How Many Slaves Work for You?

Millions of people, including children, work like slaves so that we may enjoy our modern conveniences.  Take this survey to discover your "slavery footprint."  Then click on the corporate culprits to automatically send them a message, which ultimately will turn your slavery footprint to zero (God willing).

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Thanks Noa,

I think it's good motivation to stop buying more needless stuff. I hope they modify the survey a bit. I thought it was kind of hard to get the hang of where to put your answers or what they were asking.

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I agree, Wendy.  Another thing I noticed is, that despite customizing my answers in every category, my slavery footprint was still a 41. 

These days, I live on the bare minimum of necessities.  I rarely buy anything besides food.  I don't wear makeup anymore.  I don't even use toothpaste or deodorant. Yell  (Don't worry, I use natural substitutes.)  I own the cheapest cellphone I could find, which is switched off most of the the time.  My PC is 16 years old, my camera is 14 years old, and my 2 year old laptop is falling apart (but because they all still work, I haven't replaced them). 

I think what also ran up my score is that I own a few pieces of gold and silver jewelry containing a few small diamonds and precious stones.  But even these were purchased between 1977 - 2005.  The only jewelry I buy now is handmade by local craftsmen.

Maybe that's the point.  It doesn't matter when or how often we purchase these items, someone had to be a slave to make their production possible.

Yet another reason to say no to globalism and "free" trade and to support the local economy by buying what you can from within your community.  It may not seem like much, but supporting the local economy with our dollars is one way to demonstrate non-compliance to the corporatocracy.



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Hi Noa,

Yea, I was surprised they didn't make a big deal of the chocolate in the food section or ask you if you bought from a supermarket or local. It seems to me that would make a much bigger difference than what type of food you eat.

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