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 A Ukrainian friend of my housemate sent her an email about Russian press manipulation...pretty interesting.

I'll try and copy/paste it here-Love to all:


Dear -----, 
Hope you're doing well )))
Let me show something interesting to you. Please, have a look at two pictures I attached.
The first photo is the original one, taken in Hamburg, G20. Another pic is an example "fake news, Russian style".
Please, see that:
- instead of the empty chair in the middle Putin appeared, 
- instead of the "United Kingdom" sign there is a "Russian Federation", 
- have look at the red Merkel's jacket and pay attention to the orange-black band. It's a sign of anti-fascist movement, widely used by pro-Russian forces.
The second (photo-shopped) picture is now broadcasted in all Russian media.
Imagine what "picture of life" do people who live in Russia have...
Wishing you a great day,

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I guess they didn't show up,,huh? I think a good reply to her might be,,,It ain't only in Russia honey! That's just the tip of the iceberg! After seeing the tech that can put words in the president's mouth here a few years ago,I don't know what to believe anymore! Sooo, I don't watch much anymore! And,,,so far,,,I haven't missed a thing!

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