Something Greater

We are here for a greater reason. When we choose to remember this, it is much easier to keep things in perspective. The more we remember the bigger picture, the easier it is to make choices in life which serve us and all around us. 

Brian's picture

I believe it's about love and in my case, learning to remember to come from love and not from fear. A series of circumstances are making me wake the hell up-lol. I'm learning to not let fear stop me and fear has been crushing my soul for a long time. The spiritual leader I'm listening to right now pointed out that westerners are facing two serious problems with their spirit. First, Boredom and tiredness. Mentally rejecting life is boredom and physically rejecting life is tiredness. Boredom: the mind (ego) when it is strong, wants you to believe everything is the same-a faulty generalization of all things. Nothing inspires, nothing tastes good or feels good. Watch the video if you wish. I find him very insiteful. Cheers

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Yes, Brian. For me, too, it's all about remembering to come from love and not fear. I'm glad to hear the universe is giving you good reminders to support you in that. The video didn't grab me, but I'm glad this spiritual teacher speaks in a way that touches and inspires you.

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