Economic sitcha-ation

I don't know whether to freak out or what but this guy echoes an investment counselor friend of mine who's statements I have been trying to disregard for months. The interview sounds unscripted and except for a second (maybe) he seems collected. I want to believe he is just got uncertainty burnout or something, but Yikes. My investor friend also sees opportunity in a downturn because he knows how to reap profit from a falling market. I don't have money to invest or a paid-for home so I'll have to become a hobo if we go into a deep recession/depression;-) I don't post this to create fear but to see what you guys think.

Peace all

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Hi Brian-

For some reason I can't get the wimp videos to play on my older Mac. Is this the video?

I agree with his take that the economy is only going to get worse until it completely crashes. We've already been in deep recession for a while, as long as you can keep your job, you'll be ok. Personally, if you have any retirement fund you could either ask your friend for more advice about preserving it or just take the government penalty and use it to buy silver and gold. ( I did this a few years agao) It may actually loose some value if we go into de-flation but silver and gold will always have some value and if we go into inflation, your retirement fund will be saved (except for the tax penalty). I also like knowing that at least that part of my life is removed from their scam.

If it comes down to not being able to pay the mortgage you may be able to fight them in court and never have to pay them another penny.

It's a good idea to start a garden also. You'll have better quality food this year and a little assurance that worse comes to worse you can grow your own. Find out what crops grow well in your area and are high calorie. For us here in Mass. it's butternut squash and potatoes. It wouldn't be fun but if you had to, you could live for years on potatoes, dandelion greens or other freely growing weeds and water.

Also, try to figure out ways of divorcing yourself from any other dependancies you have on the big economy. Figure out how to preserve and cook food without electricity, how to heat your home without oil/gas, find a local water source that free, etc. Most likely you will never need these skills but having them makes facing a possible economic collaspse much less scary.


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The video-it turns out-was from sept 2011......guess I lapsed into one of my moments of paranoia. Sorry. Thanks Wendy for the advice. Others at the Gathering Spot are also learning how to grow their own food just in case.

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