Reset the Net- March 27th JOIN US!

Lets all do our part to break the chains of NSA Internet Spying:


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So good to hear of things like this, where people are recognizing the problem and taking back the power.

More information can be found at

Similar projects can be found at


If you’re a developer, promise to add one new surveillance-resistant feature to your app or website, and announce it here on June 5th.

If you’re an Internet user, promise to try out one new privacy tool that directly confronts mass surveillance. We’ll have an epic and definitive list for you to choose from. Then tell your friends to get protected too.

If you have a website or Tumblr, get our Internet Defense League code installed and display the Reset the Net message on June 5th to help educate and rally Internet users worldwide to defend themselves from dragnet surveillance.



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Thank you for sharing this concrete way of taking action. Much love, Fred

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I use Startpage because it allows me to use the power of the Google search engine without my isp address being traced.  I also installed Ghostery, which blocks adware programs from monitoring which pages I view.  (After you install Ghostery, every time you access a webpage, you'll see just  how many adware programs have been blocked.)

Here are some more tips for easily making good passwords:




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