War for Profit - the new Smedley Butler speaks out

This kind of story is nothing new to folks here but I thought I would post this interview because this retired Army Colonel makes such a clear case that as a country the US is warring for profit and nothing altruistic. I post it because I think it might be a helpful post to send to those of us that know someone who is considering military service or for those of us that know someone who is supporting one of the current war mongers running for president.


Retired Colonel tells why America’s ship is sinkingA retired U.S. Army Colonel, who was the national-security adviser to the Reagan administration and assistant to Secretary-of-State Colin Powell during both Bush administrations, has broken silence to warn the American people why their ship-of-state is sinking.Col. Lawrence Wilkerson says that the primary goal of US foreign policy is to create wars to justify profits for the military-industrial complex. This process has reached the point where it actually diminishes US power and has lead the nation to the brink of economic and political collapse. The process is driven by a small group of power elites who are the ruling plutocracy. He says that the war over resources in the Middle East is a global power struggle with China and Russia for oil and water. He is not sure that the ship can be saved. Empire Files 2015 Dec 13


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Thank you, Wendy. Great find!!!

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