This Magic Moment

I think what has disappointed me most about the now-venerable and hoary thread on sex that's been so prominent lately is that it veers so totally away from what is actually a very important topic, at least to me - the absolutely sacred aspect of sex. I've tried now and then, with limited success, to frame it in mere words.

To me, sacred sex has little or nothing to do with what we do with our clothes off, except for two things. First, the physical act symbolizes a sacred principle and second, it actually transports us for a brief time. This is well and good, and worth exploring. But more than this, it is duality at its most mystical - at the very moment of union. This moment is so all-encompassing as to be more than what our ordinary consciousness has any grasp of, and we want it again and again on the physical plane even as our spirits yearn and search for that glimpse of something vastly beyond ourselves which we are nevertheless vitally one with. This yin and yang principle, ever-turning within the ring, is the note of God's voice. It speaks in our hearts, throughout history, in the skies and it is the ecstasy that vitalizes everything we know of reality. This is the Mother Field, in which we are paradoxically one even as we are many. This is dharma.

I am a big believer in music, soothing beverages, candlelight, good food, massage with scented oils, and all of the things that leads up to. If people wish to discuss such things it's fine with me. But there is a sacred side to all that sex is, and it is worth exploring in its own right. I would hope we could do so without folks taking things personally and being wounded, but you never know. I believe sacred sexual themes can be traced through the Bible and through many ancient traditions. I think it is revealed in everything from cymatics to astrophysics to weather. Dharma.


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