Supernatural Stuff


I have recently experienced some pretty supernatural stuff in my life. It wasn't like flying or anything, but there were instances that can't be ignored. I was wondering if anybody ever experiences these things. For example, birds were singing to me in the night and I have even caught glimpse of "magical stuff."

I know this can be hard to believe, but I was wondering if anyone has stories or words of wisdom to share on the topic. Also, I was wondering if anyone has a clue to how these other realms may play into our current political situation.

Obviously if there are benevolent creatures, there must be evil as well. I know about the luciferian agenda, but who are our allies or do we have any left? Just curious if anybody has some tidbits of knowledge to share on the subject.

Peace, love, and duendes,

Btw, it was the result of a minor manic episode, not drugs or psychedelics.

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Could you be more specific about what happened to you? I think sometimes spirits of dead people can speak through birds, do you think that is what might have been happening to you? I've had many episodes of esp protecting me from harm, other than that, not too much magical stuff happening in my life.

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