The Secrets of the Philospher's Stone

Thanks, Wendy, for turning me on to Jay Weidner.  I like this video because it perfectly combines the concepts of physical realty with those of the spiritual realm.

The resource Jay refers to, The Book of Aquarius, can be downloaded at  Another link I tried was hacked by someone claiming to be a devotee of Allah.  If you're having any trouble downloading the book, send me a PM and I'll email my copy in pdf form.  The Book of Aquarius contains the secret of making the Philospher's Stone, also known as the elixer of life and the fountain of youth.  Given the amount of toxins and radiation our bodies are now exposed to, this knowledge is not only life extending, but essential to our survival as we try to overcome every conceivable threat to our existence.  Because the information contained in the book has been surpressed time and again throughout human history, it is recommended that we print copies of this book.  Computer and internet techonology may one day no longer operate as we are accustomed, so without a hard copy, this knowledge will be lost forever.

The Book of Aquarius is intelligent and insightful, but easy to read.




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Hi Noa,

I've basically listened to every interview Jay has done since this one and some before. Since this time, he is now saying that many of the philosophers said to make the stone out of dew, not urine as this resource says. Personally I have to say the idea of using my own urine was pretty gross so when he mentioned dew, that made a lot more sense to me. Because of chemtrails, dew is not as pure as it once was so Jay now recommends drinking only distilled water as a replacement for the stone.

That said, a person I have a lot of respect for and is a dentist once told me I should drink my own urine but I never did try it because I don't understand the "philosophy" be hind it - maybe if I read the whole artcle you posted rather than just skimming.....

Funny thing is, I now am drinking distilled water because another dentist I also have respect for is telling me that I should do that to help get rid of heavy metals.

I'm continually posting the most recent Jay Weidner interviews. I just posted another one under my Jay Weidner, Holy Cow post. This interview was done by Kevin Barett, who is also a very brave and intelligent 9/11 truther. I wish they had made the interview longer - I have a hard time understanding why some people impose time limits on their interviews.

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I'm only part way through reading the Book of Aquarius but it promises to be a very profound body of work.  Accordingly, the author has gone to great lengths to keep his identity secret from those who may want to suppress this knowledge.

While I was researching the Philospher's Stone, I came across information about making Ormus.  I can't say I can tell the exact difference between the two except that maybe Ormus is a weaker version of the Philospher's Stone.  Ormus sounds like it's easy to make.



As you may be aware, Wendy, T-scout swears by urine therapy to cure Cancer and other diseases.

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