Farmin' in the Hood

In the heart of Kansas City, the Urban Farming Guys are revitalizing their blighted neighborhood with sustainable projects that are inspiring people across the world.

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really like to see positives like this coming out of urban cities. living as close to Detroit as I do, I see the start-ups and the good things within communities happening even as media portrays such desolation. there are good people everywhere that really want to make a difference. beginning with one small step and one foot after the other, they are digging one another out of poverty, hatred, drug abuse...
as you drive up interstate 94 there's a sign that always catches my eye. it says "Every Saint has a past and every Sinner has a future." To me, that rings so true. You don't have to take it in a purely religious context. We are what we choose to make of ourselves when faced with adversity (or prosperity). Either way, we choose and we change. What we change into makes all the difference. Thanks for the lovely reminder Noa.
Peace and Light BE HERE NOW.

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These guys have really got it down1 such a well rounded program. Oh,,and Kristyne,,,there is a program in detroit, it came up in the suggested vids while watching this one.

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Great stuff, Noa! I just donated $25 and will spread the word. Thanks!!!

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