Traveling to Findhorn and Damanhur

Hey awesome Gathering Spot friends, I'm off to Europe to visit the awesome intentional communities of Findhorn in Scotland and Damanhur in Italy with my beautiful lover Angela. Exciting!!! For those who don't know about Damanhur, which has been called the "eight wonder of the world," check out the great article below. Amazing underground temples! This is my first extended vacation in may years, though I'll still be doing some work while I'm away. Much love to all!!!

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This is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. I watched the 3-part video presentation on Damanhur on the WantToKnow page you linked to ( ) , and I must admit that I'm suspended in a limbo between openness and incredulity about the whole thing and many of its "parts." First, how can these people have created all of this underground in such a relatively short time? A marvelous and incredibly far-out social/technological/spiritual experiment. I'll be very interested in your and Angela's in-person assessments of the various wondrous aspects of this place. Is it for real? Enjoy -- and then please tell!

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Thanks, Bob. It truly is an amazing place. We'll be there from July 6 to 9th. I just finished reading a book on how it all happened which is even more mind blowing. If you are interested, check out

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Can't wait to hear about it!

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Watched the movie Freeheld last night, a movie about tolerance, acceptance, harmonious coexistence. Here is the title soundtrack song by Miley Cyrus that fits here in spirit very well. Enjoy in Peace n Love

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Cheers Fred Kudos have fun big hugs EEEEE

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It's amazing what a little ingenuity can do! Breathtaking,,thanks Fred, have a fantastic journey!

The Fairy Realm is afoot in those spaces. I look forward to hearing about your experiences at Findhorn.

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Damanhur blew me away! I'm very excited about what I saw, learned, and experienced there. No time to share more now. I hope to tell you more laters.

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We're still waiting to hear about your visit... :-)

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.... I mean, with a teaser like THAT....

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I so wish I had time to write more now, Bob. In short, I'm deeply impressed with Damanhur's founder Falco, who died three years ago. He apparently was born remembering his past lives in another planetary system. He knew he came here to help re-create the more loving, harmonious way of living from his previous lives. He had incredible spiritual wisdom, yet did his very best not to become a guru.

I talked with number long-time members in the community and was impressed not only with their vibrance and commitment, but also with how they are deeply committed to personal and global transformation.

I hope that gives enough of a taste for now. If you remind me in a couple weeks, I can share more. Take care and enjoy!

Much love,

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Thanks, Fred. That's a pretty good appetizer. I didn't mean to pressure you.

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