3-Day "One" Event Begins Tomorrow (9/9/11 - 9/11/11)


This September 11, Choose Love and Unity.  Imagine if on the day we remember one of history's most unsettling events, we stop the cycle of fear and instead imagine honoring those who sacrificed so much by focusing on our love for each other. Come and join us live or online for a free 3-day global event designed to share solutions and accelerate our shift from fear to love and from surviving to thriving. 

On September 11th, a monumental transformational event will be happening in Seattle at the Memorial Stadium at 3:46 PM Pacific Time, exactly 10 years and 10 hours after the 9/11 tragedy. Tens of thousands of people will be joining musicians, speakers, and celebrities, both live and on the web to intentionally send love, compassion and unity to all of humanity.

Video synopsis:  http://www.youtube.com/user/OneBecomingOne#p/a/u/0/K-uJEgThv8c


How to Participate

To participate in the Moment, simply add your mindful, heartfelt focus to our collective intention to shift to love-based, collaborative solutions that will end the age of fear and isolation. You can participate while viewing the Seattle event online or in other ways, but all you need to do is join in with your own loving thoughts and feelings, from wherever you are!

You may also be interested in participating in programs developed by our partners to prepare for and take part in the Synchronized Moment of Love. (See How It Works for more details.)

The 9/11 Peace Intention Experiment
The Intention Experiment is a series of scientifically controlled, web-based experiments testing the power of intention to change the physical world. Thousands of volunteers from 90 countries have participated in Intention Experiments to date. Project Director Lynne McTaggart is producing the 9/11 Peace Intention Experiment. Starting on 9/11 and continuing through 9/19 in collaboration with many international groups and ONE The Event, the project will involve people from the West and the East interacting in a joint apology for the 9/11 tragedy and together participating in an Intention Experiment to lower violence in a targeted area. The results will be analyzed by a team of prestigious scientists and shared on the project website. See also Organizations.

Global Coherence Initiative and Institute of HeartMath – OneTheEvent Global Care Room
The Institute of HeartMath is sponsoring a special Global Care Room for OneTheEvent. This virtual room provides participants an opportunity to join with others around the world in preparation for the September 11th Moment of Love, starting on the 9th of September and culminating in the synchronized Moment of Loves Session on September 11th at 3:46 p.m. PDT ( GMT/UTC minus 7 Hrs).  Once you have entered the OneTheEvent Global Care Room, you will see yourself and all of the other participants spread out over the rotating Google Earth. The feelings of interconnectedness experienced when joining with like hearted individuals in the Care Room adds an extra depth and meaningfulness to your focused intentions. See also Organizations.

Center for Subtle Activism 
The Center for Subtle Activism in San Francisco is an action research center to advance the study and practice of subtle activism. As part of One The Event, the Gaiafield Project will convene a public subtle activism call on Friday September 9, 8.30-9.30AM PDT/3.30-4.30PM GMT devoted to 9/11 healing. To participate by phone, call (724) 444-7444; ID 112386#, 1#.

The culmination of ONE The Event is a GLOBAL SYNCHRONIZED MOMENT OF LOVE and UNITY on 9/11 at 10:46pm GMT (6:46 EDT, 3:46pm PDT).

To participate via the webcast, click HERE. For more details about the "Gaiafield Attunement" process, Click HERE.

Thank you, Noa for this.  I bless you with Love.  --fairy

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I tend to be slightly more cerebral than intuitive, so I signed up for The 9/11 Peace Intention Experiment and  OneTheEvent Global Care Room  so I could prove to myself that this mass prayer and meditation stuff really works.  After watching the film, End:CIV http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hx-G1uhRqA, I'm feeling rather hopeless about the prospects of humanity suddenly having a change of heart.  In essence, the film says if we don't sacrifice our love affair with consumption and also forceably stop the greedy corporations from raping the planet, we're all doomed. I think such an awakening is a long shot, so I've been a little depressed these past 24 hours.  This One Event is giving me renewed hope.  I wish I could go to Seattle for the Event to drink in the positive vibes.  Nonetheless, I'll be participating online.

Anyway, apparently, the power of intention has been well documented, as is stated here:

Societal Effects

The Issues: Are There historical precedents for the idea that individuals influence each other at a distance?

Is there scientific evidence for the Maharishi Effect: Does the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program improve the quality of life in society?

Rationale for the Maharishi Effect 

Summary of Key Studies 

The Evidence:

The Maharishi Effect is a phase transition to a more orderly and harmonious state of life, as measured by decreased crime, violence, accidents, and illness, and improvements in economic conditions and other social indicators.  The scientists who discovered this effect named in honor of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who predicted 50 years ago that only a small fraction of the population participating in the Transcendental Meditation program would be sufficient to improve the quality of life and the whole society.  During the past 31 years, this transformation of society has been documented scientifically, first at the city level, then at state and national levels, and then at the global level-the Global Maharishi Effect.

It has been found that the proportion of members of a society necessary to generate the Maharishi Effect is 1% practicing the Transcendental Meditation program or only the square root or 1% participating in the group practice of the TM-Sidhi program.  This proportion is so small that the beneficial effects on society of the Maharishi Effect cannot be accounted for by behavioral interactions of the participants with other members of society.  Instead, the results indicate a field effect, in which an influence of coherence produced by the participants radiates throughout the society.

There have been 50 studies showing that the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program (which includes Yogic Flying) improves the quality of life in the larger society; the findings of which have been published in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and presented and published in the proceedings of professional conferences.

Variables assessed in these studies include armed conflict, crime rate, violent fatalities (homicides, suicides, and motor vehicle fatalities), economic indicators, and broad quality of life indices which incorporate the above variables as well as rates of notifiable diseases, hospital admissions, infant mortality, divorce, cigarette and alcohol consumption, and GNP. Effects for each variable or for overall indices are in the direction of improved quality of life.

Download Word document list of 60 research and review papers on 51 studies on the Maharishi Effect. (click here)

Download a PDF of a recently published study on the Maharishi Effect reducing war: Davies, J. L. and C. N. Alexander. “Alleviating political violence through reducing collective tension: Impact Assessment analysis of the Lebanon war.” Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, 2005, 17: 285-338. (click here )

Link to new book on the application of the Maharishi Effect to create world peace: "Victory Before War". (click here)



Read the rest of the article here:  http://www.truthabouttm.org/truth/SocietalEffects/Rationale-Research/index.cfm

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