Doctors and Patients Petition Against Medicare Payment Cuts to Doctors

This is an urgent alert and summons to influence Congress to repeal or reverse the 21.2% cut in Medicare payments to doctors which took affect on April 1. (Some April Fool's Joke huh?)

Senior citizens who depend on Medicare for their medical treatments will begin to find it more and more difficult if not impossible to find a doctor to care for them with these payment cuts, which are too small already. Please take time to read the following web pages and go to the petition page and make your voice heard. For those of you in other states there are similar petitions available. Do what you know you are able to do to get these cuts repealed. Thank you from a new Senior Citizen and increasingly more verbal activist.

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And this with the man who promised change, and a Democrat majority.  If there was any lingering doubt concerning who has been and remains in charge in DC, this should alleviate the wondering once and for all.  The extremely odd/bizarre part of all this is the polarity between the parties has become so charged (the teabaggers' illogical nonsense) that the protesting out of favor party can't even see that Obama's administration is actually serving them as well as a Republican administration would have.  The only difference between the two parties for some time now is "tone".

Gawd, this makes us look like such idiots!!!  Especially to the French, LOL

I kind of like Michel's suggestion to the youth in Australia, and other parts of the world (at the end of his book "The Thiaoouba Prophecy"), to begin their own communities.  If we wait for the present profit oriented system to deliver..... we..... wait..... in.....  excruciating......    vain......

Since we are fundamentally One, do ya think maybe we are using insanity to remind ourselves of our sovereign divinity so essential to the truth of our existence and Self fulfillment???

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