Golden State - Bombs (The Ron Paul Song)

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My heart goes out to anyone still investing any hope in any candidate in the current tightly controlled political system that has absolutely nothing to do with real democracy and everything to do with the managed perception of "democracy".

If they are running for office within the current controlled political construct, they are not worthy of anyone's intellectual, emotional or financial/volunteer support.  If they are someone who actually is worth supporting they have absolutely no chance of being vetted by the controllers and ushered into office by those same controllers.

If they actually get into office, then they are highly suspect of being vetted, approved, and one must correctly assume that they are already prepared and briefed, and stand ready to comply with said controllers' wishes and agenda.  This has to be understood before even considering the emotional investment of following and supporting a candidate.

One must finally come to understand that it is not "they" who are at fault for the perception management and political ruse, but the collective "blue pill" we that comply with the illusory offering that provides the romantic notion of true democracy and freedom in a manufactured system that is anything but...

The following is an excellent video exposing the business of perception management.

PSYWAR: The Real Battlefield is the Mind [Full Film] - YouTube

It has also occurred to me that the OVER THE TOP silly republican fiasco of the last so many months is also somewhat staged (although the perception controllers need do little to arrange it to seem so silly with all the assistance they are receiving from the GOP candidates themselves).  This leads me to believe that they are very happy with the erudite compliance they are receiving from Barack Obama.  Looking back now, Barack Obama was such a huge slap in the face to the whole world that so genuinely weeped with such heartfelt relief as they listened to his promises for change and saw him win.

After that false flag staged nonsense I just don't understand how anyone can jump back on the political bandwagon in the USA and believe there is any reason whatsoever to follow and or support anything or anyone associated with this rigged and despotic polital system.

Simply said, it is Fascism with a pseudo-democracy happy face mask on...

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Not all games are played to be won. Many people play games such as Scrabble without keeping score. This game is only superficially about Ron Paul becoming president. It's about the 15% Paul supporters showing the other 84% that both parties and the media is not on their side but the 1% side.

They may end up having to kill him to shut him up but in the end, as it is now they are having to commit voter fraud to keep him from winning. Don't you see what a huge crack in the wall this is for for traditional paradigm? People are waking up in droves because of his campaign - they are learning about the Federal reserve system, that we don't have a democracy and never did, nor do we want one because a republic is a better system anyhow. No one's giving the perception managers a bigger headache right now than Ron Paul and his followers.

Gotta go now, I'll respond again after I've seen the film. Maybe you haven't listened to enough Ron Paul speaches to understand how truly different and amazing it is that he is running such a sucessful campaign.

Voting, imho, holds a deeper meaning.  I bless all with Love!

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Perhaps this is the difference you aren't seeing Chris,

The mass media was all in favor of Obama, behind him 100%. The same mass media is doing everything in their power to either ignore Ron Paul or discredit him. I started to watch your film - yes, good information but nothing I haven't already heard. Having been raised by liberals, registered as a democrat at a young age and worked of the Jesse Jackson campaign in the 80's, I've already been through the dissapointments of politics. Then came 9/11 and my lefty bent had me excited by the chance to incriminate George Bush - not  a hard thing to do and the evidence was plentiful. This took me to Alex Jones, who led me to Ron Paul. I put the same amount of energy into researching Ron Paul as I did 9/11 and all I came up with is a 25 year consistent voting and speaking record that is like no one elses. I don't agree with him 100%. I don't like his stance on nuclear energy and there's a bunch of lesser important issues like abortion and epa that he feels should be left up to the states or judicial system but that I don't particularly agree with him on. But I'll take an honest man over another sell-out like Obama anyday.

On all the really important issues to our country and the world he has a 25 year long consistent record of supporting civil liberties (ACLU just gave him a better score than Obama), promoting peace, and working to dissolve the Federal Reserve System. This is not something that can be faked - it's in the record. How long was Obama's record, maybe 4 years? It seems to me that if you were fooled by Obama you should now be spending more time listening to Alex Jones, James Corbett and G. Edward Griffin - all trusted 9/11 truthers who could have told you back in 2008 that Obama'a real name is Barry Sotoro, he had plently of CIA connections with friends and family as well as a wife heavily connected to CFR and immediately picked Neo-con banksters as advisors - all red flags. These same guys that had warnings about Obama are supporting Ron Paul and are ardent alternatives to main stream media. So how can you compare the 2 as if they were the same just because they are both politicians?

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Minute 1:01 talks about how the Iriquois were more democratic (I think the term here is used to mean more power to the people) because they were decentralized. This is a main tennant to liberianism and the Ron Paul campaign. Eliminate tons of unneeded government agencies and beuocracies at the federal level so that if needed those functions can be taken up by local governments where the people have greater power.

The Iriquois were exceedingly individualist. Individuals were honored. This is what a republic is all about. Written laws and constitution are about protecting individuals, not groups. These are also tennants of libertarians.

Google Ron Paul Federal-anti-Federalists debate and you'll find tons of You Tubes. Ron Paul's politics is basically the same as Thomas Jeffersons, a leader of the anti-Federalist movement.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within the Hearts of each member of Humankind

Peace On

I bless all with Love

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It is still feeding the current ruse with our energy, and that is where I am right now, wondering if that is something worth doing, or is it serving the agenda of those running this puppet show.  I tend towards agreeing with Max Igan and others on this.

I am turning away from support in any form, whether for or against.  I am neither anymore.  I AM, apart from this ridiculous matrix that seems to always end up serving the interests of a select few, regardless of all the seemingly virtuous efforts of so many well-intentioned people engaged in the ruse, as if they had a snowball's chance in hell of altering it, short of a complete collapse of the current despotic very well orchestrated political system anchored entirely in wealth and the diligent care and maintenance of that wealth & power to remain in the hands of a select chosen few.

I really do understand your position Wendy.  It's just that personally I have had enough and will not engage the current system ever again.  I look forward to it's demise and the rising up of what will be the threshold into a golden age, a complete new metaparadigm that will arise spontaneously from the collective willingness of the silent majority like the Freegans that Noa posted about yesterday.

I already see the seeds of this spontaneous uprising and I completely trust that it will come to pass.  The old and tired ruse is dying, as it should.  The republican debates are evidence of that.  It is all breaking apart as spontaneously as the new one is sure to rise out of its ashes spontaneously.

It is not without effort, but it will seem as if it is spontaneous because that is the true power of the collective when it finally demonstrates the will to disengage the current bullshit, completely disregard it, and move toward a new way without asking its permission.  This is the true power of Sovereign non-compliance, and when enough of us are moving in that direction we will see this seemingly spontaneous move in the direction of a new golden age.

I may be totally full of it and way off base in lala land, but I willfully and willingly choose to see this evolutionary process in this way.  So as you choose to support Ron Paul within the current political system, I choose to completely ignore the current fixed disingenuous system and support an agenda of non-compliance with every fiber of my being.  Until what I intentionally long for comes to pass, or I am dead.  I simply refuse to ever kick at another football held by the current Lucy...

Clinton should have been my last, but the handsome smooth talker Barack Obama sucked me in for one last kick at the illusory football...

p.s. and we really have to stop touting the alleged virtues of the Thomas Jeffersons of the past.  All of them were rich individuals who were fiercely intent on getting out from under King George.  They also understood all too well what a mistake it would be to have Central Banks printing money for governments.  But do you really think that they had the good of the commons in mind?  They were slave owners for God's sake.  They were simply trying to preserve their own wealth, just as the ruling class rich are doing today...  And even more importantly, that is indicative of the condition of the collective Heart of Man today.  We complain about those rich select few, but if we take a closer look at all of us, the majority are still doing the very same thing to someone or something weaker than themselves.  And the rich give their transgressions as little thought as we give ours.  It is the collective state of the evolving Heart of Mankind.

What has to change is much more than a political system.  The Heart of Man must change so that we no longer need to attempt to legislate morality, for those golden rule laws will be so integrated in the collective Heart of Man that there will be no need to (this will be part of that spontaneous move that leads to the golden age - the golden age is not a time or place - it is a way of Being in the Heart that manifests a physical reality).  When we get this right there will be no one trying to hoard wealth or preserve power for personal gain - anyone considering it will become sick to their stomach just considering such a hideous offense against their fellow brethren.  Until then we are spinning our wheels to think we can change anything by getting this guy or that gal into office, into the same old office of the same old tired paradigm...

The ruling class elite are not separate from "Us".  They are very much a part of the collective "we", and indicative of the current manifest condition of the Heart of Man...  Erradicating them is not the answer, and reveals how delusional dualistic our "us v. them" thinking still is, as if we could get rid of the bastards and everything would be better.  It would not, for something similar would simply and spontaneously/manifestly rise up in its place.  We are as much to blame as any so called "them" we choose to project blame upon...  Human sacrifices were conducted because of this kind of thinking, projecting blame to escape personal response-ability...

From the Psywar video - "if you were to ask a fish, "what is the most noticable thing about your environment?"  The last thing the fish would say is, "the water""

p.p.s.s.  in fact, I just realised that I am still engaging the political arena by debating about Ron Paul with you Wendy, so you'll be happy to know that I won't even be doing that anymore, LOL

The Quickening - Full Length Movie - YouTube

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Ron Paul is dangerous! (to the staus quo of this country)

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    You didn't have your birthday party early, did you ? Like the picture, I guess that's part of changing course,huh ? Big peace bubble on !,,,,,,,,,,,,T                  

      Presidential campaign ? HOGWASH !   

My avatar currently was of my birthday cake last year.

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  about Paul being able to drop alot of bombs in the mainstream if they are forced to give him some airtime...

    FFG, I was just razzin you about your party, you don't look a day over 29 in that picture,,,,but doing the math, based on the intensity of the candle flames, and how much of the surface of the cake was blocked out by them, I figured out it was your 39th ! Laughing  big love bubble comin at ya,,,,,,T

Ha-- and to that TScout I say fa la.. Laughing

Peace On--


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Ron Paul Will Win In The End

Jay Weidner


“All truth passes through three stages:
First it is ridiculed;
Second it is violently opposed;
Third, it is accepted as self evident.”

--Arthur Schopenhauer

Ron Paul will win in the end. That’s right. It doesn’t matter anymore how the criminals in charge try to change the vote, or how they conjure lies and attack him and his ideas. None of that is going to work anymore.

Don’t get me wrong. There is no way in hell that Ron Paul will win his quest for the Presidency. The corporate criminals and their toadies in the media will never let that happen. They will do everything they can to squash Ron Paul and his ideas.

Who has the uncanny ability to unite Rush Limbaugh, Rachel Maddow, Dick Morris, Bill Clinton, Sean Hannity, Keith Olbermann, MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, The New York Times, Move On, Media Matters?

Answer: Ron Paul. Why does he unite everyone on the left and right? What is it about Ron Paul that unites the media?

Ron Paul and his movement are a direct result of the Internet. The Internet also showed the thinking people of the world that there is a corporate criminal mafia and it is in charge of everything. It owns the military, the media, the religions, the educational system the banks and most of the major corporations.

This revelation that we are ruled by a small group of corporate criminals is the real fuel behind Ron Paul.

When one carefully deconstructs Ron Paul’s positions one discovers a consistent and focused cohesion. Just underneath the facts and positions that he lays out is the driving reality that we are being run by this small group of criminals. Ron Paul is waaaay too smart to admit this in public. The idea of this criminal cabal is still taboo.

No Ron Paul refuses to actually name the criminals or even admit that they exist. That’s cool. That is a good way to keep your head intact. Look at the last two guys to go after this criminal network; their initials are JFK and RFK. So don’t expect him to be a 911 Truther or speak openly about this group of criminals. That’s asking too much.

But every single one of his positions is designed to obliterate this criminal network. When looking at Ron Paul it is necessary to completely remove your ideology goggles. One of the ways that the Internet is waking us up to is the fact that our ideologies, beliefs and protocols have all been given to us, invented by, this criminal network that now threatens our very existence. Examining his positions it is easy to see that Ron Paul knows and understands who is really ruling us. He has worked it out and his positions are really the only way out of the mess we are in. The criminal network has worked its way into almost every institution that exists. Understanding that it becomes clear that the only way out of the current predicament is too get rid of almost all of the institutions that exist.

That would be schools, militaries, large bloated federal programs, foreign aid and a lot more. These institutions exist almost solely to keep the masses in line and stupefied as to the existence of the criminal cabal. These institutions are not there for the reasons that they claim to but they exist because they are tools of the criminal network. Our schools don’t teach us how to think, but what to think, our military is not there to make us safe, but to invade and steal the possessions of other countries for this criminal network.

Ron Paul articulates positions that, if put into effect, would eventually undermine this criminal network. Once we can remove the shackles of this cabal we will come to understand how much wealth we really have. When that moment comes a lot of our current unsolvable problems will become solvable.

It is beyond imagination to even begin to realize how much of the world’s wealth has been stolen by this criminal network. They have perverted everything, distorting our economies, our cultures, our values, and our spiritual beliefs. They have contaminated everything. It is only through the dissolution of this network can we truly discover what we have and who we are.

Ron Paul understands this perfectly. He is outlining exactly the path that we must collectively take in order to set things right.

Now the divisions will appear. We will soon see who is for getting rid of the criminal cabal and who is for keeping it. Because of the Internet and Ron Paul it will become apparent who really understands what is going on and who does not have a clue. Those people who refuse to join the new media, those people who insist on staying spoon fed by the criminal corporate media will find themselves on the wrong side of history.

At this point Arthur Schopenhauer famous quote on the way ideas progress through a culture needs to be reviewed:

“All truth passes through three stages:
First it is ridiculed;
Second it is violently opposed;
Third, it is accepted as self evident.”

In 2008 the media ridiculed Ron Paul and his positions. Fox News wouldn’t allow him to appear at their Republican Debate resulting in a rain of snowballs coming down on Sean Hannity as he tried to get into the building housing the debate. Fox News reasoned that Ron Paul wasn’t a serious candidate, that he was a joke. Four years later we can see that actually Fox News is an arm of the criminal network and they saw what Ron Paul was doing and it scared them. That is the real reason he was not invited to the debate.

If 2008 was the year of ridicule, 2012 will be the year of violent opposition. The same media that ridiculed Ron Paul also let Barrack Obama have a free ride to the White House. As soon as he got into office Obama, not really understanding the cultural swing, tried to implement old and failed ideas. Even though he ran as the wave of the future he was really just an agent of the past. Obama’s Presidency proved that this criminal network controlled everyone at the top. How else to explain his actions? That realization also fueled Ron Paul’s ascendance.

It is 2012 now and we are moving to phase two of Schopenhauer’s progression of ideas. Now we can see that the corporate criminal class is working overtime to hold power.

Obama invades Libya without a squawk from the formerly ‘anti-war’ Left. Obama signs legislation giving the President the power to assassinate American citizens and no one in the criminal media says a word.

Now they are coming after the Internet. The ‘violently opposed’ segment is now upon us. 2012 is the most dangerous time because a cornered mad dog is the most dangerous. And we are cornering this dog. The establishment, both left and right, would not be so unified in their condemnation of Paul if he and his ideas did not represent a very real threat.

But here’s the thing: Ron Paul has already won. Though they will try to impose a police state on us to stop him, though they will invade other countries without a peep of protest, though they will assassinate and destroy all who oppose them, we should all realize that phase three of Schopenhauer’s progression is still waiting to occur.

When the corporate criminal network and their control of the entire planet become self evident, and that is happening right now, the ideas that Ron Paul is espousing will begin to take hold. As we wake up and see what is really happening, we will also see that there is only one way out of this trap. Then Ron Paul and his ideas will begin to become self-evident.

In four years these ideas will go mainstream. That is a guarantee. Soon it will be vogue to discuss the criminal network and how to get rid of them. They cannot stop what is happening and furthermore - they know it. Their behavior is going to become increasingly bizarre as they are exposed.

Psychopaths think that they are invisible, that no one sees what they are really doing. But the Internet is ripping that curtain back as the entire psychopathic criminal network can be seen in all of its vast ugliness.

We need to get rid of it as fast as possible. It is killing all of us.

Jay Weidner
Called by Wired Magazine an “authority on the hermetic and alchemical traditions,” and “erudite conspiracy hunter,” Jay Weidner, is a renowned author, filmmaker and scholar. Considered to be a ‘modern-day Indiana Jones’ for his ongoing worldwide quests to find clues to mankind’s spiritual destiny via ancient societies and artifacts, his body of work offers great insight into the circumstances that have led to the current global crisis. He is the producer of the documentary films, 2012 The Odyssey, its sequel Timewave 2013, and director of the critically acclaimed feature documentary, Infinity; The Ultimate Trip, Journey Beyond Death as well as the forthcoming feature film, Shasta.

Jay was featured in the History Channel’s documentary, The Lost Book of Nostradamus and was associate producer of the History Channel’s special, Nostradamus 2012. In addition, he is the co-author of The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye; Alchemy and the End of Time, (Destiny Books) and A Monument to the End of Time (with Vincent Bridges) as well as a contributing writer for the book The Mystery of 2012(Sounds True).

In 1999, together with his wife, Sharron Rose, he founded Sacred Mysteries for which he has directed thirteen films in the current Sacred Mysteries DVD Collection such as Secrets of Alchemy, a documentary based upon his research into alchemy, the Cross of Hendaye and the End of Time, Artmind, featuring the work of Alex Grey, Healing the Luminous Body with Alberto Villoldo, Quantum Astrology with Rick Levine, Sophia Returning with gnostic scholar, John Lamb Lash and more. For more information go to

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Who is winning this election?

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