Creepy FBI video

 This 60 second capture from an FBI made video (to indoctrinate business owners into providing surveillance to the government) is bizarre on more than one level.
 Skip to the 1/2 way point and see if anything strikes you as odd.


I think it's designed to acclimate us to something. Hint: The actress is from the Fox show "24"...

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Hi Brian-

The music and background images of emmergency vehicles and heavily armed soliders as if they are on guard watching for a threat that might occur any minute all are scare tactics. I suppose they want to keep us frightened.  I was also recently creeped out by this video:


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Tho my video feed seems to be insanely slow tonight, I was able to get through most of both of these videos.  They're both a bit frightening, to say the least.  They both sort of hint at totalitarian control in the future, if not creeping in right now. 

It's interesting to me that folks like the tea partiers and (gulp) Glen Beck talk about some real concerns with regard to police state sort of stuff, but they want to blame it on Obama, when it really started many years back.  Obama, unfortunately, might be the person in office when all this gets rolling, but he certainly wasn't the one who put all the pieces in place for it to happen.  For instance, if 9/11 didn't happen in the way it did, would anyone allow for wire tapping of US citizens?  How about knowingly breaking the Geneva Convention with torture of war criminals?  Those things didn't happen on Obama's watch (yes, he's covering those things up, allowing them to continue and obstructing any move toward justice on those acts of violence against our liberties, but they weren't his ideas).  Anyway, some of the concerns these folks have are valid, but seem to be misdirected, so then ignored.  How do we have a discussion about the concerns of the limitations of our liberties, AND be taken seriously? 

Thanks for posting!



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Hi Kathy-

I agree, the political divide in this country has the people pointing fingers at either party while few recognize that it is actually both parties that are equally complicit in taking away our liberties. The people have a hard time recognizing this because they have been told that the 2 parties are enemies, working for different agendas, while in truth they are actually working for the same agenda on the important issues, only differing on issues that are not important to their wealthy / corporate backers. A huge loss of liberty happened under Bush but the wiretapping was actually started under Clinton. I also count tax increases as a loss of liberty and the repubs claim to want to do something about that but the budget always goes way up under their watch.  I love the way Mike Ruppert talks about it in a popular documentary (America: From Freedom to Facism ?) This isn't an exact quote - I'm just going from memory:

The way you understand politics in America is its like a bunch of Mafia families sitting around the table having a crap game. You have the Gambinos standing for one thing, the Genovessies standing for another. It looks like they are ready to split each other's throats at a moment's notice but as soon as anyone tries to upset the crap game, they stand together to keep the game going.

Although it looks like our government has taken away liberties, the truth is that no one can take away liberties - we are born free and no one ever has or will have the right to enslave us. The first step toward freeing ourselves is the recognition that we are not free, the second step is realizing that even the government does not have the moral right to enslave us, even just a little. Like the animals of the forest, we have the right to exist without being burdened with taxes that do not pay for services we use. (The Grace Commission determined that income taxes only pay for the interest on the debt which we owe to the Federal Reserve System - they lent the U.S. the money that they get to just print up like counterfeighters, then they collect the interest from the tax payers)

I hope everyone will consider voting 3rd party whenever possible. Even if your candidate doesn't win - all is not lost. The 2 parties continue to get more worried when 3rd parties do well - sometimes even to the point of actually implementing some of the 3rd party agenda. This happened when Clinton implemented some of Ross Perot's programs - he regognized that this was a close win for the dems and figured he better comply in order to bring the Perot people on board. All the campaigning work that is done by 3rd parties actually goes toward educating the public about what our nation really should be doing - what the real agenda should be. Third parties talk about the real issues, not the fake ones put up there by the mass media. The 2 parties are playing a good cop / bad cop game with the American people - oooo - ya better vote for Obama or mean crazy ol warmonger McCain might win! Well here we are a few years later, still at war all over the place and I swear no better off than if McCain had won. What if McCain had won because Cynthia McKinney had taken 30% of the vote? Ya think those folks up on capital hill might be a bit more worried about getting us out of the wars and taking care of the economy here at home before all hell breaks loose? Better yet what if Obama won but Cynthia took 30% of the vote and Chuck Baldwin took another 30% of the vote? Now we're looking at some dems and repubs that are figuring the crap game might be up if they don't start listening to the people.


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 Thanks to Ralph Nader in 2000 we got George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and 9/11, two wars and the Patriot Act etc. Those were the most horrible and depressing years of my life. I don't recall Nader voters shaking their fists in the air proclaiming a victory for the little guy.

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Hi Brian-

Yes but those wars and the Patriot Act would have happened if Gore was in office as well. You just might have felt better about it because the good cop was in charge. Most likely he would have made a difference on environmental laws, perhaps a few other side issues, but the important nasty stuff still would have happened. He would have hemmed and hawed about what a shame it was but unfortuneately necessary for the security of the country. Rockefeller and company are pulling the strings, the presidency is just for show.

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Couldn't agree more.  Any serious discussion of the current subject matter would have to begin with a sober understanding that the 2 party system is a front for a one party system, and is designed to keep a house away from Unity and perpetually divided against itself, to keep it weak and delusional without realizing it is weak and delusional - to keep it willfully imprisoned without realizing "it" is in prison.  My team rules!  Your team sucks!  "The blue knight rules!" "The red knight sucks!"  "Down down down, the red knight's goin' down" (Jim Carrey, Cable Guy)

The funny thing is, none of this disinformation works without our cooperation.  No matter who Hidden Hand really is, the mentioning of providing a "catalyst" to free will sovereign agents is very revealing, regardless of who the messenger is...

In the final analysis we will come to realize that no one did this to us...  We do it to ourselves, and we undo it to ourselves...

As for the presidency, or any formal show of "power", if we can see them with our eyes, we are not actually looking at those who truly hold the reins of geo-political power in this present age.

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Just to reiterate the lesson, here's a quote most of us have probably seen from the late Prof. Carroll Quigley (in Tragedy and Hope), who was an elite insider and mentor to Bill Clinton:

"The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to the doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can "throw the rascals out" at any election without leading to any profound or extreme shifts in policy."

In other words, we the gullible people are treated to a continuous Punch 'n' Judy show.  And we sit there year after year believing the staged conflict to be real.  It must be a delight for the puppeteer -- just too much fun to resist repeating the show again and again with the same incredible result. 

Right, Chris, we do it to ourselves.  Time to wake up.  Waking up will have to happen in us and in our world on various levels.  It's about taking responsibility ourselves and saying "No more!" to the way we've allowed our world to be run.   But we know this here...

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if we can see them or hear them, they too are fellow sovereign self-deluded puppets and not the puppeteers many accuse them of being in the "us v. them" human drama.  This would help us to understand that those we see on C-Span and CNN and Faux News or the Bilderberg conventions or Club of Rome or Black Nobility or Council of 300 etc. are not the "them" enemy, but are mere puppets themselves, grist for the "catalyst" mill as it were.

And the "puppeteers", providers of catalyst, maybe they are not as sinister as we have come to or been led to believe.  If there is any truth to the message that Hidden Hand delivered, these puppeteers that provide the catalyst for the dynamic of free will choice may very well be "commissioned" as it were, to faithfully provide such catalyst until such a time that it is truly recognized for what it is, and then naturally transcended once re-cognized and sovereignly smiled upon with a Divine and very liberating sense of humor.

This gets to the very "inspiring" core of why I personally found Hidden Hand's message so interesting and provocative.  Our choice has always been there - to find some one or thing else to blame (other than the illusory notion of our separate selves), or to re-cognize something there that simultaneously becomes humorous and transcends the perpetual dualistic illusory evasive irresponsible notion fueled by the aforementioned commissioned catalyst....

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what you are saying Chris, there would seem to be a willful manipulation of humanity to force us to the brink. Sort of a forced evolution so to speak. Hidden Hand is new to me and I did a google search on it. What I got was a whole lot of different things which didn't seem to relate to what you are refering to here. Do you have a link you could provide?



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Hi Kevin, sorry I could not get back to you sooner, my computer has been in the shop from a nasty virus.  Here is the link I like best for reading the Hidden Hand Q&A, enjoy....

| Illuminati News | Dialogue with "Hidden Hand", Self-Proclaimed Illuminati Insider

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