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Trying to connect the dots here.  Decided to address the old topic of the virtuality of the internet and how this relates to the consciousness shift in the planet...

The WM articles refer to "Olin Technology", whatever that means.  Then there's this phenomenon of blog sites and social networks.  Mostly fluff.  Opinions and likes/dislikes, favorites, what superficial little activities most people are up to...  Games, consumption...  So where is the MEAT?  Where is the real at the center of all that?

I joined facebook years ago because I thought it would be a good way to dialogue with others.  I did not find that to be so.  Most people don't really "have the time" to engage in real discussion, but they will find a bit of it to post "TGIF" or "kids are sick again" type stuff.  So, what causes the direction of focus to shift?  If the internet goes away or is further corrupted, I won't miss it too much.  Except for the cheaper deals than paying retail prices!  Besides that, I almost feel as though I've already gotten most of what it has to offer.

But what a tool for expanding consciousness!  Far exceeds the abilities of any libraries I know of, gets one connected to anywhere on the globe almost instantaneously, allows one to research or find others with the answers to one's questions (beats the telephone!), links and networks...  But all VIRTUAL.  Not real.  Not here.

So, then it becomes the ? of what do you do with it?

We've all heard talk about what happens when 100 monkeys get together.  It better be one BIG BED that they get to jump on.  Critical mass, escape velocity, falling bodies catching fire...  #s, #s, #s...

The funniest think is that some think the system allows for the "knowing" of individuals through those [mostly] superficialities.  But those are all based on consumption and entertainment (mostly), not on creativity and self-expression.  So, unless someone is really saying or doing something, "they" have no idea.

Anywhizzle, I was getting around to having rediscovered and their fun take on the whole situation.  Trying to hit that magical number of 144,000.  A more interactive format and set-up.  Choosing clans or avatars, totems...  A little more personal.  They have a comic book being published at the end of the week and a friend of mine did the art on another comic book they have on their site.

So, maybe my point is that all of this should be FUN.  The dark, the light, the many colors.  It can all be done or dealt with in a more enjoyable or interactive fashion.  Martyrs, self-proclaimed or otherwise are no longer useful in the big picture of 7 and 1/4 billion and counting.  Time to tighten those laces and join the adventure with strength and gusto.  Nothing to be afraid of that we haven't pretty much already seen, thanks to the internet.

Just doing some fishing here.  Trying to gather the forces before the current medium is possibly jeopardized and made even more confusing and unintelligible.

And growing a pair.  Of wings!  ;)

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"my point is that all of this should be FUN.  The dark, the light, the many colors.  It can all be done or dealt with in a more enjoyable or interactive fashion.  Martyrs, self-proclaimed or otherwise are no longer useful in the big picture...Nothing to be afraid of that we haven't pretty much already seen"

I've learned (56 years later) that people come and go, things come and go, the dark, the light, the many colors are all part of the experience and it's all good.  Even when it's momentarily seemed 'bad' the Universe (my Universe) has unfolded in a pretty blessed miraculous way. It's got me to where I am, and that is here right now

Oddly enough, that's the first 'metaphysical/spiritual' book I ever bought-BE HERE NOW. It's still on my bookshelf.  I was 15 and it was the early 70's.  A year later I spent 6 days in a coma which they had not expected I'd recover from.  Visions and big dreams came at that time and other times. 

I've almost left this Earthplane two other times and the one thing that is the truest for me is we don't end then. I do not fear leaving this spacesuit behind.  So if there isn't death to be afraid of (yeah I might not feel particularly ready to go when the time comes) but then what's to be afraid of? Won't need the wings-travelling at the speed of sound they become unnecessary.

So I choose joy.  I choose love.  I choose kindness.  I choose giving. I choose peace. What are you going to choose?

Be here now.  Be happy-and when happy feels hard smile anyway-happy is just around the corner. Love and Light.                          kristyne

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  You sound like me and I sound like you . I love your thought pattern . You and I have a lot in common I think that is why the motherhood story touched you so deeply . Thank you for sharing that .


    Eric loves you all ..................................................................

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I think there is a tendency for people who have grown up with the internet, to take its power for granted.  So permit me, please, to walk you down memory lane.

Having always been a writer, my youth was filled with dreams of getting my message out to the public.  But back then, this was dependent upon being published in a book or a magazine or newspaper.  Such was the realm of professional writers, unless one was lucky enough to have a letter to the editor published.

Nowadays, anyone can reach an audience of millions simply by self-publishing a website or blog.  We can network with our peers through Facebook and forums and we can converse in an instant through chat rooms, instant messages, VOIP, and email.  Heck, we can even produce our own movies and videos with relative ease and distribute them to millions of people through Youtube.  And we can do all of these things at no cost.  Wow!

Now let's talk about the information available on the net.  It's a veritable smorgasboard!  Whatever the subject, chances are someone has posted the information online.  And let's not forget the value in alternative news.  Can you imagine living in a world where our only source of news was the 3 corporate-owned networks?  Hardly anyone would've heard of the NWO or false flag events, the dangers of Fluoride or GMO foods, and we would have no other option than to blindly obey the control system.

The internet connects us worldwide to friends, loved ones, and strangers.  I can't imagine my life without it and I'm truly grateful for what it brings into my life.  I'll take the bad with the good because, without the world wide web, I'd be less informed and more isolated.

So instead of feeling bummed out about the magnitude of bad news and disinformation we may come across while surfing, perhaps we'd do well to count our blessings.  We've been given a miraculous tool which can be used to make powerful changes to our world.  Let's take advantage of it while the internet is still free.  The world is our oyster.

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