...) that was going to come out the following March on Amazon, but the only thing by that title on Amazon (or anywhere) is a DVD of the talk, which they say is unavailable and they don't know when or if it will be available.  Hmm.  Something funny going on?

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ignore the word "fraud" in the title.  I copied this because it appears to be a pretty good bio on her life to present.  am about half way through here talk and am loving it.  Thanks Noa

The Frustrating Fraud: BARBARA HONEGGER

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I had the same difficulty, Bob, but with a little digging, I found her facebook page:





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You're welcome. Wink


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Thank you Noa. Powerful and sad. People can have such perverse minds and souls to do something so evil. Such premeditation and planning. Such deep cynicism and lack of conscience. Yet they hug their children and love their pets.

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Thanks for the Facebook page on Barbara H., Noa.  I'm not on FB, so I can't check the contents, but her page feels a bit like a ghost town to me; seemingly nothing there...  I wonder how long it's been since she posted anything.  So I still wonder about her current condition -- where and if...

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I just broke down and got my first FB page 2 months ago.  (I know, I know, but I use it for networking.)

So I visited Barbara's FB page for you, Bob, and she's posting regularly.  Her latest post is about the inhumane treatment of dogs and she also posted an AVAAZ petition.  Her most recent 9/11 conspiracy post is from May.


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Thanks Noa,

I listened to this late at night so I'm pretty sure I didn't catch all of it but at the end I heard her calling them Nazi's. Just wish she would have mentioned the zionist angle as well because so much of what happened benefitted Israel, besides the American military complex.

There's another 9/11 researcher who did a lot on the pentagon but I can't remember his name now. He went around Washington DC asking witnesses about the planes, direction they were headed and what they looked like. He came to the conclusion that the big plane that looked like a passenger jet flew over the pentagon just as it was hit with missles.

To answer your question, Noa, the media has a huge control over the issue, making those who know about 9/11 truth think they are in the minority and also making those who only have suspicions keep enough doubt to keep them from getting active. But I think your point is that we should just be ignoring them and forging ahead anyhow - I agree.

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Indeed, I just watched a video on this very subject -- the Nazi 9/11 connection.  It named one Israeli official after another with blood on his hands.  (Trouble is, I can't find the video now; I linked to it from another webpage and didn't save it because the list of culprits was so long, I got bored.)  Nonetheless, the American-Nazi ties are well-documented and go back to WWII, most notably with Operation Paperclip.

Naturally, we don't talk about this or the atrocities happening daily to Palestinians at their hands because the subject is taboo.  (Better to let poor brown-skinned people suffer and die on the other side of the planet than to be labeled anti-semitic by our peers.*)

These are strong words, I know, but I know in my heart of hearts that genocide will until we collectively decide that we've had enough.  The question is, what's it going to take?


*BTW, there is a big difference between authentic Jews and the Khazars posing as them.  The latter group are the zionists so hellbent on destruction and domination.   See more

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