Poem: Overcoming Adversity

The hardships we face,
the troubles we live
are dramas unfolding
telling the story
of our souls.

Every small choice,
every direction
creates a grand movement
through the cosmos
of being.

Light in the darkness
tends to be the exception
rather than the rule,
so rare
and far away
when we look out
on all we can see.

But some lights
shine so intensely
we can see them glowing
from the other side
of the observable universe.

Any heart
that can flood the void
with so much light
can surely drive emptiness away
with only one burst.

Any heart
that can drink darkness
and consume all light
can surely burn brightly
one day again.

Any heart
is a perfect reflection
of the center
at the heart
of the all.

Deep thinking there with a big smash of truth.

I try to look at the drama as a source of entertainment. Tongue out

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