I am in the process of reading a book called An Autobiography of A Yogi, by Paramhansa Yogananda.  A fascinating read and very insightful into Eastern/Hindu mysticism and metaphysics.

Yogananda's teacher, Guru, master was a yogi by the name Sri Yukteswar and the following excerpt is from his dissertation to Yogananda about the Biblical Adam and Eve story. A very interesting interpretation indeed.

"The Adam and Eve story is incomprehensible to me!" I observed with

considerable heat one day in my early struggles with the allegory.

"Why did God punish not only the guilty pair, but also the innocent

unborn generations?"


Master was more amused by my vehemence than my ignorance. "GENESIS

is deeply symbolic, and cannot be grasped by a literal interpretation,"

he explained. "Its 'tree of life' is the human body. The spinal

cord is like an upturned tree, with man's hair as its roots, and

afferent and efferent nerves as branches. The tree of the nervous

system bears many enjoyable fruits, or sensations of sight, sound,

smell, taste, and touch. In these, man may rightfully indulge; but

he was forbidden the experience of sex, the 'apple' at the center

of the bodily garden.  

"The 'serpent' represents the coiled-up spinal energy which stimulates

the sex nerves. 'Adam' is reason, and 'Eve' is feeling. When the

emotion or Eve-consciousness in any human being is overpowered by

the sex impulse, his reason or Adam also succumbs.


"God created the human species by materializing the bodies of man

and woman through the force of His will; He endowed the new species

with the power to create children in a similar 'immaculate' or divine

manner.  Because His manifestation in the individualized

soul had hitherto been limited to animals, instinct-bound and

lacking the potentialities of full reason, God made the first human

bodies, symbolically called Adam and Eve. To these, for advantageous

upward evolution, He transferred the souls or divine essence of two

animals.  In Adam or man, reason predominated; in Eve or

woman, feeling was ascendant. Thus was expressed the duality or

polarity which underlies the phenomenal worlds. Reason and feeling

remain in a heaven of cooperative joy so long as the human mind is

not tricked by the serpentine energy of animal propensities.

"The human body was therefore not solely a result of evolution from

beasts, but was produced by an act of special creation by God. The

animal forms were too crude to express full divinity; the human being

was uniquely given a tremendous mental capacity-the 'thousand-petaled

lotus' of the brain-as well as acutely awakened occult centers in

the spine.


"God, or the Divine Consciousness present within the first created

pair, counseled them to enjoy all human sensibilities, but not to

put their concentration on touch sensations.  These were

banned in order to avoid the development of the sex organs, which

would enmesh humanity in the inferior animal method of propagation.

The warning not to revive subconsciously-present bestial memories

was not heeded.  Resuming the way of brute procreation, Adam and

Eve fell from the state of heavenly joy natural to the original

perfect man.


"Knowledge of 'good and evil' refers to the cosmic dualistic

compulsion. Falling under the sway of MAYA through misuse of his

feeling and reason, or Eve-and Adam-consciousness, man relinquishes

his right to enter the heavenly garden of divine self-sufficiency.

The personal responsibility of every human being is to

restore his 'parents' or dual nature to a unified harmony or Eden."


As Sri Yukteswar ended his discourse, I glanced with new respect

at the pages of GENESIS.


"Dear Master," I said, "for the first time I feel a proper filial

obligation toward Adam and Eve!"


Interesting interpretation of Genesis.   It has been said in high 4D propagation occurs between two indivduals and the soul who wishes to experience a measure of embodiment.  The two individual and the third souls co-create form for the soul to  inhabit.  Birth does not happen... transfiguration (for lack of  a better term) occurs.


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I think that this is exactly what Yukteswar was saying and that this was the proverbial fall from grace.

How often have we been given clues that Humanity was not always in the gross state that we are now, that at sometime in the far past, we chose to, through free will, take on the grosser, lower vibrational state that we find ourselves in now. (Or were coerced by some other influence to do so.) The very process, as the yogi says, drew a veil over our higher senses and imprisoned us in the fleshly "Maya" of physical duality and illusion. 

I do enjoy his description of the tree of life, being the human body with the inverted position.  I sort of had a chuckle in reading that particular passage.


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