Fire the Grid 11/11/11

Fire the Grid I : The Plan

“Carve out your role and reach for the heavens
All you can be, what you have dreamed
Know that the sky will deliver.”
- Bradfield

As many of you already know, in November 2002, my then 4 year old son and I drove into a flooded marsh in Nova Scotia, Canada and drowned. During my near death experience I was visited by great Beings of Light who shared with me ancient wisdom and truths of who we are as humans and what our true potential is on this planet. They shared with me the knowledge and understanding of our true energy body and how we can use this energy for healing and a better life. The instructions they shared brought my son back to me even though he had been submerged in water for over 27 minutes. He had been declared brain dead but following the instructions given to me by these great Beings of Light, my son is now 12 happy and healthy. They instructed me in the use of energy for his recovery then 6 months later they came again with further instructions. They said “what you did with a dying boy and a small group of people you can do for a dying planet and a large group of people.” Once again I followed the instructions. Then on July 17, 2007 at 11:11 GMT, the world’s largest mass meditation was held with an estimated several million people in over 80 countries participating in a timed meditation to bring our human energy of love to the planet for the healing of our world.

Who are these great Beings of Light? They wish for us to know them as just that, Beings of Light. They are the essence of all life in our universe, the essence of the great prophets, angels all other Beings that have come to earth with messages of hope for a better future. In fact they are the essence of you and me. For within us, we are these great Beings of Light. We too are of the same energy as these beautiful Beings and we hold tremendous power, the power the change ourselves and our world. Collectively, we hold the power to manifest what we need and desire to create a world of joy and abundance for us all. We have been learning about this through various forms over the past ten years. Now is the time to unite ourselves to manifest with intention not just for ourselves but for the collective whole of this planet.

The first meditation we were to become conduits for an energy coming from the Brilliant Infinity, our Source and our Creator. We moved the energy through our human bodies through the use of our energy bodies, channeling it through us and into the earth. The energy descended into the water table, circulating around the earth for one year before coming to rest in a massive crystal bed under Brazil. Upon completion of its journey, we became transmitters as the energy in Fire the Grid II and facilitated return to Source. A collective mass of humans participated, in moving energy as one conscious, loving heart and mind with the a healing intention for all life on earth.

These Light Beings have come again with further and final instructions to assist humanity in healing ourselves and our planet. This human event is to be known as Fire the Grid I. As you see it has been a countdown for us : III, II and I. Each Fire the Grid event has come from a place of higher knowledge and the instructions are meant to assist us with the great shift that is happening on earth at this time. We are entering a new time which humanity has not yet seen. There is a transition that has been happening and will continue to happen during these next few years. These great Beings of Light wish to assist us with that transition. Not unlike a parent holding the hand of its child while it endeavors something new, these Beings wish to hold our hand as we transition into what we have always known in our hearts to be true. They wish to hold our hands as we become our greatest selves.

Once again the instructions involve coming together as a whole. They have told me to share with you that we must “unite in our similarities or we shall disintegrate in our differences.” I have been given the third and final date : November 11, 2011. The time of day of the great gathering will be 11:11 GMT. The instructions tell us to come together for one hour as one people with great love in our hearts, with one collective mind to become one great force. That great force will then charge the earth field and we will become great programmers of a new time.

I will explain. We are entering a field of energy in our cosmos heretofore never seen. That field of energy is completely programmable and will be programmed whether we participate consciously in its programming or not. For whatever human energy field is most prominent on the day for that hour will be the set point of where we begin the next phase of our evolution as humans. The energy is actually available for us to use and program for 28 hours beginning at 19:00 GMT November 10 and running through to 23:00 GMT November 11. However the most influential time during that time will take place November 11 at 11:11 GMT. During that time the field we are entering will close in behind us and we will be encapsulated in the new field. No matter what human energy we hold at that time will dictate the permanent charge of the new earth field and will be our starting point as we journey into a new time.

I will explain further. Imagine you throw an egg into semi set gelatine. As the egg journeys into the center of the gelatine, the density of the gelatine will close in behind the egg and the egg will be set completely immersed in that new field. We are like the egg entering a new plasma field. That new plasma field is like the gelatine. It is a different density then the earth field we live in now, just as the air from which the egg leaves is different then the density of the gelatine. As the field encompasses the earth we will be set in that new field. That new field has never been charged, it is pure and free of set patterns which exist in our current field. It is a great opportunity for us as humans to program the field and get a jump start for the next stage of humanity. We cannot sustain the current field we live in as the density has reached a critical mass and there is much unrest. It is showing itself in the unrest of the planet and its inhabitants. Luckily for us, a new field is presenting itself at this key moment and we have a fresh chance to make it right. An opportunity to make that new field what we choose it to be.

As I have stated, the field will be programmed whether we consciously participate or not. That is to say if we do nothing, the new energy field will be charged with whatever the most prominent energy the earth is holding at that very moment. Right now the earth field is very dense, charged with the emotions of fear, distrust, greed, anger, hate and separation. If we do nothing. those emotions will be the emotions with which the new field becomes charged. Or, we can unite for one hour and consciously choose how we wish to charge the field. The faith of one true believer holds the energy of a thousand and we are mighty in our stand as there are many of us that wish a new and different world as we enter this new time.

Now is the time to unite and become one field. Unite as one people, one heart and one mind and with one intention to create a loving sustainable world. Not only for us now but for us as a species for generations to come. We must become what we intended ourselves to be when we first came to this planet. We must become the Light Beings in human form that we intended. We must remember who we are in order to become those great beings that will consciously change the world. I use the word must but in reality there is no must, only desire. If we choose to do nothing, the world will continue without our loving positive intentions. However, with our loving heartfelt thoughts, not only are we able to manifest that which we need to transform the world, we can also insert our personal desire for joy.

What does this mean? It means once you have intended the essential things for earth such as clean air and water, clean and prosperous earth, ample housing, ample warmth, love, joy and abundance for all, once you have manifested the best for earth and her inhabitants, at that point you can add your own flavor. What brings you joy? What would you wish to see continue in the next time of humanity? Bringing your own human joy into the program means that if you think ice cream is the best joy on the planet, intend that there be plenty of ice cream available in the next phase of time. Intend it for all of humanity, not just for yourself, Remember to make your intentions come from the heart energy as this is the energy that makes things stick. Make your greatest human joys available for all so that we all may fully experience that joy should we so choose. It is all in the choosing.

We currently live in a world of our choosing. We created the systems in which we live. We manifested the movement of money. We can unthink the current system and bring abundance to all. The earth holds enough for all of us. We must choose to change our minds by opening our hearts in order to choose our new world. Change comes through positive thoughts as those thoughts take form in our world. I cannot express enough however that the thoughts we have must also come from the heart with the greatest intention to manifest that which is best for all. That which no longer serves us can be changed simply through thought. We did not create our current situation in a moment nor will we change it in a moment however the first positive thought will propel us into the next positive thought and so on.

Once we program our new field, it will be easier to create what we need and desire for a better planet. The new field will open new and wondrous opportunities to each of us. We simply change the focus of our mind and turn from that which does not serve us. “See another world, much like an enchanted kingdom, spilling with visions…”, as Bradfield has written and then “look at yourself from the sky.” Create that world, all while creating the person you came here to be. Be the dreamers that dream reality into being. We as humans have been creating since the dawn of time. Now it is time to create from a responsible, present and conscious place.

It all begins with charging the earth field as we enter into a new time. We become one united force field around our earth, emanating Love energy from within each of us. It takes nothing but your attention and one hour of your time. There are many ways to share your attention and intention with the world and I will share these later with you. Now is the time to gather. Share this information with the world. Tell your family and friends. You are each great networkers. You are all great manifesters and great creators. REMEMBER!

The internet and media are your tools. Share the possibility with others. Become one people, become one field of energy and become the change you have been waiting for. Now is the time to realize your personal power through our collective power. Change your mind and you help change the world. On a human level, just by choosing collectively you can change any single thing. You have seen it done many times. Martin Luther King showed the way as did Ghandi, Nelson Mandela and other great men of the truth. One idea and many minds. Once the idea was launched it caught hold and moved itself. Many became involved and collectively insisted on change. Change happened and together we changed the world. It has happened many times and the time is upon us once again to collectively choose and change the world in which we live, change if for yourselves and those that will follow; our children and the children of those children.

See another world and then become the force of that change. It all begins with setting that intention on November 11, 2011 at 11:11 GMT. [6:11 a.m ET, 5:11 a.m Central, 4:11 a.m. Mountain, 3:11 a.m. Pacific] No money necessary, no gadgets, no must dos or guilt trips necessary. Just one collective mind charged with a loving heart, changing the way it thinks then charging the energy field in which it lives. “Let the pearl inside reveal what’s real.” REMEMBER who you are, stand and change the world we live in.

My most loving heart is in this with us all.

Samoiya Shelley Yates




The Remember Code - a 10 minute meditation

Below you will find a link to bring you to a ten minute meditation. The music and the image are aligned with truth and will bring a sense of peace and remembering to the experiencer. Bring to the experience an open heart and a willingness to remember who you are. This music and image are exactly what I saw in the directions when I was told to share it with humanity.
To engage fully with the experience please make yourself comfortable. Remove all the daily stress from your mind and open your heart to truth. Then in knowing that you are entitled, connect to your Divine Source in any manner you believe in, feel grounded and safe. Ensure you are connected to the Highest Light for the highest purpose and that it be the best for all. You must feel safe and comfortable in order to open the human to the truth. Remember who you are for ten minutes and charge your day with the beauty of knowing it.

Note: This mp3 file is large - it may take a few moments to load depending on the speed of your connection

Proceed to meditation


 For more information, go to


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Beautifully inspiring message from Fred Burks regarding these ominous dates...

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Transmissions of Light:

A Hathor Planetary Meditation Reminder from Tom Kenyon

The World Meditation on 11/11/11

The actual “Transmissions of Light” World Meditation (as our group together in Seattle will experience it) will run from 9 pm until 10 pm November 11th PST. Note: This is 5 am – 6am Saturday, November 12, GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).
During this specific hour Hathors from the 5th through the 12th Dimensions will be bringing in light through sound. Hathors who reside in the higher dimensions (i.e. 9-12) are the ancient masters of their culture.
In past Hathor events, Hathors from the 5th through the 8th dimensions have participated, but this will be the first event where Hathors from the 9th through the 12th dimension will bring in light and sound.
While the concept of dimensions is a very complex affair, in this instance the central idea is that each dimension upward means that it is subtler in its nature. And the subtler the dimension, the more potential power there is to be accessed. As a result of this multidimensional orchestration on the part of the Hathors, I fully expect a profound and potent experience for all of us.  
If you choose to ride the energetic wave during this specific hour-long meditation, the Hathors suggest you listen to the Pituitary Dimensional Attunement seven times and then sit in silence for twenty to thirty minutes with your attention in the area of your pituitary. If possible, they suggest that you then lie down and rest. (Note: a link to the audio file for the Pituitary Attunement and instructions on how to use it, are at the end of this message.)
The transformational energies around this Meditation will extend for a three-day period. The portal will initially open when we begin working with the group in Seattle at 7 pm on November 11th PST and continue until November 13th at 4 pm, PST, when it will close.  Meditation on the Pituitary Dimensional Attunement will be particularly potent during this entire time period. (To find your time corollary go to
The energetic of the Meditation, as well as the three-day gathering in Seattle, will transcend both time and space.  In other words, you can enter into profound states of inner awareness using the Pituitary Dimensional Attunement at anytime while the portal is open during the three-day period, regardless of where you might be physically located.

If you follow the Hathors’ suggestion regarding the meditation, you would set aside about an hour when you won’t be disturbed. You would then listen to the Pituitary Dimensional Attunement seven times back-to-back (from your own computer and/or mp3 player). Then you would sit in silence with your attention in the area of your pituitary gland for twenty to thirty minutes. And finally, you would lie down, if possible, and rest for a while. Many of us will, no doubt, fall asleep during this rest period, and this is a good thing. If it happens for you, my suggestion is to just go with it.
If you feel drawn to do the meditation more than once during the three-day period of the energetic, monitor yourself. If you start feeling more weird than usual, stop the meditation and rest.
I anticipate a profound and deep experience for everyone who joins us in this meditation wherever they may be. And I welcome all of our world sangha to The Table of the Great Mystery.
May we all be nourished and enlivened by the realms of light that will be opened. And may these transmissions of light extend to all beings who wish to receive them.

Note: To listen to this file seven times, you must download it onto your computer and/or mp3 player. Do not continuously listen to it on our website. Too many people trying to listen to it on our site by clicking “play” over and over will literally freeze the audio file, and no one will be able to listen to it. Please download it to your computer. Also, you cannot download directly to a smart phone or an MP3 player. You must first download to a computer.
Click here to read the instructions for the Pituitary Dimensional Attunement, as previously given, as well as to access the free audio file.  [copied below]


The Pituitary Dimensional Attunement

Note: These listening instructions are excerpted from a Hathor Planetary Message, entitled Transmission of Light. To read the entire message, click here.

Listening Instructions
There are two suggested methods for listening to this sound meditation.

The First Method

In this approach you simply place your focused attention in the area of your pituitary gland, the master regulator of your endocrine system.  The sounds you will hear are analogs of fluctuations in the light realms, and they will create a movement of energies in the pituitary, so long as you hold your attention in the general area of the pituitary gland. This area is located approximately one inch (or 2cm) behind the bridge of the nose.

This general area is all that you need to focus on. It is not necessary to be exact. Simply resting your awareness in the area will accomplish the task. The operative word here is “rest” your awareness. This is not concentration. You simply rest your attention in the area of the pituitary gland and allow the sounds you hear to affect the area. When your mind wanders, simply bring it back to focused attention on the pituitary.

The Second Method

For those of you more familiar with your inner realms, imagine that the area of your pituitary gland is a white lotus flower floating on a still and infinite body of pure water. This mental impression shifts your brain/mind into a highly receptive state and generates a quality of consciousness that is very helpful to this particular type of transformational work. You can imagine this lotus as a partially or fully opened blossom, or if you prefer, you can imagine it as a closed bud.

Hold the mental impression of this white lotus in the area of your pituitary gland, and as with the first method, when your mind wanders, bring it back to the lotus and the area of your pituitary.

Whether you use the first method or the second, the catalytic sounds will cause a movement of subtle energies within the pituitary, creating a cascade of energetic effects throughout all of the glands that comprise your endocrine system. As you continue to experience this Attunement, you will become more familiar with its subtle and potent effects.

Before you begin, spend a few moments separating yourself from the concerns of your daily life. Draw a line between this short meditation and the rest of your life. The meditation is approximately five minutes long, and after you are done listening to it, we suggest you spend a few moments in silence, sensing the area of your pituitary. If you are energetically sensitive and aware, you can feel the subtle effects in all of your glands.

As we said previously, this Attunement is subtle, yet potent. And this odd paradox is based upon an intricate relationship between matter and energy.

As you move into the more subtle levels of matter (i.e. sub-atomic particles) there is more potential energy. Likewise, as you move into the more subtle levels of your own consciousness there is also an increase in energy (i.e. the powers of consciousness).

The patterns that comprise this Attunement are precise, and they form complex relationships in the subtle realms of consciousness.

Do not be deceived by its simplicity. This Attunement is a potent transformer of consciousness.

When you generate an increase of light-flows within the pituitary gland and the endocrine system, you release a potent and powerful purification. Each of you has your own comfort zone in this.

For some of you, listening to the Attunement once a day will be all you can comfortably handle. Others may feel drawn to listen to it multiple times.

As you proceed to listen to this Attunement on a regular basis, you will find your energetic nesting or comfort zone expanding, and you will be able to listen to it multiple times. But the guiding principle is your comfort zone.

If you listen to this Attunement too often for your own energetic reality, you will know that you have crossed the line. You will recognize that you are releasing more energies within you than you are comfortable dealing with. The simple fact is that as the glands comprising your endocrine system receive fluctuations of light, via the pituitary gland, they release inhibiting patterns of energy and consciousness.

The only guideline, here, is to proceed in a manner that is comfortable to you. Those of you who are more warrior-like in your nature can push the river, so to speak. But do realize that you are greatly accelerating the energetic transformation of your endocrine system. And if your perception, your thoughts and feelings, speed up too much, then slow down. Listen to the Attunement less often and find your comfort zone.

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