Mass Arrests on Congress Coming May 14, 2013

Another sign that the corporate wall is crumbling.  This was posted on Facebook. Please pass it on.         ~ Noa


A Mass Arrest on Our Elected Officials  (event on Facebook)





Tuesday, May 14, 2013




We The People will meet at the CapitalBuilding in WashingtonDC to make a mass citizens arrest on every member of congress - both the house and senate, the Vice President and President for Treason against the United States of America.

With the aid of local law enforcement We The People will read formal charges of treason against each and every one of them and then each will be arrested and given due process.

We The People as American citizens have every right to make a citizens arrest if we see a crime being committed or know of a crime that has been committed and OUR elected officials are not holding their oaths to uphold and protect the U.S. Constitution and they no longer represent the people and doing so is TREASON and they must be held accountable.

Its past time the American people took action to hold OUR elected officials accountable for the damage they have done to this great country. I hope you will be one of the true American patriots that will show up and help the American people to see OUR country again.

Lets do this the PEACEFUL way fellow Americans. We are a republic - the rule of law and lets use the law to do the right thing and arrest them all for treason.

I chose this date because it is the week they WILL BE at work because the budget expires that week and we need to take care of business before they try to screw us more with their budget BS!! They are gone on Mondays and Fridays and they leave late Thursdays. Tuesday and Weds are the only days that work. They will have just gotten back to work on Tuesday.

This Is NOT A Political Party Thing Folks!! We Are ALL Americans And Its Time We Call Each Other That! No Party Labels Or Tags!! With That Being Said - We Welcome EVERY ONE That Wants To Help Stand Up For America!! Remember We All Think Differently So Lets Embrace The Diversity And WORK TOGETHER To Save OUR Country!! We Are All On The Same Side - Americas!! We The People Are All In This Together And ALL Together We The People Will Prevail!! Thanks Fellow Americans And We Will See TRUE AMERICA Again!!

I want them to know we are coming! I want the media to know too! What BETTER way to wake America up? Both the people and the elected who will be arrested! Think about it - WE ARE THE BOSS - not them!! The constitution demands we do this!! America demands we do this!!


"When the representative body have lost the confidence of their constituents, when they have notoriously made sale of their most valuable rights, when they have assumed to themselves powers which the people never put into their hands, then indeed their continuing in office becomes dangerous to the State, and calls for an exercise of the power of dissolution." ~ Thomas Jefferson

The American people are going to take back the power taken from them by the federal government by having each sovereign state in the union vote to nullify THIS federal government and starting over sticking to the constitution.

WE THE PEOPLE Are The Ones In Charge! It goes The People, The States and THEN The Federal Government. THIS Federal government is OUT OF CONTROL! We The People MUST TAKE BACK Our Power And Country!

To Restore The Republic - Four Goals

All 50 states each nullify the federal government by voting by ballot - only takes 35 to do it.

All 50 states make voter registration without declaring any party - only register to vote. We are all Americans and America comes before any political party. Both major parties are corrupt and no longer represent the people. Make the primaries blanket so there are no parties involved. That means no republican or democrat primaries - all Americans.

All 50 states make ALL elections paper ballot only and mandatory hand counts. NO ELECTRONIC MEANS to count ballots or vote.

All 50 states make it mandatory that a jury is told there are three options - not guilty, guilty, and the law is unjust and nullify the charges. The legal system needs checks and balances too and a jury is one way to do that. The status quo currently HIDES this from any jury.

** We need to recruit oath keepers and such to form a security for us. Anyone interested in helping with that please email [email protected].

** If enough fellow Americans seriously want to go I can look into getting group discounts at local hotels.

** Those who can - lets work on getting transportation to get as many fellow Americans and we can there.

** If anyone would like to help organize this in any way please email Samantha Adams at [email protected].

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Washington DC Capital Building

Washington, District of Columbia

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hey noa,

you know these citizen arrests, you put another one up the other day, are another version of "the aliens are coming on...."......its not going to happen, sorry....

Noa's picture

How do you know that Jez?  Is that comment based upon fact or opinion?

If thousands of people gather to make a citizen's arrest against "government" officials who have committed treason, why wouldn't it work?

Anyway, I'm told that the mass arrest event has been moved to June 27th to allow more time to organize.

Time will tell, won't it?

no time has nothing to do with it, the whole thing is a silly projection, connect with reality awareness and it will be obvious.....

Thomas-Rene's picture

Do you mean that the curent state of affairs on our Earth Home?

The endless wars?

The horrific damage to our environment by the corpratist?

The wild fluctuations in the economy that leave HUmans in dire straits, homeless, hungry?


hi thomas, the realityis people will not just hand over their power because a group of citizens believe it is just, as you point out this world is not just.....i find these sorts of posts to be harmful to people, create false hope.....  

Brian's picture

It pains me to read this persons effort. I sympathise tremendously but I don't want to be imprisoned. I mean that to do this would be to lose your job, be jailed-possiibly for decades.  A very large proportion of the US is in denial of what is happening because to confront it would mean prison, family impoverishment or death and since they aren't yet willing to go there, the outcome-the psychological effect-is denial. I would say that I am more and more moving into denial myself. I've been trying to live with the anguish of knowing that my life in this country is really a prison, a terrorist state and that the walls are closing in. It's too painful to function as a caring father ( hopeful for my childrens futures) and wage earner and live any kind of fulfilled life with this knowledge haunting me everywhere I look. Even though I understand the cost of cowering, I am too afraid of starving to death myself or being imprisoned to ever act politically again. In my case-THEY have won. It's too late for completely erasing what I know but I can ignore it enough to go on with my life.

I found this bit in an internet article on citien arrests:

"The District of Columbia and states such as Virginia and Louisiana limit citizen's arrests to felony-level crimes only"

The article also said in many cases an arrest requires directly witnessing the crimes. You can imagine the legal resources that would be brought to bear.

Noa's picture

It sounds to me like Brian, and other people in despair, might benefit from a little hope.

The above comment reminds me of when the PTW banned Laetrile for giving Cancer patients "false hope."  Truth be known, many people were recovering from Cancer by using this natural remedy made from peach pits, which obviously cuts into medical profits.

It's a scientifically proven fact that the placebo effect alone helps people when they believe in something's validity.  In essence, it's the belief that something will work that carries the power. 

Please explain the harm in creating hope.  Isn't it better than creating depair?



if you like placebo's, blue pill.....fine........if you are about finding reality and awareness, red pill fine to......but......this site is based on wanttoknow........i came here to help open my eyes not to read rubbish that was written to manipulate and blind people........but you can if you want.... 

noa, how do your words here match your desire to "wake" everyone up? dont you call that your job or something..........i also dont call this post hopeful, it is false hope, feel good today hurt twice as bad tomorrow....

Thomas-Rene's picture

"There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe in what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true."

One of the profound comments made by Heather on the OPPT web is that there is nothing to do. It's about Being.

Good evening, Non Inteferance. I agree with your take on hope. When it doesn't work we sort of end up with feeling of hopelessness. My realization about the falling into despair is that the depth of the "crash" was directly proportionate to my attachment to results.

Hello Noa, I haven't posted on the forum for some time. No particular reason and I have enjoyed your well thought out posts.






hi thomas, i agree with your formula......and yes, if only we could let go and just thats worth hoping for......

Brian's picture

I appreciate the idea of hope-thanks Noa. I like jez' honesty-thanks. I like Thomas-Rene's nuanced and intelligent approach to his reality. I was expressing my view that the cost dissuades me from acting to join such an effort. I'm no Martin Luther King Jr. The new austerity measures Obama signed into law the other day (I keep noticing how there is no commentary on that HE SIGNED IT INTO LAW and that it's actually the same wordwide criminal enterprize to destroy peoples security) is the beginning of a destruction of all safety net programs anyway so if we go the way of Greece et al then I'll be more open to rad plans like this persons effort to throw out the congress. It would seem logical to restrain those who wish to destroy you.

kevnkar's picture

Maybe off topic here but just to illustrate how the public is manipulated. The media and the pres. have expended great energy in comvincing everyone that these cuts would be devistating to the middle class. The reality is, they are not spending cuts at all, they just arent going to increase spending quite as much. Are current annual deficit is 1.4 trillion and these cuts are 85 billion. In other words, it's like the difference between spending 99 cents instead of a dollar. It's pathetic. The goal of the PTB have clearly been reached in terms of creating a populace that is overall stupid enough to allow this shit to go on and elect the vermin that infest our government to begin with.

Moving forward with a citizens arrest can be no more than symbolic and it wont even be that because those who are to be arrested will not feel shame or be influenced in any way by the action. They are all psychopaths who have no connection with human emotion.

Brian's picture

"...goal of the PTB have clearly been reached in terms of creating a populace that is overall stupid enough..."

Since your opinion clearly follows my post I'll take that as a personal attack on me and that you are calling me stupid. I can get abuse all kinds of other places than this once safe harbor. You win. Good bye.

Thomas-Rene's picture


William Casey was director of the CIA in the 60's. He put it this way. "We will know we have succeded when everything the American people believe to be true is false." Hey! At least he was honest.

i think in the end we have found the real thing to hope for here. that is, our vote........legally they need it and we give it.....lets hope one day no one shows up voting day......i often wonder what they would say, what they would do.......i hope one day i will find out......

kevnkar's picture

My post was in no way directed at you. I was merely pointing out the fact that the sequestration issue is just another scam. A non event blown up by the controlled and scripted media to create division within the populace. The portion of the populace who are aware of the manipulation is really very small, thus the large portion of the populace has been dumbed down or blinded to the fact of our slavery (stupid). Please come back and enjoy the fun.

Thomas-Rene's picture

hi thomas, the realityis people will not just hand over their power because a group of citizens believe it is just, as you point out this world is not just.....i find these sorts of posts to be harmful to people, create false hope.....

But we the People (or sheeple) just gave up our power for security and enduring bondage.

Brian's picture

Thomas-Rene. You're right we have been willingly giving up our freedoms for security and not fighting to keep them. But we really thought we were threatened for a long while...I remember after 9/11 when the little town I grew up in (Cranbury, NJ) was part of the anthrax attacks. When I first heard about a post office worker in town dying, I stopped in my tracks and had this weird feeling. It was like in the movies when someone gets super-horrible news and they do this camera trick where it either tilts to one side or sort of twists the image. I remember that they decided to irradiate all the mail in town to kill the anthrax and afterwards they placed it into glassine envelopes so you would know it was safe to handle. Then my ex-father in law called the FBI because his next door neighbor, who worked at a biological weapons unit was acting strangely. Besides being really anti-social, he bought a new car but when he parked it he surrounded it with about 30 orange construction zone cones-in his own driveway...which is on a wooded lot 100' from the road! I never did hear if he was the same guy that got framed for the attacks-also a guy in Princeton NJ where they lived. Fear was everywhere.

Noa's picture

" 'Tis better to have loved and lost: Than never to have loved at all."  ~ William Shakespeare


I feel the same way about hope.  I don't see any value in being hopeless.

This brings to mind some words from "Return of the Jedi"...

Luke: I can't do it, Ben.
Obi-Wan: You cannot escape your destiny. You must face Darth Vader again.
Luke: I can't kill my own father.
Obi-Wan: Then the Emperor has already won. You were our only hope.


If we allow ourselves to fall into despair, to give up, then the dark side has already won.  Hang in there, everyone.  There's light at the end of the tunnel.


Brian's picture

I agree with both of you that we need hope. The Buddhists say don't have attachments to avoid suffering but I find it impossible to be detached from people I love. Hope is a kind of attachment to outcomes yet it seems (to me)we need it to keep our spirit alive. Maybe someday I'll understand this.

 A lovely friend sent me this once: "Since we know that hopes of things being a certain way leads to suffering, I choose to keep my heart open to any possibilities, and allow the Divine to give me not the thing I hoped for, but the thing so grand, that I could never have imagined it in my tiny worldview" When I kind of devoted myself to this principle, I found a beautiful place to live, employment, and I fell in love with someone unexpectedly.

jez-It might be very heartening to join these people in their struggle forjustice but maybe you and I won't know what that's like without a huge leap of faith. I think Noa believes in the value that can come from a noble struggle whether it can achieve the goals directly or not. There is something moving and profound to me about people who take up lost causes. Seen Braveheart?, Star Wars? Sorry I go on sometimes....

kevnkar's picture

... say avoid attachments to avoid suffering. What if the creator made us they way we are, as in we have attachments, emotion and suffering unique in all of creation for a purpose? Suppose simple acceptance of our suffering instead of avoidance is the key. When we make peace with our suffering, it doesn't mean it stops, it just means it isn't quite so devistating. Hope is a wish for the future. The future diesn't exist according to all of the teachings; there is only the now, so when I read stuff designed to give me hope, I have to give them a second guess. The citizens arrest approach is impotent on all levels as far as I can tell. We must simple wait for enlightend peole to get elected. There are some who have arrived lately and more to follow. The "now" that we all wish for will become manifest in time.

hi brian, kev, i really appreciate your comments and dont disagree. yes we will have attachments, that is part of why we are here but there are many wonderful thimgs we can put our hopes toward, there are also others things you can hope for that will backfire. why invest yourself in something that is clearly false, it oftens leaves a scar......these are the things that will subconsciously sabotage us......they are dangerous and yet if you want to jump energy levels, you can argue this is how we learn......back at human earth level, as per the course, healing such things sets you free......they don't disappear they just don't control you don't have to heal scars you never created, you don't have to learn everything the hard way....ok......big day at work yesterday......ex employee lost his fight with cancer, 25 year eployee calls, his wife had a heart attack, she dieda few hours later, she was this guys whole world......2 people were retrenched in my office,and last weekend a guy from another division got run over in a carpark, pinned to a wall, will never work again,he has a 6 month old baby, and he finally woke up yesterday.......we all need hope.....

Hey Brian, I hope you understand that you stand for your causes and beliefs......every moment of every day.......and you my friend are as brave as any braveheart, ........I'd be your wing probs there....if "that" moment ever comes in your life you will run on automatic, every day you increase your response ability..constantly add to your go deeper within, its inspiring dude!.......I find it cute the way you can't see it.........hehe........I believe in hope, not this piece of writing.........I'm known for believing anything is possible...I love the Nobel stand.....almost got into a punch up defending a spider once......and no one hurt that spider, bit of an Aussie thing, a culture built around supporting the under dog......I find it funny that after saying this one post was silly I'm seen as anti hope, but it has made for an interesting for sci fi, have you seen blood and chrome.....battlestar galactica.....very cool......

you twist things noa, i am for hope, but there are limits....and I don't advocate are saying you are for false hope, well, if you waste your energy on something you may miss something really worth hoping for....we have hearts and minds and when we connect them we become more responsible......false hope is risky and has a price.....better than nothing, i couldn't disagree more...its all about the energy know anything of magic?.....false hope is black do realize that yeah?......its not free.....

and for the record obi wan was lying, there was another..Luke wasn't the last hope....hehe....Jedi mind tricks.....and it was never Lukes destiny to kill darth Vader or the emperor...Luke's own projection, obi wan said face Vader.....princess Leia could have done that....hehe......friday night, Livin on my own, gonna nerd out on star wars......Luke survived on the hope/belief his father couldn't kill him, that there was good in him, he knew he couldn't kill his father, was a gamble but payed off beautifully, it was what won the day and woke had always been annakins fate to kill the emperor and restore balance, he was the chosen wan would have known this, Luke was a crappy Jedi, really no match for Darth or the emperor......but he loved his dad!.....tricky Jedi, very wan was the coolest!.....and Lego star wars rocks!

Noa's picture

Jez, I can't remember when you've had anything positive to say to me.  Your naysaying is becoming tiresome.  I wish you'd learn a new tune.

And why is that? ....this is the gspot, search within yourself for the answer to your frustration....its how it works here.......your responsible for how you feel, react etc......

Noa's picture

And you're responsible for your interpretations of my posts, Jez.  Your condemnations of me are based upon your view of reality, nothing more.  Your opinions are not absolute or infallible.

I don't know why you think "it's how it works here."  Who else consistently bashes my posts, but you?

You'd do well to learn some tact.

Times are hard enough for everyone these days without your added negativity.

You're entitled to your opinion, but would it hurt you to be kind?


I think it is how it works here cause that how it works, check with Chris or fairy or Fred......most noticibly learned through riversong, we should have let him be, we got upset, the trigger was just a clue to something withing ourselves that was unbalanced, my opinions will only cause discomfort for you if you have an with your own shit......

Mass arrests?hmmm and warning those "deemed" Guilty will help the world? Retribution is very seductive. Justice is a concept pandied about by those claiming righteousness. The answers are the people not systems. Systems are made up and by people. People uphold systems. As an the many have an expansion of awareness occurs systems naturally change. I rarely post @ gathering spot anymore. What I have to offer is to bless All with Love I bless you with Love. Namaste Fairy

Unite's picture

hi all forgive me for not reading every post my attention was being drawn to the energies that were being directed at one another from the posts and id like to point out something... my stance on anything i bring up is a sharing, not an ultimatum or a proclaimed set in stone truth, its just a sharing something that is for me, Noa decide to share something with us, now i feel anytime anyone shares something that it is an invitation to share back, yet many of the responses seemed hasty and harsh even a bit condescending, don't get me wrong id never want you not to share i just find it interesting how it is not just someone kindly saying well i feel this way about that for these reasons... instead it seemed more like your wrong and im right... id thought id point out that i believe the conversation could of been more respectful in which we share and allow are differences to be... i do believe we all mean well and we get passionate about are views but maybe try and step back and respect the beautiful person you are directing the message at. Often a truth for us is just that, a truth for us and not another... To all on this post let me say i have respect for you all and find merit in your views(even the ones you argue over)...

a last second tool there is a saying that has draw attention to me that may ease are conflicting energies "don't let people draw you into there storm draw them into your peace"

Peace and Presence



Brian's picture

I myself want so much for those arrests to happen but I recoil protectively in fear of disappointment.  I'm a bit of an armadillo. I've started to see in myself and my children how society ruthlessly enforces a "cool" attitude onto people. Especially younger people. The only way to be cool is to help enforce the idea of not being fooled and not looking naive. Nothing is as important as looking cool so you have to be proactively, reflexively, on guard against looking silly, innocent, naive, overly enthusiastic etc etc.  When I picture the woman who I read about behind this effort, I imagine her looking foolish to her peers even though I support her effort in my heart. I am a little ashamed of myself in not trying to put my heart in to it.

 Noa I admire your desire to share the positive and to offer hope and then I admire jez effort to guard against any falseness in ourselves that might sabotage our own happiness. IF I had my way, you would each suddenly be struck with how loving and kind the other is and drop any feelings of animosity. It's hard to recognise the benefits of someones thoughts if their style also annoys the hell out of you-some others just punch our buttons-LOL...

Love and peace to you both. Try to take each other unseriously. With grains of salt-I don't know. And Jez, thanks for the words of encouragment. Fairy Farm girl-as always you pierce my heart with those arrows of yours.

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