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I was just advised this morning of a new website sponsored by Carla Reuckart and her husband Jim. It's  a sister site to L/L called Bring 4th which is a revealing name.  It refers to bringing forth global awakening and Oneness, and also bringing in 4th Density.  For those of you who have had any interest in the Law of One books, and the Ra material in general, I would suggest taking a look at the site. It has a forum, individual blogs, a library of the L/L Research material plus much more.  I was exicted when I heard of it.

Here is the url



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Very Cool!!!

Signed up yesterday as "ChakRAmon"

Saw FFG there also today!!!!!

Love/Light, Chris

I'm Windhorse there...

Namaste,   Tricia

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So you all can identify me, I am Prismpoint, though my avitar is the same.  Hehe!


I like the site because it seems to be moving in the right direction with me and so many others.  I guess that many are not seeking in the same way and that is good and in line with their own choices.  So it is and it is so.

I am still in love with this group of wonderful brothers and sisters and have no intentions of leaving.  This is just another branch on my abundant tree of life.


With Light and Love brightening the dark side


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Dear Berry,

I am so happy that this Law of One is serving you well. I am glad that you are still here,offering your loving presence.

I wanted to share that my sweetie is making a new telescope(from the mirror up) he just told me he is going to name it The Eye of RA! He has always had a great deal of interest in ancient Egypt.

Just wanted to drop in and say Hi,enjoy your website!


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Just got a private message from Bodhi over at Bring4th too, as well as corresponding with FFG!!!

May spontaneous absence of malice be the wormhole we travel through as we ascend to the higher realms of spiritual evolution in an infinitely diverse, and yet sacredly and divinely common One.  May we be so aware of the Love and Light shining from the Suns we inherently are that we become undistracted and unmoved, oblivious to the white noise and myriad of temporal illusion in flux around us....

It can only have the pseudo power that we willfully assign to it for a "spell".....

Love/Light, Chris (aka ChakRAmon)

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