Sweetsie and Morgan

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was sent to me by Kerry (my wife) earlier today by email.

The video has its own name of course, but I stuck with "Sweetsie and Morgan" as the name of the posted forum because "Sweetsie" is the generic term Kerry and I use for each other around the house and Morgan is our cat that does everything in the video every morning except pick up the bat (and would do that also if she could).

Enjoy, Chris

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Except for the bat. Thank you for this!  My cat zoey is partial to 3am feedings...........it is almost worth getting up,as then I can sleep longer in the morning..............otherwise she unrolls toilet paper, and waits for ANY movement.Cats are wonderful PESKY creatures! Love,Mary

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Hahahahaha...  Thanks Chris!  I was struck by the humor in this funny video.  I like the ear snap the best. 
Still chuckling...

Hey Chris,

Thats very cute!

I loved the way the cat kept clawing at the blanket and going in circles.....was very well done.....




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Very cute :-)

I used to have cats that would love to crawl into my window at four in the morning and do all kinds of things like that.


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