This article explains a lot about my life.  I can't say for sure if I'm a "wanderer" or not, but my profile sure fits this description.  I've always felt out of place compared with most people.  This feeling is increasing as I'm becoming more aware of the game that is being played here. 

This article also sheds light on why the "Law of Attraction" or positive affirmations and visualizations fail to manifest positive results for me.  I'm so tired of people saying things like "You're doing something wrong" or "You're not believing hard enough."  Those explanations have never felt right to me.  On the contrary, several times in my life it has been the very times that I am the most spiritual and altruistic -- when my focus and daily practice is one of doing good to others and helping myself and others to "awaken" that I attract the most bizarre negative shit into my life.  The intentional sabatoge of wanderers by the "feeders" in other dimensions certainly would explain that phenomenon. 

The other common phrase that doesn't ring true for me is "There are no victims."  Certainly, you control your reaction to your environment, but there are countless examples of the STS (service to self) beings vicitimizing the STO (service to others) folk.  I don't think there's any denying that there are manipulators and controllers at work in this world.  It stands to reason that those unfortunate souls affected by them are the victims.  There are so many examples of this dynamic I wonder how anyone can deny it.  You need only look at children who are sexually abused or entire nations who are starving and homeless due to the selfish actions of the STS types. 

It's a long article, so I'm not going to paste it.  Below is an excerpt. I hope you get as much out of this article as I did. ~ Noa




Wanderers are not only subject to hypedimensional manipulation in this Matrix Control System as everyone else, but are PRIMARY targets of the 4D STS forces (Orion STS according to Ra. The Lizzies/dark shirts according to the Ps) because their mission obviously interferes with the plans of the controllers of this world and they don’t want this to happen. They don’t want to loose their food source. Laura Knight-Jadczyk makes an excellent analysis of this issue in “Soul Hackers – The Hidden Hands Behind The New Age Movement” (The Wave Book 2), chapter All There Is Is Lessons, or Wandering Around in Third Density Can Be Hazardous to Your Health.



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Hi Noa-

I'm in agreement about the Law of Attraction - I really think this is mostly magical thinking with some reality in that is does take a lot of patience to suceed in life and a good attitude is helpful toward that end. I have seen this work in reverse in my life, where in spite of bad thoughts at work (wishing I'd get laid off) I still got a raise! I have to say that although it may also be magical thinking, I have found great solice in the concept that I chose (before birth) all the difficulties that I experience in the world, along with everyone else who is suffering or in enjoyment. So I guess I only feel that I am victim to my own bad judgement in choosing such a difficult challenge. I don't use that as a reason to not get caught up in trying to improve the world around me though - I came here for the challenge so bring it on!

Thanks for your thoughts,


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It fills in some gaps for me as well.

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This questionaire is supposed to help you decide if you are a wanderer.  http://www.scottmandelker.com/Articles/etquiz.html

You're supposed to give yourself 5 points for each yes and 3 points for each "somewhat" but they only give you a YES or NO checkbox.  I gave myself 3 points for each answer that I was ambiguous about.

I scored a 68, so I may or may not be a wanderer.  I still resonate with this info, though.

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