A very good film to wake up friends, give it a chance, it has an empowering ending.

The Calling and The Awakening

I'm just beginning to watch the second film the first one was so good I figure I'd stop and post these first before continuing to watch.




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I knew facebook was controlled, but posting these films was the first time I was blocked. What an awful feeling to be gagged. How can we reach those who are mostly interested in talking about their shopping trips, sports and the latest programming?

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Hi Wendy, great question, how do we reach friends and loved ones who appear to be totally oblivious to what we see so glaringly apparent. It can be frustrating at times...  But maybe the question isn't so much 'how' do we reach them, but more to the point, "what with"...  When I first began looking into the events of 9-11, listened to Michel Chossudovsky's excellent coverage of world geopolitics, and Alex Jones, etc.  I thought I was living in a world of robots instructed not to listen to anything but the status quo BS they were being indoctrined with on TV and Faux News.

I now see much of this, via my own excitement of personal discovery, as maybe not quite the right way to get people to listen... It comes on too strong, like some brand new born again christian who now sets out to save the world, and only ends up alienating friends and loved ones, never quite realizing that not even they would want someone else coming on so strong with a barrage of unsolicited info directed toward them.  No one likes it, but we forget what it feels like when we are the ones doing it...

So the question then becomes what do we tell them, when, and how...  The "what, when and how" has changed over time for me.  I lean much heavier toward a more generalistic understanding of the One-ness that must be re-cognized by all of us.  You can imagine how many things would change for the better if this were truly understood and lived accordingly.

The more this is understood by more people, the more we set up to simply fade the current ruling class police state master/slave mentality paradigm, instead of trying to think of ways to expose and destroy, for we are one, and we would only be attacking ourselves, in essence, so it is we who need to understand this One-ness as much as those we determine need to change, if you know what I mean...

Revolutions sure seem to work to the advantage of a current paradigm, so there must be a better way that we will ultimately adopt individually and collectively, and I am pretty sure that "love your enemies" will be a big part of the understanding that will ultimately fade the current nonsense that we ALL are part of and responsible for...  There is no us v. them, and we end up reinforcing the current mass illusion paradigm when we act like there is an enemy....

LLP, Chris

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