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I found another good film that recently came out about how marketing has been used to control society. There's some great Howard Zinn clips - it's a well done film and it had a few new tidd bitts in it for me. Hope you all enjoy-


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This is one of the best presentations I've seen on managing public perception and the battle for our minds.  It mentions that Marshall McLuhan once said that if one could ask a goldfish what is the most salient feature of its environment, it would fail to say, "Water."  So... what is "water" for us?   The answer is rich and varied. It's well worth watching all of this.   Each of the 8 episodes starts automatically after the one before.

You mention Howard Zinn's appearance in this, which reminds me of Zinn's last documentary, "The People Speak," that I saw a few weeks ago.  It's a great film, too.  Everyone should see it.

Thanks for the great post.

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I think our "water" is the incessant false reality of a media drivel of unremarkable lives, crime, violence. We're supposed to forget our spirit selves and our natural happiness-our birthright. The millions of miracles we live and see when we open our eyes and hearts to them.

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I think our water is the Aether, the zero point energy that is so rich it is virtually impossible to conceive of, therefore not perceived by our limited physical world senses.  we are literally swimming in it.  Its impossible to get away from It.  We (the physical part) are somewhat less energetic enfolded displacements of It, as if it were the Conscious Cosmos womb that makes possible the near infinite manifestations that are and have arisen from "It".

What really blows me away conceptually is that whatever the Origin of "It" is is most likely not even Light and Energy as we are familiar with, but essentially precedes energy and light.  What could "It" possibly be if not energy, not made of anything, but just is, is just plain and simply Self aware, Self contained, Self sustaining without requiring a form of energy and able to create and manifest energy and light?

blows me right out of the "water"....

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You've certainly gone the full nine yards with the water metaphor.  You've graduated us from the MindControl-Matrix level of the first three posts to the most universal and sublime level.  How dare you elevate the conversation like this? 

That's okay, I forgive you.  You made me realize that the metaphor can serve much more than what I was intending.  In a sense, you've created Catalyst-Altered Water (see Berry's "Fluoride" post) out of ordinary H20. 

...Sorry, I couldn't resist wringing as much [water] out of this discussion as possible.

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Couldn't resist after Brian made his water analogy.  And it has been something I have had in mind for some time that is a real psyche turn on, to realize that the collective "we" of humankind are seemingly as blind about the Aether ZPE we reside in as fish are about the water they are most likely oblivious to in their world view.

I just love the thought that the whole Cosmos is literally a Womb of sorts, which really blows the whole contemporary male oriented image of "God" right out of the, you guessed it, "water">>>>:)

Another description of water that really stuck with me some time ago is "liquid crystal", due to (among other reasons) water's ability to record chemical structure without the actual chemical being present in the water.  And Dr. Emoto's "Messages From Water"...

Water is the Mother that nutures us so we can reside in whatever form we are in--- learning and living and being... until we go to the next life to do the same... All is One... And all is a spiral back to itself.  Water is life. Life is Water. We are the Water and the Water is us.


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