444 & 555

I have for some months now been observing the number sequence 444 appearing to me sometime several times a day.  Recently, I have also been getting 555.  Today I got 444 three different times and 555 twice.

I have realised that my daily schedule orients me to seeing these numbers on the clock more often than others perhaps as I get up early in the mornings. But even on the weekends when I am sleeping late such as today, Sunday I am greeted with these number sequences.  Today, I even observed the 444 sequence on the network time indicator on the television.  I never look at that image.  I know that people comment on getting 11:11 often in the last number of years, I can only note getting 11:11 once and that was just within the last week.

I have read some materials in the past which presume to define what these number occurances mean but I don't have access to them now, have forgotten were I read them.

I know that when we are reminded by synchronicities such as recurring number sequences that we are being spiritually directed in some way or another.  I admit that right now I am at a loss to know what this is telling me.

I am seeking within as I always do but so far I have no answers.

Anyone want to share their higher knowledge with me?

Love and Light,


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Thank you Elizabeth. That is the most informative digest of this subject I have seen.  It gives me a lot to think about.

Hmmmm. Cosmic No! huh. I'll have to determine what that means.


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Thank you Elizabeth! That is some great info.!!!

One of the comments that caught my eye (this one's for you Riversong, LOL) is the part about "5" men are scared of women and "5" women are ass-kickers. I still (when I read this type of thing) sense this entrenched illusion that women are completely women and men are completely men. Nothing could be further from the truth. All of us are predominantly (some more or less than others) male or female, but none are 100%.

If men have any fear of women, it is not the woman they "see" that they are afraid of, but the woman they do not "see" inside themselves. I am one who is completely free to love and adore the female attributes within me and I am willing to bet that many women enjoying the sense of power they feel as dominant or superior are very much enjoying (at times) their male side.

The two sexes are the most dramatic symbolic form of positive and negative polarity we have in 3rd density. Male being brash boastful energy positive polarity (as in positive electrical or electromagnetic charge), and Female energy being nurturing/caring/powerfully longsuffering as in child birth and child raising negative polarity like Mother Gaia is negative polarity-negatively charged as it kindly soaks up all the over zealous out of balance positive electrical (male) charges of the ionosphere. Without that particular fundamental non-pejorative relationship between earth and sky, we could not even survive on this planet due to too much electrical discharge in the air.

I guess what I am saying (and this is the part I think Riversong may have been alluding to at times) is we all have to stop waving our male/masculine or female/feminine flags if we are to ever understand and fully integrate the balance between the two, for in so doing we end up encouraging the denial of a very valid core part of ourselves, the other sex or polarity.

This is such an interesting subject and is so key to understanding balance. I am quite sure you know exactly what I am talking about. I know you are just quoting something and that just happened to catch my eye, so I am in no way singling you out whatsoever, just found it a very interesting/intriguing catalyst for pertinent discussion concerning ongoing entrenched illusions of separation in humanity that must, at some point, be completely surrendered for the sake of true understanding and balance...

Waving a flag for anything is a celebration of separation and autonomy, unless that flag includes all creatures, great and small, female and male, negative and positive polarity, for all are inviolate players in Unity, the very Being that we are and can never (nor would we want to) escape....

Love/Light, Chris

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