The Revolution Business

I think this film is an important look at the current worldwide revolutions. How much of them are controlled and created by the very people the revolutions are meant to fight? I think this film offers good insights into the psychological strategies being worked on all of us.


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The New American reports...

In fact, the original call to “Occupy Wall Street” came from the magazine AdBusters, an “anti-consumerist” publication financed by, among other sources, the Soros-funded Tides Foundation.

Other Soros-backed outfits promoting big government — some with myriad ties to the Obama administration — are also publicly driving the occupation campaign., for instance, has received millions of dollars from the billionaire banker. And now, the group is urging its supporters to join the Occupy Wall Street movement as well.

Just last year, Soros claimed that the brutal communist dictatorship ruling mainland China should lead what he calls the “New World Order.”

But Soros does not love the despots in Beijing for their commitment to “equality” or “democracy.” As The New American reported, behind Soros and his tens of billions lies even more wealth and power: the unimaginably vast Rothschild banking empire.   

One of the richest men in the world today, Soros has been in legal trouble for corruption before — in France, for instance, he was fined more than $2 million for his illegal scheming. So, critics noted, it might seem ironic that the textbook example of a “corrupt financier” would finance a protest supposedly aimed at corrupt financiers. But the irony hardly ends there.     

Union bosses and others intimately linked to President Obama — whose top campaign contributors included Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, and other big banks — are also playing a key role in the Wall Street protests. The protesters are even recycling administration talking points such as the old “the rich should be forced to pay their 'fair share'" — despite the fact that the “Buffett rule” tax proposal being advanced would almost exclusively soak what remains of the middle class.



On page 4 of the first edition of OWS' own publication, The Occupy Wall Street Journal, they themselves admit that the movement was launched by Adbusters Magazine.


QUESTION: I hear that Adbusters organized Occupy  Wall Street? Or Anonymous? Or US Day of Rage? Just  who put this together anyway?

All of the above, and more. Adbusters made the initial call in mid-July, and also produced a sexy poster with a ballerina posed atop the Charging Bull statue and riot police in the background. US Day of Rage, the mainly internet-based creation of IT strategist Alexa O’Brien, got involved too and did  a  lot   of    the   early  legwork and tweeting.    Anonymous—in  its various and multiform visages—joined in late August. In New York most of the planning was done by people involved in the NYC General Assembly, a collection of activists, artists and students first convened by folks who had been involved in New Yorkers Against Budget Cuts. But no one person or group is running the Wall Street occupation.

Even so, I'm holding out hope that the plan to control this populist movement will backfire on the elites. Somehow, the people will unify as one voice for meaningful change.  For that to happen, however, people must understand what they're fighting for.  At this point, I don't think most of the protesters have a clue how the system works or how to change it. ~ Noa

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Let's just envision a beautiful future where little to no government is needed - most people take responsibility for themselves and freely help those who are not able to. Like we've all been recognizing here, time to turn away from the matrix and make this happen on our own and wait for the rest of the world to realize that protest doesn't create what they want.

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Excellent, Wendy.  I like to stay informed about current events, but we must realize that we are giving energy to this stuff when we think about it.  Like you suggested, envisioning what we do want is the key to its manifestation.

Max Igan's video, The Awakening, addresses this perfectly. 

Agreed Noa-- Let us focus and envision the New Earth-- a place that is clear, clean and pristine full of beauty, harmony, tolerance and plenty for all.  Let us envision a place where kindness, compassion, wisdom, coherence and consensus prevail for the highest Good for All.  Let us envision a world where there are no national boundaries, travel, education, wellness and healthcare are free, housing and water and food and clothing are also freely given --- where these attributes are considered to be human rights.  Where Gaian Rights are upheld by Humankind and the Realm of Flora and Fauna work with Humankind and Gaia... let us envision a world based on cooperation and respect for all life throughout the Earth and Cosmos.

Does this world exist?  Yes, it does and everytime you envision this you create a light stream to this world that is from your heart--- every time you think and feel this dream into being using the tools of your imagination and thought and HEART you anchor yourSelf to this New Earth that already exists all around you and I and all those other people all over the world.


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Wow Noa,

I thought that was one I had seen before but somehow I had missed it. Well worth the time. Thank you for posting.



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It was fun to push the green Yes button.  I'm not sure why. I also signed up for the daily inspiration.  Thanks for posting, Fairy.

This morning, I woke up with unexplained anxiety.  I decided it was time I took a break from focusing on  the economy and what is happening with OWS.  My goal is to give at least the same time and energy to visualizing the future I want to manifest.

Bashar, Hathors, and others talk about jumping time lines.  My question is this...  If I am able to jump to another timeline by visualizing another reality, does another Noa experience the timeline I just left?

The timelines are collasping.  The Noas are all coming home to the original Noa.  Perhaps that is you.


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One Noa experiencing near infinite number of experiences simultaneously...

Concept of Time messes with the Left Brain's desire to rationalize everything...

Must be why entheogens are such an amazing experience, not nearly as much fantasy as one might presume, just a window to so much more going on whether one is aware or not...

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