Project Camelot's Bill Deagle Interview OCT 4 2008

I managed to listen to this interview, which was recorded about 1:00
p.m. Pacific Time, about 10 pm this evening, but by about 11:00 pm, the
audio file became inaccessible ("404") on the Project Camelot website
and hasn't come back yet (12:30 am... 1:30 am...).  Though it could be
a webmaster error, there could also be some kind of censorship
occurring.  Deagle's predictions have an immediacy and urgency that
make me concerned this may be a censorship scenario. 

Bill Deagle claims to be a rather adept psychic who could fill an
encyclopedia with all of the examples of confirmed intuitions he's had
over the years.  He claims to have had psychic warnings of various
specificity before the Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11, the SE Asia
Tsunami, and the most recent China earthquake.  Deagle had troubled
dreams last night (10/3-10/4) and awoke with a number of very troubling
images and feeling a great deal of pain in his psychic body.  His
guidance was to call Project Camelot immediately to discuss it.  Kerry
Cassidy and Bill Ryan of Project Camelot were quite startled by this
news and consulted with about three other intuitives they know with one
(Rebecca Jernigan) confirming Deagle's visions because she'd seen this
also.  Two others, however, (David Wilcock and Michael St. Clair) felt
that these events would not occur.

Deagle describes his process as an accelerating accumulation of shards
and fragments of images, smells and other psychically intuited puzzle
pieces that begin to come together into clearer more coherent
predictions as the events get closer.

He calls the recent $700 billion US banking system bailout as a payment
of "blood money" to the International banking system, Illuminati
types.  He believes that Tuesday morning, October 7, 2008 will bring a
precipitous large-scale financial event that will be the first of three
big disastrous events.

The nature of the 10/7 financial crisis is not entirely clear, but
Deagle believes Gold and Silver are a good idea.  Also, it will be a
good idea to have water and food set aside for distribution emergencies.

The second crisis will follow an unspecified time later, but will
likely involve a false-flag nuclear weapon exploding in a large, U.S.
city such as Los Angeles.  This is a combination of intuitive fragments
and intellectual analysis.  To be clear, the intuitive part is  a large
bright explosion, mushroom cloud, the smell of burning flesh, people
putting their hands up to shield their eyes and seeing the bones in
their hands before going blind.  The intuitive clues about location are
a large flat city, warm climate, near the ocean, lots of freeways.  The
deductive part is putting all that together and concluding it's L.A,
however Deagle also had an intuitive leaning to Chicago which of course
is near a great lake, not the ocean.

The third crisis will involve a large scale biological attack, perhaps Avian flu.

At some point, Martial Law becomes a reality in the U.S. with most
major cities having the major ingress and egress blocked in the near
(close to city limits) range as well as far (about 30 miles).  Canadian
borders will be essentially in lockdown mode.  Deagle sees a large
number of new train cars coming up from Mexico (There's been a lot of
hype about FEMA death trains and concentration camps on the net for
several years now, but solid evidence has not been forthcoming and
these were not part of Deagle's vision, but I'm keeping them in mind as
a possible correlation).

Other subjective impressions of Deagles:

1. The level of pain and suffing of the nuclear event is about 100 times 9/11.(200,000 to 2 million dead?)
2. There will be significant sense of paralysis for the survivors.
3. Financial collapse leading to empty grocery store shelves in a matter of three hours.
4. Chinese troops on American soil in black uniforms with blue hats (U.N?) and a yellow triangle "crest".  Black ski masks.
5. Red sky with clouds and strange objects unlike regular airplanes in the sky.
6. 100 million will starve this winter worldwide.
7. Cargo containers significant?
8. Russian and Chinese submarines off the coast significant?

Advice: stock up on food, water, defenses.  Plan escape routes on back
roads.  Attempt to be more aware of spiritual guidance.  Band together
with others to weather the difficult times ahead.

Deagle believes that talking about all this will not make it more
likely to occur, but may actually make it less likely or at least
mitigate the damage somewhat.  My own sense is that perhaps discussing
the false flag nature of the attack ahead of time will make the event
less likely to occur and less easily blamed on Al Quaida or whoever the
perpetrators are supposed to be.

That's all I have on this.  The Project Camelot website is still not functioning.

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I tried to get to the Deagle interview this morning with no success news service is also showing error messages.

We need to juice up our telepathic abilities fast.

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Excellent summary, Cirq. I heard the tape also, and followed the intense, multi-viewed discussion on Avalon which followed. Near the end of the tape, Deagle stressed the importance of everyone countering the possibility of these events by saying "No" to the energies that might perpetrate such events, thus refusing to "willingly" approve of this "blood sacrifice". Inaction would be interpreted as acceptance of the sacrifice. This is not about fear. He called for sensible physical preparation AND prayerful visioning of the world we all long to see. As we know, the future is not set in stone, and together we can negate such possibilities.


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Try this URL:

I just accessed the tape here.

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I assume you know the Oct 7th date has already been 'seen' by at least the Half Past Human folk.  My guess is it has a high level of validity (as does Oct 14th but more on that later).  We have been advise to be prepared by Adamu or Adama concerning this time.  In other words stock up on food and water and I would add take some money out of the bank.   But lets not go into fear (or if we do, go all the way in and thru it).

From my perspective there will be no nukes, that option has been taken off the table by the ETs a long time ago and they have demonstrated their ability to disable nukes back in the 70's.  What is much more likely is a wake up call to the citizens of this beautiful country in terms of a financial collapse and a new financial system eventually put into play to replace the aging and illegal Fed.  Its quite possible that this is the machinations of the Illuminati in a final play for power only to be short-circuited  by a little ET intervention on the 14th (I've alluded to this scenario in an earlier post on the site).

We will have to see, in the mean time take out some cash and go grocery shopping, there could be some turmoil for a week or two but having lived through a flood in Rapid City in 1972 people come together like we we are all One, to help rebuild the devastation.  Know that we are being watched over, especially during this critical time.  I predict that we will establish a heart connection with each other like we have never experience before.  I, for one, am ready for a change...

in Love and Light,


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Yes, you're quite right Joyanna-- I've been noticing some fear-based thoughts during meditation and releasing them.  There is certainly a potential to get caught up in fear with Deagle's interview, however we're fortunate to have the "merely" financial problem specific to October 7 as a test of this prediction.  If something significant happens, then we'll have a pretty good idea that the rest of the prediction is worth heeding more fully.

Meanwhile, I've bought some bottled water and canned goods and stuff and consciously contemplating peace while putting these items in my pantry shelves.  I guess I'm trying to "hope for the best and prepare for the worst"-- only that saying seems even more appropo today.

Thank you for finding the working links.

Do you have any pearls of wisdom for us from the Avalon Project discussions?

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I sometimes think that the web is a bridge for us toward telepathic communication-- kind of like training wheels for the mind.  I believe that web surfing, at its best, is an incredibly intuitive process-- knowing what words to search for.

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Hi Zack-- yes, I've been reading the "Half Past Human" project as well.  It's hard to say if the two sources for a significant 10/7 independently or dependently confirm each other.  So much information like this is out there to be freely copied.  But both sources are going out on a limb to specify a date like this, so we'll soon know if there's anything to it.

The Disclosure Project witnesses-- particularly Robert Salas from the 3/16/1967 event at Malmstrom AFB.  Also he mentions a Minot AFB incident.

And also the Robert Jacobs' testimony about a film that showed a UFO deactivating a nuclear warhead missile in flight with a beam weapon of some kind confirmed by a letter written by his superior officer.

So, I hope and pray that these incidents are indicative of the beneficial/protective intentions of the ETs and that the majority of humanity that is peace-loving can consider the ETs our allies in averting nuclear war.

I was also heartened by people's behavior during Katrina-- strangers banding together in "tribes" of 20-100 people to assist eachother escaping, finding water, tending injuries, getting food, etc.  Human nature is not nearly as bad as the media would (mis-)lead us to believe.

Also, if the system must crash to be corrected, I tend to agree, at least on the financial level.  My attitude on that is "bring it on!".  In discussing the bailout with a friend of mine, I was hearing him caution me against the stock market drop and housing devaluation if the bailout didn't go through.  I said, I have no money in the stock market and I don't own a home, so... :-)

As the song goes "It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine."   (My favorite alternative lyrics: "It's the start of the world as we'll know it, etc.")

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Must be on the same wavelength, I just recently had those lyric pop in to mind and went to YouTube to listen to it (its by REM).  However they may be a little optimistic, I have been feeling 'it' and after reading Joanna Macy's article realize that maybe Thich Nhat Hanh is right, the greatest thing we can do to help the planet is to feel her pain...

On yet another note, of the same song, I just ran across Eliza Gilkyson's song called The Great Correction, yumm, give a listen or better yet download it ... ~Z

Everyone tied to the turning wheel
Everyone hiding from the things they feel
Well the truth's so hard it just don't seem real
The shadow across this land

People 'round here don't know what it means
To suffer at the hands of our American dreams
They turn their backs on the grisly scenes
Traced to the privileged sons

Down through the ages lovers of the mystery
Been saying people let your love light shine
Poets and sages all throughout history
Say the light burns brightest in the darkest times

It's the bitter end we've come down to
The eye of the needle that we gotta get through
But the end could be the start of something new
When the great correction comes

Down to the wire running out of time
Still got hope in this heart of mine
But the future waits on the horizon line
For our daughters and our sons

I don't know where this train's bound
Whole lotta people trying to turn it around
Gonna shout 'til the walls come tumbling down
And the great correction comes

Listen to The Great Correction,
from Eliza Gilkyson's CD Beautiful World.
Find out more:

- Taken from

--- Post removed at author's request ---

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In the last few weeks I have noticed a plethora of negative pronoucements from various sources. Some of this is in agreement, and some is not. All of it seems to be filled with doom/gloom prophecies with little direction for avoiding such cataclisms. 

As well as I know that the Earth and its inhabitants are approaching a very big shift I have been assured from some very reliable channelings that the negative/dark side will not have its way with the world. There is more disruption from the fear mongering which is being spewed not only by these Soothsayers but by the Main Stream Media.  These things together are enough to cause a large part of the population of the earth to manifest the panic, fear, sense of lack and desparation to create in their own private lives enough "hell" for everyone.

As Elizabeth said above, now is the time that we should be focusing on Love, Peace, Joy and all those things which are uplifting, not the those things which amount to mental/spiritual terrorism which is just what the PTB want us to experience.

I am not opposed to making preparations for some shortages which may occur if/when there is a failure of the current very ill financial system of this country/world. The thing we must remember is that events now, in this very accelerated space/time, are changing faster than we can comprehend what is happening. 

I for one am going to consider this like a rollercoaster ride and go with the flow, knowing that the flow eventually and quickly will deliver us to a much more desirable destination. I believe that the 2012 date may very well have been foreshortened and that the shift will occur much sooner. Just my gut feeling, but is that not what all these other predictors are doing,,,,speaking their gut intuition?

This is my take on what we are seeing right now, and each day I get a kick out of watching the world change and move inexorably toward 4th density.


Love and Light to all,




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Hi fairyfarmgirl,  My sons are 20 and 17 now-- yesterday I helped my 20 yr old get moved into a new house.  But I remember their wild energy from childhood.  I will try to visualize your son taking all that and riding a bicycle or digging a big hole in the yard or turning your compost piles or some other constructive way of getting his Ya-Yahs out.

When my boys were really small, every evening we'd have "rowdy time" before story time where they'd jump on the bed, pillow fight and wrestle.  I remember getting a sore rib once when my youngest, no more than three at the time, did a pro-wrestling style jump and sit-slam on Dad.  ouch!

But I think there is some natural tendency for boys to want to play hard and it's often up to Dad to swing them from his arms or chase them around the yard, or whatever.  Things were best when I'd spread the energy out over time on weekends, for example, by working in the yard together, going for hikes and such.

I recommend trampolines, with the fabric fences around the side.

With sacred love to the family, Cirq

--- Post removed at author's request ---

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I truly believe we have the inherent power and ability to believe our way into calamity or a very wonderful upside surprise that derails the despotic intentions of the NWO negative polarity STS elites (not Obama, he is a good elite, LOL with side of sarcasm). I was asked by several of my weekly poker buddies about the upcoming possible upside surprise concerning the appearance of otherworldly friends/allies. They were half serious and half joking. I told them I completely understand how nuts and bizarre all of this sounds right now, but that I truly believe we are now at a place where we really need their help to help people on this planet redirect toward a better understanding of infinity and how we are anything but alone in this expansive cosmos and how utterly small-minded and myopic for us to presume we were.

I truly believe we need to continue to share with others and tell them we are not crazy and completely understand how wacko this can sound, but they need to here it from someone so they are not totally caught by surprise and susceptible to the lies of the "authorities" that would surely follow such an extraterestrial event of great magnitude.

I also truly believe that there is an endless supply of power in the greeting, "I greet you in the Love and the Light of the One Infinite Creator". With this simple and yet profound greeting, we can bind any and all to do only good or absolutely nothing at all, including all those operating in secret with less than honorable intent. We must remember that they are part of us and are playing a part in this collective journey that adds up to an amazing time of experiencial knowledge and discovery that simply would not be as dynamic without the part they are playing. In Reality, there are not "bad" or "evil" players. This understanding of Unity literally "charges" us with the power to neutralize the motives and efforts of the negative polarity STS elitists. If we, instead, fear them, we serve them through our willingness to fear them and credit them with the illusion of dark power. We are subject only to our free will decision to know better or decide not to know better. There is no such thing as powerlessness. That is a lie created by the illusion of separation and autonomy.

I say we know better and we start acting like it every day. We can individually and collectively neutralize catastrophe. Those from advanced civilizations that have, in the past and fairly recently, neutralized detonation of nukes do not have any more power to do so than we do, they are simply more aware of that ability that lies dormant in each of us waiting for conscious intent to be applied "to the field" so to speak.

I say we continue, whether one calls it meditation or prayer or whatever, to solemnly agree with our friends and allies in high places, and welcome there appearance shortly, and the wonderful upside surprises they are working to facilitate, having already carefully considered all contingencies. They have made mistakes in the past when trying to help. It is my understanding that they have learned well from past mistakes and are very prepared for what is about to go down. Let us innocently and naively give them some credit while shrewdly preparing for any contingency one may wish to plan for in the mean time. There is no crime in that! Kind of like wearing the crucifix and the star of David, LOL

Love/Light, Chris

P.S. I listened to Deagle's telephone call linked at Project Camelot and thought of two things primarily. It is not automatically adviseable that sensational specifics be given to the public for a couple of reasons. One, because it runs the risk of messing with the law of free will and confusion and two, because what Bill Deagle is witnessing from his adept sensitivity that transcends space/time is surely not set in stone, but is a set of very dominant probability/possibility vortices that are rising to the top of his awareness. Regardless of what happens, it does not ever change the universal truths that each of us must personally and willfully seek and internalize, those truths that trump all circumstance, sensational or otherwise....

That being said, Bill Deagle sure is such an amazing adept! What a gift. And he does such a good job of developing a fundamental understanding of what the information he is receiving is for.

Let me end with a quote from Bill Deagle toward the end of the phone call:

"The only way these things can be done is if we willingly allow it"

The last ten minutes of the phone call is definitely the most important info Bill shares concerning consent throught silence, and the power of willingness.

"There has to be a level of rising consciousness out of the populations of earth or this will not be averted"


"We don't have to participate, but we have to not be a willing sacrifice by resisting"

This line of Bill's made me think that we could have a great group study on how best to resist, and what ways/methods of resistance from past historical experience have actually served that which is being resisted more than it served us....

I leave you now, rejoicing in the Love and the Light of the One Infinite Creator, Adonai....

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After a long discussion about the Deagle predictions with my friend, S., who is on lesson 3 of the TT course and will hopefully be joining us here in a couple of weeks, we came to a similar place to yours, Chris.

I started another blog thread called

Join Our Experiment: Lucid Dreaming in Real Life / Mindful Creator Collaboration

We were also looking at Bill Hicks' comedy routine "It's Just a Ride!" as a metaphor that allows us to have a healthy detachment to be able to minimize fear while still maintaining a sacred love connection to all-that-is.

We liked the Lucid Dreaming metaphor because just as the aware dreamer can change the dream entirely through consciousness, so, too, perhaps can we change real life with our consciousness.

So, we're working on it, at least for this week.  We'll report how it goes.

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If you've been following Bill Deagle and his 10/7 predictions, please be sure to vote in this new poll:

Do you think that events in the financial sphere on 7 OCT 2008 confirmed Bill Deagle's predictions or not?

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Bill Hicks is one of my heroes.  One minute he will be destroying worn out concepts of religion, and the next minute he will say something that lets one know that he knows something of One-ness and how things really work, and he is so darn naturally brave on stage, and was from the age of 14 years old when he would sneak out to the comedy club after telling his parents he was going to the library.

The part about his life on the special features of the Bill Hicks DVD is almost more fun than his featured stand up routines...  I would recommend him to anyone with an affinity for the esoteric and healthy sense of humor....

Love/Light, Chris

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I just listened to the David Wilcock Oct. 4th phone call with Bill and Kerry and if anyone listened to Bill Deagle, they do well to balance that phone call by listening to David's phone call with Bill and Kerry.

David ends with a very important truth that the Tibetan Buddhists are telegraphing right now,

"To transcend hope and fear"

"Let's just get back to the emptiness of the now"

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