Honesty on TV?

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So I got interested and watched the entire first episode of the show:


I bet it was inspired by the great 1976 film, "Network."  (You remember... "I'm mad as hell!")

So I found that the show is honest up to a point, but it ignores the fundamental fact that news people don't really have the freedom to do what they may really want to.  In fact, the premise of the show is that they definitely do -- just like old-fashioned 19th-century journalism (Check out the 1952 film "Park Row" for a classic dramatization of this -- although this was a romanticization of journalism.)

Still, I enjoyed watching the guy speak truth about why the US is not the greatest country on earth.  But when he started getting mushy about how we used to be and why (idealizing the past), then I knew the show was going to deliver only half an enchilada.

But I did enjoy watching the first episode (especially because I love Emily Mortimer), but I probably won't watch another one.

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Hi Bob,

Yes, the propaganda is very well done these days. They serve up one layer of lies for the very gullable and another for the less gullable and so on. See my latest post about the spirals in the sky, I currently think Sott.net is doing a good job of cutting through the bs but someday I may find out they are another layer of propaganda being dished out for us as well.

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   I agree,,he starts off strong,,but during the time that we "were",,was when it was all being undermined ! ha !  It would be great if this show delves further into this,,,but I won't hold my breath !!!,,,L,,,T

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." ~ Goethe

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