Peace now, especially for the children

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I so look forward to a time when war is waged and both sides of the proposed conflict, the grunts, the foot soldiers, the gullible duped say "no more!", and both sides lay down the weapons and walk away.  This, IMO, is a sobering way to understand how much this is on us, we the people, how much it is our responsibility, and not necessarily the fault/responsibility of those behind the scenes who wage war for profit.  They do what they do because we can be counted on to do what we do - as always, it takes two - it requires collaboration - someone to manufacture the delusional romantic notion of god and country and patriotism, and someone to swallow the disingenuous bullshit, hook, line and sinker.

if we transcend the bullshit, then just maybe the "them" we like to project upon transcend with us.  wouldn't it be amazing to see that it was always within our power and ability, that we were never victims?

that we were always the ones in control of our destiny?

always the ones we were looking for?

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     War is the simplest way to understand how much we are in control, or could be ! Could you imagine,(I know you can), both sides dropping everything and saying F%ck it !  What a day that will be. I guess that would call for some pretty organized group consciousness, ha ! Soooo, maybe if people just refused to go on a large scale, it could lead to that, (as long as the news reached the soldiers already there). How do we make this happen ? Stake out the induction centers ? Maybe. For sure, overcoming that brainwashed military mentality would be very empowering, enough to start a chain reaction I think......

      May a BIG PEACE BUBBLE pop over every induction center in the country !

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I agree about the need for a very organized change in group consciousness amoung soliders for this to happen. It would cost the solider their job, maybe their carreer to just stand down on their own, never mind overcoming some serious mind control that they are given in boot camp. If we want to take personal responsibility and be the change we want to see we need to be willing to make a similar act through the non-payment of federal taxes. Thus far I have not made this change (other than reducing my work hours a bit) and so I am continually stung by guilt at seeing a video like this. The easy way out would be to elect Ron Paul - still a change in group consciousness but no one's risking their career over the election. Even if Ron Paul looses, we still "win" as the campaign process continues to change group consciousness (educate people).

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