The Intention Experiment

I just wanted to call attention to Lynne McTaggert's book The Intention Experiment  that is based in some hard science and there is a web site with ongoing experiments where we all can participate. The next experiment is to clean water on June 13th.

Learn how you can participate by going to

This is such a treat to read about intention experiments and now to be invited to participate is just extraordinary.  There are weekly intentions for healing certain individuals and you can nominate someone to be healed as well.



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I have her book, but have not read it yet.  Looks like the perfect next book to read.  Your post reminded me of the square root of 1% equation that is grounded in some very sound scientifically controlled experiments concerning the power of intention in group meditation.  The statistics are fascinating and illuminating.  the square root of 1% of a population has the inherent ability to change the behavior of that population being focused on.

We are in the age of Aquarius, and many well-known sources have been saying for eons now that this period of time would be about this very kind of thing and the raising of the vibration of life and consciousness on this planet (and not a moment too soon!).  I have a feeling this is just gonna keep getting better and better, or should I say I intend on continuing to feel like this is getting better and better by inherent design...

Thanks Tricia for the excellent link!!!!!

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