Try feeling with all your senses that you’re already where you want to be.

I have a blog on Wordpress, and wanted to share my post today, Try feeling with all your senses that you’re already where you want to be. It’s my failsafe version of time travel/teleportation. It covers the transformation technique I'm working on this week.


I once read of an Eastern method of transformation that involved starting with the presumption that you are there already.  Whatever it is you seek, whoever it is you wish to be, the idea is to recognize that these are already in place for you, and therefore the first step is gratitude and receptiveness.  And then, for all the steps that follow, they are placed with the single-mindedness of purpose to continually express that gratitude and receptiveness by acting in accord with these gifts that are already a part of you.

Now, I’m three-hundred percent on board with the idea that you need to keep your mind and heart open to refining your goals, no matter what they started off as.  So you need to not get so into your original picture of what you think you’re seeking that you miss internal clues as to how it needs to adjust.  All that said though, it’s always helped me when I’ve worked toward my goal with the feeling of peace and gratitude for all that I have already received.  In some cases, it really has been a matter of relaxing into this gratitude, and seeing where I really already am there.

My best example is back when I was having a really tough time.  I had been married only a few months when I came down with hyperacusis, and had to go on unpaid leave for a few months while because I wasn’t getting the support I needed from the AOL technical support center I was working at when it developed.  (They retrained me from a phone rep to an email rep, but were pretty unhelpful for getting me a quieter work environment or even short-term disability while I stabilized.  I was young and hurting and in utter shock, so I didn’t know enough on how to even make sure I got help with the medical bills then.)  However I managed to get them to let me go back to work with some minimal efforts toward getting me a remotely quieter place to work with earplugs and earmuffs.

Anyway, all that was just to illustrate why, for me, it was tough, and it was painful, and it felt completely unfair.  I had just started my life, and was told that I’d be spending the rest of it locked in a sound-proof room — they hadn’t even developed the noise training back then.  Fortunately, my husband refused to let my life go that route, and was very supportive as I tried hard to feel out how to make things work.  But I still was having a hard time feeling positive.

So I figured, why not go ahead and act as though I was?  I decided that whenever I saw someone, I’d give them a genuine smile that said I was glad to see them.  Whenever I could, I’d notice something to appreciate that I could sincerely compliment them on.

And you know what?  People started being glad to see me, too.  They smiled at me, and treated me with a little more kindness.  This made it easier to feel more positive toward myself, too, and made my workplace a less uncomfortable place to be, despite the physical pain.  It also helped me be more successful there, as it was easier to focus on doing great work when I was feeling good.  I ended up quitting the job because it was easier for me to work somewhere else than fight for reasonable accommodations, but I left feeling as though I had made the best of things that I could at that time.

I’ve had some pretty tough fights since then because of my hyperacusis, some of which I’ve walked away from into better situations.  But as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I don’t feel greatly limited by my disability, because it’s easy for me to focus on what I can do, most of the time.

This level of success was made possible only because way back then when hyperacusis first entered my life, I was able to set my mind not on where I didn’t want to be, but where I did want.  And then, I acted in accord with this vision as though I was already there.  It hasn’t always worked, but it’s done the trick more often than not.

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Thanks for sharing your most inspiring story, Nynia. You could have chosen to become bitter and fight for your rights and spent years in battle to make things work for you, yet instead you choose to find the love even in a very difficult situation. And how awesome that your husband had been so supportive!

In my own belief system, enlightenment is nothing more or less than full and complete acceptance of who you are and of everything in the world as it is, and then acting with full love and integrity in whatever ways serves all of us. You have definitely walked this path in a most beautiful way. Thanks for who you are and for sharing your inspiration here.

With abundant love, joy, and gratitude,

P.S. I love the shirt I bought that you designed which says "Thou art love." I'm wearing it now!

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Great story sister thanks for sharing <3 Smile

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You're welcome to both of you!

What a great way to phrase enlightenment, Fred - that's exactly the way I see it, too!  And thank you for purchasing and wearing the shirt!  I pray that it brings even greater glow of love to you and all around you, for serious real. <3

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I love my T-shirt, Nynia!!! And it is bringing lots of great comments from friends and even strangers. Could you post the link here in case others might want to get one? You take care.

With much love and joy,

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Sure thing!  Here's the Zazzle Store I put together with different things using the Golden Heart award I made, and stuff from the cover of the book I wrote.  (and the, as soon as I finished it and used it to learn how to publish ebooks, got hit with a major "let that sit a while and work on yourself for a while" phase!)

BTW, the book can be read online in HTML, formatted to be easy to read on phones, tablets, etc.  Check the links in the upper right hand corner!  Funny thing is, it covered several things in the Transformation Course, which I found just a few weeks after finishing the book! :)

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