Bill Ryan with Insider "Charles"

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Thank you for this valuable information, lightwins.

Isn't it counterproductive to their goal of "optimizing the human genome" to be poisoning us with GMOs, chemtrails, pollutants, and such?  And surely there's a more humane way to reduce the population than by mass starvation!  How they justify their means is beyond my comprehension.

Further comments about this interview can be found on Bill Ryan's website


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I really "enjoyed?!?" this video.  I think it was a telling sign when he repeated that he "just didn't care."  It seems to boil down to power corrupts, the old greed story once again.  One part of me thinks the outright audacity to think they have the right or power to decide who lives and who dies is astounding - while another part of me agrees with Jez that it's all aspects of ourselves.  David Wilcock put it this way, "Each time we shame someone, manipulate them, control them, hurt them, defeat them, and then try to hide it all behind a cloak of secrecy, we are voting for the 'negative elite' to continue doing this to us on a planetary level.  The more we 'vote' to be humble, listen to other people, consider other people's needs as well as our own, be flexible, be open to changing our minds, and treat others with love, compassion and forgiveness, the more the negative elite's grip is loosened."  Just another way of saying what you did Jez, and with this I agree. 

I wonder how much these genetic lines know about the other forces at work here, about the advanced civilizations within the Earth and above it, all a part of our extended family.  I'm writing this because I wanted to post a bit of positive balance for anyone who came away from this video with a negative view about it.  I found this piece with Drunvalo very uplifting and with a lot of positive information I'd never heard before that relates to many of the posts lately:


The second one is here



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'Charles' mentions the UFOs sighted around the NASA tether.  This is the footage:

A longer version can be found on the post "UFOs- For Your Eyes Only."




Hi Francis,

What an awesome quote.....thanks for sharing that...

A part that jumped out at me as I read it was..."and treat others with love, compassion and forgiveness"

I'm no fan of "rules" "plans" or preconceived "projected" responses, Lol... but could accept that line, even the whole quote,  as a "guide" worth remembering....I think it would even be a much better "rule", for those who like rules, than many of the rules we currently have incorporated within us that guide our perspectives and justify our actions....

I think a good example is the Golden rule Noa spoke of....I have never heard anybody challenge it.... before Lol....I used to quote it but haven't thought about it for a long time. While it had always seemed sound I really do have a different perspective these days and I think that rule  is yet another piece of misinformation set to cause a disconnect between I'll attempt to explain because on a "pure" level it may be fine but what happens if it is being used by someone not so pure...?.I think it becomes a very handy tool to justify disempowering behaviour in a similar way to how people misinterpret Karma.

If you accept the golden rule and let it into your subconscious it stands to reason that if you don't forgive yourself your not going to feel a need to forgive anyone else, it actually justifies you into treating others badly if you have a "victim" type personality, which so many people have today....., if you are hard on yourself you will probably be hard on others. It leads us into thinking everyone likes wants expects or deserves the same thing we do ......"and treat others with love, compassion and forgiveness"  is so much cleaner and couldn't possibly be misinterpreted...could it?...Lol......... 

Davids line..."The more we 'vote' to be humble, listen to other people, consider other people's needs as well as our own, be flexible, be open to changing our minds, "      is very different to the golden rule......the golden rule is simple, easy, you know what you want so give them that...if that isn't good enough for them..stiff!, not your problem...

I think our language, sayings and the way we communicate has been poluted like everything else and often serves to disconnect us , I think we use and incorporate these things within us with the best of intentions but at the end of the day we have been stooged and end up serving the "negative elite"....again!.....waking up is such a bitch...Lol....



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I find Charles' comment that he just wants a "fair contest" (while the masses duke it out for survival) chilling.  It reminds me of the ancient Roman rulers watching the peasants die gorey deaths for their amusement.  Maybe the contest would be more "fair", if the elite were also competing?

Ironic that these privileged few (through accident of birth) deem themselves better capable of deciding the planet's fate than the the rest of us.  I say ironic because they are seemingly incapable of compassion, moral conscience, and fairness yet they think themselves so superior!

This video illustrates that our problems are not caused by our large population, as they'd have us believe.  We could easily feed the entire world on land the size of Africa.

It's not about our numbers, it's about their greed!


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Noa, my ears perked up in the interview at about that time too (at about the 44 minute mark).  The interview was a bit boring and seemingly inauthentic up to that point, but past that point it got very interesting for me.

What came to mind for me was the protocol of non-interference, the same protocol that RA and Hidden Hand alluded to within the context of their sharing.  Also picked up on Charles looking for opportunity or permission to discuss something only after Bill bringing it up, much like a lawyer being allowed to expand on something only after the other lawyer brought it up and opened the door.

I sense we have somewhat the wrong idea about the alleged "elite".  Put it this way:  if someone decides to join the revolution du jour by buying a gun, some ammo, and some groceries and supplies at WalMart, has this revolutionary really disengaged from the corporatocracy machine sufficient enough to be a true revolutionary?

Wouldn't the real revolutionary have to completely disengage from the system that has enslaved them with convenience and ease?  Charles alludes to the elite allowing things to play out.  This means that we are by no means powerless.  We never were.  We simply gave our power away.  We seek a savior.

There is a passage in the bible that came to mind this morning.  Don't remember where I read it many years ago, but it is about the Hebrew nation demanding they have a king.  Basically, God is telling them that they do not require a king, even warning agains that kind of dismissal of personal sovereign response-ability, but giving in to the wishes of the people, free will and all.

So what I am getting from what Charles is saying, much like what others in interesting esoteric sources are saying, is that we never not have the power.  We give it away and then blame the ones we projected our sovereign divine sacred power upon.

this creates onion skin upon onion skin, layer upon layer of self-perpetrated illusions that make it more and more difficult to remember where one began the illusory game of personal irresponsibility.  Pretty soon the individual is convinced that "it" is happening "to" them, when in reality they are always and ever the author of their own personal unique experience.

Coming to grips with our own sacred sovereignty is much more key than the illusion of overcoming some "elite" entity, some "them" out "there"....  Anyway, that is why my ears perked up at about the 44 minute mark and beyond....

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Dear Chris:

You are right, we feed the system -- some of us more than others.  Those who recognize the game and continue to participate in it are more conscious of (and therefore, more responsible for) our actions than those who are oblivious. 

But who can fault the working fool who has little energy left to look outside of himself after toiling day in and day out?  Is it his fault he's hypnotised and programmed by the professionally engineered TV programs, video games, and advertisements?  Can he be blamed for his own dumbing down due to the faulty education system or the bombardment of chemicals that change his brain chemistry?

Most of us believe (as we are taught to believe) in the American Dream.  We still cling to the protections  endowed to us by the US Constitution (most not realizing the Patriot Act stripped them away).  Who can blame us for being brainwashed?  It would be extraordinary if we weren't!

It's not a fair fight.  The cards are stacked against us.  That's why they think they'll win.

I believe the one thing they've underestimated is the human spirit... that divine spark, which in a crisis, brings out cooperation, generosity, and the Christ Consciousness in each of us.

Love trumps all!


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I shared a little of my thoughts with Fred on this - but here is a little different perspective that you probably haven't considered. First - the idea of population. While we could probably feed twice what we have on the resources available - what we would have to become to do that (a controlled one world government - with 100% of the food government produced and controlled) would be counterproductive to what we are here to experience. We really don't want or need all of these people. Interestingly - what Bill did not mention as a simple solution was just a limit on the number of new beings being produced! We can send a man to the moon - but we can't get enough cooperation to just limit our own population? Wow. How sad is that? What does that say about us as a people and as stewards of our planet? Not much - that's what. It says we are greedy and irresponsible. 

We could cut the population in half in one generation - or more if we wanted to. In fact - we could cut it to the 500 million referenced on the Georgia Guidestones by just living ONE generation without all of the births we have now. But we aren't even TALKING about it - never mind forming a plan. 

I have been helping people with debt for the last five years - and one of the big phrases I have used often is this: There are only TWO plans out there. Your plan and the Bank's plan. If you don't have a plan - then you are on theirs.

I think it applies equally well here. If we don't have a plan - then we are on theirs. Clearly - we have NO plan for controlling our population. Well - THEY have one. We might not like it, and we might be the "victims" of it - but it is as has been said - our own power being given away.

Here's something else to consider though. Maybe we NEED such a thing to really tap into what we are capable of. I have heard of a woman who teaches people to pray food out of an empty can. She shuts them in a home for three weeks without food or water and works with them until they can do it. Interestingly - this same concept is confirmed on the site in the interview - where the man learns the scientific principle behind this and demonstrates that he can materialize objects out of thin air. Of course Jesus could do it too. It CAN be done - people are doing it now.

Maybe THAT is where our true power lies - and having an ability like that would change everything of course. So who knows where all is this is going. But as spiritual manifestations of the Divine - it is all perfect in the end. 

One more idea to consider is that we are "done" here. We are graduating - and this is our last life on Earth. And from that perspective - Charles' "I don't care" makes sense. It's a new set of players creating a whole new game that we will not be participating in. We just happen to be here now as the slow transition is taking place. That is my personal take on all of this - so in that sense - I have a little of Charles' attitude as well. I just want out of this place!

Hi Knightspirit,

In Australia we actually have a negative population growth and rely on immigration to increase our numbers. The old saying that some politicians were using again a few years back was "one for yourself, one for your partner and one for the country"...and they started paying a baby bonus and other incentives to get people having babies.

The largest populations and high birth rates seem to come from undeveloped countries. I think when we increase the standard of living of people, those people  naturally produce less children. Animals do the same thing, if many will get eaten when they are young they have lots, if most are likely to survive and reproduce themselves, they have few...... If we as people can again connect with mother earth and ourselves, population will take care of itself. I don't see population as something men need to address directly head on. Especially the sorts of people we currently have calling the shots. 

I read a thing the other day, facebook?... on a country, really can't remember, south american I think...but yeah 10 years ago they had a huge drug was rampant and destroying them...the government changed the laws and instead of locking people up for drug use they started treating everyone as ill. They started concilling them and treating their "disease" punishment , just help and they have a super low drug use and the ghetto's of 10 years ago are now healthy neighborhoods.......We need to start giving to, and trusting in, one another instead of taking things away and trying to control each other....especially with things as personal as your own family.....

in my opinion...Lol....



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Hi Jez - thanks for the chime in, this one is a politically incorrect topic. And what you say is absolutely correct - the developed countries have negative growth - in fact, the "white" European "race" if you will is going extinct. We are not keeping up with ourselves, worldwide (US included). 

Whether personal or not - it IS a problem. It's the elephant in the room no one is willing to acknowledge. And if it could be easily solved by bringing everyone up to our standard of living - then THAT is a problem. No matter which way you paint the picture - WE are NOT addressing the PROBLEM - whatever the "real" problem is. We have no plan to fix it, period. We are on "their" plan for now.

No doubt we could fix this with techniques just as you have described - with counseling and support. From a political perspective though - how does one go into Africa or any third world country and "suggest" that they stop having kids? That's the REAL problem - it's political. The elite bypass all political process - so they have no political problems. Unfortunately - we do. I have no great solutions either mind - you - I am just making some obvious observations...

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