The Global Freedom Movement is Now!

It's difficult to know how to introduce this topic.  It's a multi-layered issue that affects the rights of everyone on this planet for generations to come... as the tentacles of the controlling cabal have global reach. But what is happening now will change the game forever.

After having been unlawfully arrested and accused of being "an enemy of the State," Rod Class has become a pivotal figure in all of this because his legal defense is exposing the US government and court system for what it is -- an unlawful system of slavery and wealth redistribution.  As the layers of corruption are peeled back for all to see, now is the time for each of us to make our move to reclaim our God-given sovereignty.  One powerful tool in taking back our power is through the International Tribunal.  Other resources can be found through the New Earth Project, New Earth Nation,  and Adventures Into Sovereignty.  I invite you all to explore the links and videos provided here; then join the movement which is humanity's best hope for restoring freedom, justice, and peace on earth. ~ Noa

Exposing Enslavement: The Truth About Your Corporate Governments with Rod Class (Episode 34, GFM Media)

global freedom movement media corporate governments brendan d murphy aimee devlin rod classMost people do not know their history like Rod Class does. They are not aware of the National Banking Emergency declared in 1933 that has never been lifted. They do not know that a price was put on the head of every newborn through the Social Security Act of 1935. Section 501 set a price of $1.8 million per live birth, and Section 502 gave the government mandatory funding of $1 Million for every year thereafter, in 1935 dollars. This funding was conscripted from the future labors of the offspring and placed in trust. The Alien Registration Act of 1940 set up the method to assign a unique name and number to each child. The Birth Certificate, issued in the given name of the newborn, provides proof that a trust was set up, and a Government Copywrite Trademark issued, in order for the Custodian to have a means to settle any debts.

Rod Class, 60, has provided, at minimum, $61.8 million, to “the government” to settle his debts. His paltry military disability check will not even pay for the rising costs of his defense in the DC case. He has to depend upon donations. If he goes to prison, his pension will be pulled and his wife, who is also disabled, will not have funds to live on. Yet someone had access to those funds and more.

Listen to Rod NOW before it’s too late and learn what he and his team of investigators have uncovered–with the documentation to prove it!


Exposing Enslavement: The Truth About Your Corporate Governments with Rod Class

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Listen to Exposing Enslavement: The Truth About Your Corporate Governments with Rod Class here:




Update from Rod Class and Sue Rhodes on International Tribunals




NEO ~ International Tribunal for Natural Justice / Reclamation of Law ~ Rebecca Cope

International Tribunal for Natural Justice

A New Earth Nation Initiative / Reclamation of Law

by New Earth Law Academy Director, Rebecca Cope

Did Corporations Posing as Government take over the united States (and other governments) when the people weren’t paying attention? You decide. Participate in a live TRIBUNAL INVESTIGATION!

Join with others intent on choosing a world where the will of the People is the priority of governance.


New Earth Nation launched a major Global Initiative March 20/21 2014. Visionary leaders laid out a work in progress to help birth the New Earth. New Earth Nation sent out a clarion call. Would the people consciously choose to participate in the most unpredictable time in human history? Peace and Prosperity is our birthright but it has been stolen out from under us. Would we choose to live in a society free from the crippling shackles of Corporations posing as Governments? Would we choose to help steer our wobbling ship in a sane direction that serves the needs of all?

Within days of the Launch, over 200,000 people signed up. They clicked a Facebook page. They signed the DECLARATION OF INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY. They expressed their desire to be active participants in the global transition. They intend to be part of the 99% who have a say in “How Things Work” on Planet Earth.

Visionary volunteers from all walks of life stepped up to offer their particular expertise.

Treaty of the Great Reclamation of 2014

Volunteers have completed the Treaty of the Great Reclamation of 2014. For the first time in recorded history, We, the People, are invited to sign a Peace Treaty that returns governance to the sovereign peoples.

The Treaty set out guidelines that allowed other volunteers to set in motion the International Tribunal for Natural Justice. Other volunteers are set- ting up the E-Governance platform similar to the one used in Iceland which will host the Tribunal. Esteemed Judges have volunteered to hear the Cases.

The first initiative planned for the Tribunal will acknowledge the truth of the current governance structures and act to hold them accountable to the Rule of Law.  From the Preamble to the Treaty:   ”…the nations of the earth and the peoples of those nations have hitherto been engaged in a perpetual state of war which has been consolidated and perpetuated by corporations, institutions and private individuals who have been permitted to serve their own vested interests to the detriment of mankind and planet earth, and who have willfully caused harm, loss and damage, and imposed their will upon the people of mankind.” The Treaty reminds us that we gave permission, either directly or indirectly, for the state of affairs of our Earth. It is up to us to face the truth. We have let self-chosen rulers create the world of their choosing, by default. The belief that we are powerless to do anything about it has been laid aside. The need of the hour is great.

The courage of ordinary people has been tested

The courage of ordinary people has been tested.  More and more have stepped forward to meet the challenge. Because of their efforts, the Prosecution can place evidence before the Tribunal to prove that a group of unscrupulous Corporations under the umbrella of the International Parent Corporation, BANK OF INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS, ex rel, (BIS) took over the united States government (and other world governments).

A series of UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) filings made by former OPPT (One People’s Public Trust) Trustees during 2011-2013 exposed the head Corporation and it’s private owners. Furthermore, these filings disclosed to the world that the Corporations had deliberately put in place a VOLUNTARY SLAVERY REGISTRY. The people were used as Human Capital, slaves to the private owners. The UCC filings reclaimed the monetary value that had been stolen from each natural person and cancelled any contracts that held them hostage to the Corporations.

The Tribunal will examine the evidence: Did the OPPT filings definitively use their own laws against the International Banking Corporation, BIS, INC, to FORECLOSE AND CANCEL all contracts? Specifically, were the Slavery Contracts, used by the private owners of the Corporations posing as Governments to create the Money Supply, exposed, foreclosed, and cancelled?

Further, there is evidence to suggest that the Corporations deliberately used the War Powers Act, Trading with the Enemy, as amended, to declare a perpetual state of war against the people. Charges have been levied against Judges and Prosecutors who participated in systemic abuse of the War Powers Act to confiscate private property, and suspend all rights guaranteed under the Constitutional Republic.

The Tribunal will hear evidence to suggest that the Courts and the Banks and Corporate Agents posing as Public Officials have utilized war-time powers to steal the resources requisitioned for the people’s use. Violations of the people’s rights carry serious consequences for any Agent who has participated in such deliberate acts to harm the people.

It is one thing to hear Rumours. Evidence from whistle-blowers has been voluminous, but often suppressed by Corporate-owned media sources.

What happens when the evidence is presented by ordinary people who have endured the abuses of power and determined to do something about it?

A Volunteer Media Team assembled members of OPPT-North Carolina and Rod Class, a key witness for the Prosecution during the Summer of 2014.

New Earth Media affiliate partner Rogier Bouwman (Rising Life Media), Amit K Tida (a National Geographic Filmmaker from India), Paulo Fer- reira, NEN’S Communications Director from Brazil, and Trevor Bayack, (New Pop Media) joined with Rebecca Cope, Director of New Earth Nation’s Law Academy, to put together the first Documentary evidence for ITNJ’s Initiative. Jennifer Pippin, of Pippin Home Designs, and her husband, Wes Stearns, donated the use of their Lake Norman home as headquarters for the Media Shoot.
The Media Team collected stories of people reeling from the impacts of property confiscations, foreclosures, unfair prison sentences, and more.

The first priority was to capture Rod Class’s evidence as he laid out the timeline of how a privately owned CORPORATION POSING AS GOVERNMENT had taken over the united States while the people weren’t paying attention.

IT IS ON THE COURT RECORD: “An “Agency” masquerading as Public Officials is NOT. It is “as a private entity, a Corporation.”

Rod Class is a veteran, a self-taught legal scholar, and co-host of the popular AIB Radio Show. In 2011, he got four Judges to admit, on the Court Record, that an “Agency” of the State was “as a private entity, a Corporation.” The Governor of North Carolina and other officials acting on behalf of STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, INC. were NOT Public Officials. Class asked for a Judicial Review. He placed evidence from the NC website that showed the Governor of North Carolina portrayed as an elected public official. The Judge had ruled
that Class could not sue the Governor, and those Agents named in the suit, because they were not under the Executive Branch of Government and therefore NOT Public Officials. Judge Paul Ridge- way, in 2011, upheld the ruling. The Governor was NOT a Public Official! The same ruling showed that local Law Enforcement had no more standing than a security guard at Wal-Mart.

Class and his researchers went on to follow the evidence trail to prove that these people posing as Public Officials were Administrative Agents working for a private Corporation. But who? And why? And HOW were they getting away with posing as legitimate government?

Rod Class presented the timeline as the cameras rolled. The OPPT group gathered in Lake Norman, North Carolina sat spell-bound. He connected the dots to show how the Act of 1871 that laid out the City of Washington led to a privately owned Corporation taking over every function of government. It happened slowly, over multiple generations. None of this was ever disclosed to the people.

Class started with the Fourteenth Amendment. The equal protection clause supposedly guaranteed protection to everyone, including former slaves. In fact, it set up the Voluntary Slavery Scheme with a class of “Voluntary Citizens” now subject-to the rules of the Corporation. It also set out the rules for the Public Officials and the violations they face when they fail to perform their fiduciary duties. These violations will be examined in detail by the Tribunal.

Class explained the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. He brought in speeches from the Congressional Record, showing how the wealth of the people had been stolen, how their gold and property was confiscated by the Bankers, and how the Federal Reserve Note was used as a PROMISE TO PAY that had never materialized.

Rod Class

The OPPT group understood the Slavery Contracts. Questions flew back and forth. As the two groups interacted with each other, it became clear that the Commercial Registry mandated by the UN mimicked the Plantation Slave Owner’s Registry. The private owners had put a price on the head of every live birth through the Social Security Act of 1935. They stamped the footprint on the birth record to prove they owned the living soul/sole. The Alien Registration Act of 1940 forced this scheme on the people. The Sovereign Immunities Act of 1945 put the Administrative Agents in charge, under the international ruler-ship of the UN and the IMF.

The United Nations is in charge of the United States. We, the People do NOT have the government we have been taught to believe. It has all been a carefully crafted lie.

The truth of the deception sunk in. Class explained a current DC Case that has embroiled him in a dispute before the court for over a year. It is apparent to all observers that the DC Case will be the test case before the Tribunal that will prove that the Agents have not only profiled Class for his efforts at truth-telling, they have levied criminal charges for unsubstantiated charges of War Crimes Against the State.

Class is a key witness because he documents his evidence with such precision. He can prove conclusively that the Agents of the Court are no longer accountable to the Rule of Law. Class freely shares his paperwork and his research. Sound bites from the documentary, along with the evidence trail, will be posted on the ITNJ website as the investigation continues.

The OPPT UCC filings reverse-engineered the methods of FORECLOSURE AND DEFAULT JUDGMENT used by the Corporations. The filings can- celled all presumption of contracts, both energetically and commercially.

Rebecca Cope

Yet stories abound of these Corporations posing as Governments escalating their stealth of the wealth of the people. What must we do to hold these Corporations accountable to the Rule of Law?

Bo Quickel, a prominent NC Home Builder, shared his story. In June 2007, he had the most prosperous month on record. In July, 2007, the Banks turned off his credit supply with no warning, and no explanation. His business empire fell like dominoes. In 2008, as the taxpayers bailed out the banks for trillions of dollars, neither Bo Quickel,  nor his Banker friends, nor his customers wanting to buy houses, got one dime of the windfall. The sixteen local banks who financed his business ventures were forced out of business. Only the Banks “Too Big to Fail” survived.

The International Bankers, owners of the Corporations posing as Governments, had some hidden plan to turn the prosperous middle class into Dust Bowl Destitutes. Bo turned to God for answers, not able to understand who had betrayed him, nor why.

Story after story flowed. Jennifer, a nurse from Birmingham, AL, shared how she purposefully chose a modest house in a mixed neighborhood. She had paid her mortgage on time for ten years. As she learned the truth, she resolved to never pay one more dime of her energy into the slavery system. She served notices, and did everything to hold the system accountable. Today, as I write this, she sits in jail on a 3-day contempt charge because she dared to question a simple traffic ticket.

How Jennifer intends to hold the Judge and the Prosecutor and the Court accountable for overstepping their bounds and violating her rights is an important part of the story. Learn what Action Steps can be taken for those caught in the nightmare of court battles.

The purpose of the Tribunal is to give people ample opportunity to face the truths laid out so plainly in the Treaty. People are encouraged to examine the evidence in as much detail as required until they can admit to themselves:

“Our Government DID do that to us!”

“I was taught to Trust and Obey God and Government. They used my faith against me!”

“The Courts and the Bankers have treated me as a War Criminal! They have confiscated my property. They imprison me so they can steal from me to line their own pockets!”

“The Constitution was meant for The Ruling Class. We, the People were never a party to it.”

What will it take for We, the People to establish government of, by, and for the people? We can choose to work together. We can set aside our egos and our differences. We can ACT to create a world of our choosing.

This is an all-volunteer effort. YOU are invited to lend your expertise to this burgeoning project. The tasks are unlimited. As each contributes just five hours, or ten hours each week or each month, many helpers accomplish miracles. No one has to be a workaholic.

Choose your task

Set up the techie parts of the ITNJ wordpress website. Set up Publicity campaigns. Create the Resource Network for those currently facing court battles, losing their homes, facing Debtor’s Prison for Child Support Enforcement, facing jail for minor offenses, the need is great.

Members of the Justice System intent on Reforming the system can establish protocols to hold Corporations and their Agents accountable to the Rule of Law. Help those facing court battles who don’t have the resources to hire lawyers. Join the team setting up the E-Governance platform. Help set up the project management platform. Act as the Human Resources coordinator to put volunteers in their right place.

Help coordinate the Friday Radio Show that will inform the listeners of the work in progress.

Join the Media Team. If you have cameras or YouTube capability, help us capture the stories of court battles, do evidence gathering, create publicity sound bites, and more.

Become an active member. Donate monthly to support NEN’s leadership efforts. Financial re- sources are needed to complete the myriad tasks that cannot be accomplished by volunteers alone.

The need is great, the hour is short. Together, we ARE the people. We CAN create a world of our choosing. DO NOTHING and the world created by others is yours by default. Intend to make a difference. ACT! DO! BE! Have fun. Make new friends. FEEL what’s possible. The time is NOW!

ITNJ Volunteer


Please visit to read about our New Earth Treaty and Declaration of Sovereignty.


Wendy's picture

Thanks Noa,

It is so nice to hear that people are working at solutions.  I admire their bravery and the more I listen to these shows, the more I know I would be able to handle myself in a court situation, if I had to.

Noa's picture

Good for you, Wendy.  These court cases sound so complicated to me and I always get very nervous when I'm in front of a judge. I don't think I could represent myself well, but more and more people are doing just that.

Power to the people, right on.

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And speaking of inspirational human stories that gives one hope for the future of humanity, Jon Stewart and his wife Tracey, as a retirement project are purchasing a farm and land, and starting an animal sanctuary in cooperation with the factory farm animal rescue organization Farm Sanctuary!

Daily Show's Jon Stewart and wife reveal plans to open animal sanctuary | Daily Mail Online

Noa's picture

It's so heart-warming to see people so dedicated to helping improve life - in any way they can.

Maybe it's becoming the trend.  It seems like more people are choosing to do humanitarian acts these days.  (Or is that just my imagination?)

Fred and others talk about dancing with the shadow and reconciling the dark side.  I'm starting to understand what that means.  Without animals to rescue, would compassion grow within us in the same way?  Compassion is a reactionary emotion, I think; we need a catalyst to experience it.

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