StarGate opening within and over the Gulf of Aden--

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Very interesting.  Are there any other reports of this???

Here is some other related phenomena Josh mentioned in another post....

and here is Nassim Haramein discussing this phenomena

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there is and interview with a whistleblower/super soldier, Aaron McCollum, on Project Camelot regarding this stargate.


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If you google "Gulf of Arden, Stargate" you can get more info.

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There's nothing about a stargate here but it does confirm a large military build up in the area recenty.


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Thank you John, that interview was excellent, and was confirmation for some other things too.  Also, the mention of Project Seagate in proximity to Puerto Rico made me instantly think of the recent earthquake in Haiti just west of PR.  Am very much looking forward to his next interview release by PC...

And thank you Wendy for that excellent link to one of the best websites and authors I have ever come across. was one of my first research websites early on, and Michel Chossudovsky's lecture in 2003 at McMasters University is still one of the most informative lectures ever given concerning geopolitical strategy.... The link below is that lecture...

War and Globalization - The Truth Behind September 11 (9/11)

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