Food Security

Geoff Lawton is wellknown for growing food in the desert.  He usually charges money for his books and videos, but now he has a few freebies.  This information will help prepare you for a financial collapse or other calamity affecting our food supply.


Property Purchase Checklist  (pdf)  [Note:  I revised this post with a different pdf file.]

Watch  (The 2nd video requires an email address to view)


Happy abundance for all!

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Sorry, I accidentally uploaded the wrong pdf.  The original post now contains the correct file.

Good stuff here. 

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Here's Geoff's latest video about an amazing urban garden grown on a 640 sq ft backyard space.

If that link doesn't work, you'll have to go the main site and register your email address to view the video.


This one's for you, Thomas!


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