Holy Cow - Jay Weidner lays it all out

This just blew me a way. I think Jay Weidner knows what he's talking about. It's like he's created a theory of everything for world history. This explains so much - in my opinion this is a must listen video.



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Thank you Wendy, I agree with your remarks.

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Here's another interview where he lays out his historical perspective.

I'd like to know what people think of this theory - that the earth periodically goes through mass extinctions because of a periodic mass coronal ejection and that a group of humans who call themselves the vril long ago obtained the technology to ride out the storm on mars. Once the coronal ejection is done and the earth has healed they return to earth. They mostly live underground and in northern climates because after living on mars for so long they are very sensitive to the sun. The last time they came back they intermarried with humans to create the white, aryan race. About 3000 BC they created civilization to enslave humans to get them to help them create the large amount of spaceships needed to once again go back to mars, which they are expecting they will need to do either in 2012 or 2442 (Jay thinks that when they found the Myan calendar they may have thought that their original calculation of 2442 was wrong and they needed to spped up their program. This is why technology raced along so swiftly in the 20th century).

There are more details that Jay gets into. His theory explains many things such as the name Rothchild and the technology explosion of Natzi Germany. I'm hoping this summary will entice more people to listen to the interviews.


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This interview begins with a discussion about reincarnation, which is kind of misleading, because it turns out to be so much more.

It connects a lot of dots, especially about the Aryan race and Mars.  A lot of seemingly unrelated things are now making sense to me within the context of the whole.

Look at these related posts on Mars and you'll see what I mean.




However, Weidner says that we are now free from the shackles because the controllers have made a mass exitus to Mars and likewise, the "managers" left in charge, aka political leaders, are taking shelter underground in preparation for an enormous coronal mass ejection.  This may well be, but at this point, the PTW seem to be only tightening the screws of control.

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In a nutshell, this is what Jay Weidner said on the Coast to Coast interview...



Disclosure: Aryans, Mars
and the End of Days

An interview with Jay Weidner

Part 2

Jay: O.K. What I'm about to say is going to sound very controversial, but I'll give you a quick breakdown of what's probably going on.

Lance: O.K. Good, good.

Jay: The powers that be are ruled by an inner group, and we will have a video series out next year called "The Sacred Geometry of Time", with Robert Lawlor, which is going to explain this in a much deeper way.

But this group apparently knows all of the knowledge of the past, maybe as far back as several hundred thousand years. And they live here, on Earth; and they have lived here for a long time. But they've lived separately; until about 6, 000 years ago, they lived separately from us - some place on Earth, in a very nice place.

But, about 6, 000 years ago, the first of many alarms went off. And these alarms have to do with the advance of what we call the end of the Kali Yuga.

Now, the beginning of the Kali Yuga was right near the beginning of the Mayan calendar, 3114 B.C. And it was the beginning of cities and writing and kingships and slavery and women as chattel and animal husbandry and farming and wars and walled cities and writing and science.

And all those things actually began at the beginning of the Kali Yuga - not because we were getting better, but because we were getting worse.

But not only because we were getting worse but because there was something going on: the reason those things came into being is because this group - that are human, but are different - went into action, because the beginning of the Kali Yuga, 6, 000 years ago, the beginning of the Mayan calendar, was a signal.

A signal in a very long, long, long calendar - not 6, 000 years, but like 60, 000 years. And it said that the end of this age was going to come to an end, and the prophecy said that the sun would explode into gigantic solar flares, which would fry everything on Earth and cause huge Earth changes here on the planet.

And this group knew all of this, because they had been through it before and they kept accurate records. So they went into action; and they took a lovely planet, filled with tribes of hunter-gatherers, and they transformed it into civilization.

And they transformed it into civilization so that they could get out of here before the coronal-mass ejections hit. And that is what has been going on for over 5, 000, almost 6, 000, years.

It is a central organizing principle, decided and governed by a group that we don't even know who they really are, for purposes which until recently have remained completely hidden and secret.

And, they promised the managers that they're leaving behind, that they can have the underground shelters and everything; but I don't think that that's really going to help, because I just can't see how that could survive what is foretold.

And the secret space program and all of these things - flying saucers, and bases on the moon, and the Nazis and Joseph Farrell's great book on the alchemy that the Nazis were doing - this is all part of this group developing the technology for what I call "Project GOOD", which stands for "Get Out Of Dodge". And they're getting' out of Dodge, baby; and they're almost out.

And, if you follow the work of Ed Grimsley - I don't know if you know who he is. He has these night-vision goggles, and he goes out at night and he videotapes these craft that you can't see with your eyes. You can type him in on Google. On YouTube, they've got a few astounding videos that he's taken of the gigantic craft.

And that's the story. And I figure I might as well get it out now, because you never know when it's going to be too late.

Lance: Absolutely. Now, of course, some people attach names to these unknowns. And I have read some accounts that these are some kind of Anunnaki/Atlantean lines, and then of course you have some kind of illuminati bloodlines flowing in there. But nobody really seems to know who they are, except that they're not -

Jay: Well, yeah, actually, we do. Yeah, well, they are the - Anunnaki is one of the words that they have. The Nephilim is another that they have.

These are words created by different cultures - the Hebrews, the Babylonians, the Sumerians, the Persians - to describe these people. OK? But their real name is very easy, because it describes where they go when they get out of Dodge. They're called the Aryans.

"Aryans" is just another word for "Martians", because Aries is Mars. They escape - at the end of the last Kali Yuga - I think, at the end of every Kali Yuga - the same cycle occurs every time; it may even be why there is a Kali Yuga.

They come to Earth after the Earth is healed from the gigantic coronal-mass ejections which occur; and they come back in their ships, and they repopulate the Earth. They may even take genetic strains with them, which is what the genome project is; they may take all the seeds with them, which is what the seed project is.

And they take it there; and they bury themselves under, because Mars is a pretty inhospitable place; and they wait for the Earth to recover. And they came back 60, 000 years ago, and they thought that the Earth had pretty much been wiped out. But a few groups had survived.

Native Americans had survived, by being in caves; and they tell those stories, about how hot - it was so hot that you stuck a stick out the cave opening and it lit on fire. The Chinese survived - somebody - one of those Asian groups must have survived, obviously. And some of the African survived.

So, when the Aryans landed, they kept to themselves. But they did have ships, and they went around; and they had an order that they couldn't have any sex with the remnants that were left behind. They could help them, teach them how to read and write and how to farm and all these other things; but they couldn't have sex with them.

But those Earth women and the way they move: they just couldn't resist.

So these are humans, but they went to Mars for a long time; and they lost the pigment in their skin, they lost the color in their hair, their eyes turned blue or green or hazel. They were tremendously big, because of the low gravity on Mars, when they landed here. Very advanced, super advanced - and they've been here for a very, very long time.

And they're leaving. They're going. They're leaving now. There are colonies - I know this sounds completely out of my mind, but I have proof for all this. There's colonies up on Mars; just type in "Hale Crater civilization" on Google, and read Skipper's work - Joseph Skipper's great work on the colony there, up in Hale Crater.

This is what's going on. This is the long and short of it. And, yeah, they live here; they actually lived once in Norway. That's where they lived, because they liked the coolness; they couldn't get used to the heat. And that spiral that exploded over Norway when Barack Obama was going to get his Peace Prize in Norway - yeah, well, that's their weaponry.

Here's the problem Obama faces. OK? These guys are leaving. They're getting out of here because they think that the coronal-mass ejections are coming. Alright? They're leaving, and they don't care who runs the United States anymore. They did up until last year. Now they don't care anymore.

And so Obama's7 sitting here, and he's got the remnants of their technology. He's got the stuff sitting around; right? And they're probably busily back-engineering the Aryan technologies; OK? And this is what's going on in Argentina and Chile, where they're raiding the tunnel systems.

This is the new world order; these are the managers that have been left behind. The new world order is not the Aryans; the new world order are the Aryans' left-behind managers.

Lance: Right; that would make sense.

Jay: Yeah. The Aryans think of themselves as the 'People of the Red', or 'the People from the Red Planet'. And, when Bauer changed his name to "Rothschild", which means "red shield", he was really signifying that he was the shield for this thing, this project, which moved into high gear at the beginning of the industrial age.

And everyone's thinking that they're deforesting the planet, raping the mountainsides, enslaving people, doing all this stuff, just because there's something that has gone out of control; but it isn't.

It's all the underpinnings of a huge, secret project to develop, quickly, colonies and ships and moving gigantic amounts of goods and services across the gap between here and Mars.

And that's the truth right there.

And a lot of people are going to know this pretty soon; I'm not the only one that knows what's going on here. This is all written down, by the way, in ancient texts from India, all of this.

Lance: Oh yes, that's right. You briefly touched upon that the last time, I think.

Jay: Yes, this is all ancient texts, and these texts were from the Aryans and they told their story.

Lance: If they had the ability to go back and forth to Mars and further, I'm sure, isn't coronal mass ejection going to destroy Mars as well?

Jay: No, because they're going underground. First off, it will hit Mars but it won't be anything like what happens here.

Secondly, the problem with the coronal mass ejection - which I have to say, the film "2012" did a pretty good job of evoking - is that it is a huge electromagnetic blast which has a commensurate effect on the core of the Earth, which is heavily electromagnetic. So it causes a core flip.

OK, here's how it works. The poles of the sun rotate every 37 days. The equator of the sun would also rotate every 37 days, except that the angular momentum of the planets at the equator of the Solar System causes it to slow down, so it only rotates every 26 days, instead of 37.

Every 87 days, there is a crossing over of the magnetic field, as the 26 catches up to the 37 again. You follow me?

Every 87 days, there's a small electromagnetic crossing, which encases the sun in a tightly woven electromagnetic shell. After about 12-13, 000 years of this nonsense, the entire sun is bound in a huge receding-quickly magnetic field, which has a commensurate effect on the Earth's electromagnetic field, which also begins receding.

This is all happening right now with the loss of the sun spots and the Earth's magnetic field receding. It's a 13, 000 year cycle that we are right on the edge of and when the sun finally has to right itself, i.e., move its rotational fields back into sync again, which it has to do, there will be a huge electromagnetic storm which will go out way beyond the Earth.

It will be carrying with it gigantic coronal mass ejections, which will ignite the forests of the Earth and boil the oceans.

If you're underground, on Mars, well you have a pretty good chance of making it. There's no electromagnetic fields on Mars. There's no tectonic plates. Nothing's going to be spinning around and you just wait it out.

You just wait it out and maybe after a few hundred years, I don't know how long, when the forests grow back and the animal life comes back, then you mount your expeditions and you go back.

So we're building not only the expeditions that are going there, but we've been building for the last three hundred years the expeditions that are going to take them back here, too. Yeah, that's what's going on.

It recurs all the time. The Vedic texts and the Mahabharata, this is what they're discussing, including the gigantic ships, or arks, as they call them.

I want to make one thing clear. I'm not saying white people are Aryans. I'm saying that white people are the bastard children of Aryans and Earth people. You understand? They do not look like us at all. They're chalk-white. They're freakish-looking.

They're where the vampire myths come from because they can only come to the surface of the Earth at night. Their skin is so translucent that you can see the capillary system, so they look blue in certain kinds of light.

Lance: You know, there was a movie that was a remake of "War of the Worlds" and I thought to myself, "Well isn't this strange, for them to make this kind of movie where they're already underground, and those laser beams." Very prescient.

Jay: Spielberg has to know. When I saw that, I just went, "My God, he has to know." He has to know that they've been here the whole time and they are underground. That's exactly where they are.

And by the way, these other things that we see - and I'm not saying there are not other aliens, there could be; I'm not even going to argue that - but some of the other things that we've been seeing are their robotic creations.

They've been here, these robotic creations, for a long time. I don't know if they're robotic or genetic, I can't tell. Sometimes they're robotic, sometimes they're genetic.

Here's the thing Obama has to ask himself. He knows that these guys are leaving. He knows there's a disaster coming of some kind. They shoot a hyper-dimensional weapon over Norway while he's picking up the Peace prize and everybody's screaming and yelling, "Why does Obama get the Peace Prize, he hasn't done a damn thing."

I'm going to tell you why Obama gets the Peace Prize. He gets the Peace Prize if he doesn't shoot at them while they're leaving. Here's the problem that he faces, though, and this is a serious problem.

You're the Aryans and you're back on Mars waiting for the coronal mass ejection. You got the hatches buttoned down, everything, right? What is to prevent the elites that you've left behind from back-engineering the craft, that you've left behind - the ship - and coming after you and stealing your place? I know that sounds crazy -

Lance: No, to me it doesn't.

Jay: - and I'll tell you what. He's worried that they're going to attack us, and that's what that thing in Norway was about. These people are saying that these are benevolent aliens and stuff. You haven't read your history. The Aryans stormed down, they enslaved all of India, they created the caste system.

Lance: Every war has been created indirectly by this influence, hasn't it?

Jay: Absolutely. If you read Andrew Collins' book "From the Ashes of Angels," it's a great book. He talks about the history of these babies, these magical babies that are born after the Aryans and Earth women have had sex.. These babies are white and they have white hair and chalk-white skin, and some tribes were fearful of these children and they killed them.

But other tribes thought that these children were exalted beings and they raised them up into exaltedness in the tribe. These beings frequently had red hair; red hair because of the overabundance of iron oxide in the air on Mars causing red hair.

So they exalted these beings and these were the European tribes who exalted these beings. Read his books, they're very interesting.

Lance: I will, I'll check that out for sure.

Jay: On the other hand Africans have a history of killing albino children right when they're born. I don't know if you know that. They're considered wicked.

Tthey think that these children, the offspring of the Aryans, were wicked or there was something bad about them. This is a long tradition where they would get rid of these angel-demon children.

So the Aryan influences are more prevalent among the European-stock cultures and so they became the vehicles of the real Aryans, which have nothing to do with white people at all, actually, except for leaving behind some genetic trace..

And so that's what's been going on. Skull and Bones is part of this group. Michael Tsarian has traced a lot of these German groups back. The German groups are the key. Once you start back engineering the German groups, you can find everything.

The Saturnian Society, Aleister Crowley, all of the UFO stuff from South America. All this stuff is all intertwined into a cohesive story that makes total sense and gets rid of a lot of the gobbledygook.

But it's backed up and bolstered by very, very serious ancient texts, Purana texts and Vedic texts, which tell the whole story very clearly.

Lance: Huh! Well, how does that tie into the idea that there are different ages? In other words, do we ever get out from under the prison bars of some kind of highly advanced extraterrestrial civilization that controls us without our knowing? Isn't there supposed to be a Golden Age after the Iron Age?

Jay: Well, it is, and here's the thing. This is really the crux of the matter. What happens is is that through the long cycle of the Yugas, which is really called a Kulpa - which is all of the cycles together - there are so many deaths.

And as you approach the Bronze Age and the Kali Yuga, there are more and more deaths of violent nature.

And it takes thousands and thousands of years for bones to completely vanish. The Earth becomes haunted by an inescapable presence - called the 'Ka' in Egypt, which is a residual that's left behind. And the only way that you can have a Golden Age is for all of the Ka to be burned away so that the Earth is completely renewed.

And unfortunately these guys, these Aryans, broke the rules. They didn't want to die in the last catastrophe, which they had to do. That was part of the deal. The Earth can only be renewed if all of the Ka goes. And they escaped, and they went away.

And they kept all of the knowledge that had been gathered from the previous Kulpa, which we were also supposed to lose.

The only way for the Golden Age to actually incarnate is for the earth start out in a pristine state again. And they broke the rules.

And this is why Tsarion's work is so good because these guys broke the rules, and now we're just their slaves. Now racism has come into it. Whereas before there was no racism. Now there's racism. The Aryans think that the Earth peoples are too stupid, that the Earth peoples are too dumb.

And it's not dumb or stupid. They never had the advanced technology carried over from the Dark Age. . And this is the problem. So there has to be a cleansing of the earth so that it can be renewed. And they're not allowing that to happen.

And they keep bringing back the same genetic strains over and over when actually the Earth is constantly rolling the dice and searching for new genetic strains that it can use to embrace consciousness. The Aryans keep bringing back all the old genetic structures. Did you know that corn is a hybrid?

Lance: Yeah.

Jay: Corn is a hybrid. When they discovered corn, even to this day, it is a hybrid. Somebody had to have messed with it a long time ago.

Lance: Now it's all genetically modified.

Jay: Well, it is. And again you have to ask yourself why that's being allowed and why all the forests are being cut down and why...

Lance: Well, when what are the chemtrails and HARP?

Jay: Yeah. Those are to keep us away from seeing what is going on behind our backs, which is a giant evacuation. And they don't care about us anymore.

Lance: Wow! It seems like there ought to be some kind of higher authority that - let's just call it The Cosmic Patrol - that oversees what's fair and what's not fair. In other words, aren't there some kinds of higher more advanced ETs or civilizations or angelic realms or whatever that can put things straight?

Jay: We know as much as we know, and that's all we know. The Vedic texts say that the divas, which have been destroyed through this current Kali Yuga according to the text, have gone back to the Godhead.

They left thousands of years ago to travel back to the Godhead to tell the Godhead that the evil Archons, who are the Aryans, by the way, have taken over the entire planet and that they needed help because the divas have been driven off the planet. The divas, of course, are the nature spirits.

And as Tolkien shows us very clearly in the Lord of the Rings, Sauron and Sauraman are destroying nature to fuel and finance some mysterious project. And if you go back and look and see in history who Sauron is, it's obvious that Tolkien talking about Sargon. Sargon was the first real king of the Kali Yuga in Mesopotamia.

He started calendars. He started clocks. He started the workday. He started everything, and he was an Aryan. And so you can see that there's this regimented thing that starts entering in and removes us from the natural state of a highly advanced hunter/gatherer, which is really what human beings are.

And that's our natural state - very close to the Earth, no agriculture, all fresh foods, a lot of hunting, and a lot of gathering. Very spiritual though. Not a grunting life, but a wonderful beautiful life filled with meditation and a much higher standard of living, which was what was going on before the Aryans emerged.

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Hi Noa,

Thanks for finding the link to Jay's latest film.

The dots are better connected now - that's why I've been so exicited about finding this interview. It's really funny that he's been talking about this since 2010 and I've listened to Jay Weidner many times since and yet this is the first I've heard of this amazing world history. I kind of think maybe I wasn't ready to hear it yet.

I do have to wonder about these stories of jump rooms to mars though. Perhaps they can only send people through them and they need the ships to carry materials over there?


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I think a jump room would have to be prohibitively large to carry the amount of cargo they´re proportedly moving to Mars.

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Another "must listen" Jay Weidner interview - absolutely facinating!




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Thank you Wendy!

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Hi Everyone-

I was so impressed with these Jay Weidner interviews that I spent the $10 per month to join his Giaim TV network. At first I wasn't sure if it was worth it but I finally took the time to listen to Jay's film, The Secrets of Alchemy and that film alone made the subscription so totally worth it. He also has lots of really interesting Haramein Nassim videos. Also included is all of Regina Meredith's Conscious Media Network films and interviews.

Happy truth seeking!

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Jay Weidner's stuff was one of the reasons I first signed on to Gaiam as well, that and the Wilcock videos.  He's on episode 25 now and I gotta say it just keeps getting better, and Regina's been doing some amazing videos with people on the cutting edge of energy, health, consciousness, etc.  Don't mean to push it here but one thing they said rang true for me, "We can air whatever we want without the threat of being censored in any way because this is a subscription channel and we're only on the air because people like you are supporting us." 

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Jay's been on the People's Voice network a few times lately. This interview he is talking about a different topic for him - the Saturnian Cult.


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More on the Saturn Cult


I followed Jay's reference and found this website very interesting:


After looking at this material you also might find a newsletter interesting that's published by a 9/11 truther friend of mine:


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Hi all,
I just finished a great book by a friend of mine that is very transformative - it offers ways to bring the magic and creativity back into your life. I think Jay Weidner fans will like it a lot:
Stardust, Shadows and Secrets by Carol Mays


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Could this be the meaning behind the shattered cornerstone?  You decide.




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Jim Fetzer interviews Jay, preceeeded by a good film on the faking of the moon landing.

The link has several episodes in it - you need to scroll down to The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer Ep #16 Did we Land on the Moon?


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Every interview seems better than the last. Here's another recent one:


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No nukes? I disagree with Jay on this one - Hiroshima victims are real as far as I know, or Jay will need to come up with another reason for all those people to have radiation poisoning.


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Jay hits me up with new information again. 2 famous personalities that have fake deaths and are "resurected" as different people.

How the NWO creates opposition to itself for better control of it.


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This Youtube account has been terminated

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I'm not sure if this interview is the same one but I think it has the same information.


Not the same interview but even more interesting! Jay talks about a wild theory about JFK.

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that was fascinating Wendy,,thank you

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