Outing Iona - a few of my favorite quotes

I went to learn a little about Iona Miller, our newest member, and what a treasure chest!!!!!

So I'm ringin' the dinner bell! "Come and get it!"

Here are just a few of my favorite quotes (so far)

MANIFEST DESTINY: We can create an evolutionary politics to build a more creative future. Calculated cycles of commodification and scarcity, business and war have driven the military/industrial complex and the multinational corporate climate. Cover Ups and confusion have paralyzed us into apathy where nothing significant can be trusted, believed or known. One percent of humanity controls 40% of global wealth.

But we can empower ourselves to resist status quo politics and shape ourselves a better destiny - a 21st century Manifest Destiny that fulfills our positive spiritual potential. If we don’t want a dark future for humanity, we must reinvent ourselves and our culture from the foundation upwards. Even if that is fantastically radical, it can still happen, one inspired person at a time and cascade toward a visionay approach to large-scale societal transformation that heals personal and global socioeconomical scars.

Competent citizenry can learn to impliment constructive visions for our collective planetary future. Deep and broad visions can stimulate reflection and lively discussion of contemporary solutions that can become the scaffolding for action plans from the community level upwards. A courageous and truly integrated vision would include a detailed strategy for a vibrant and life-sustaining future. Individually and collectively we have to redefine what it means to thrive with more compassion for others, not just survive. The paradigm needs to switch from “dog eat dog” to “we’re all in it together.”

Futuring includes six synergetic aspects: 1) mapping acceleration, 2) anticipating, 3) timing and 4) deepening the future, 5) creating alternatives to the present and 6) transformation. Aspirational futuring includes environmental scanning, forecasts, scenarios, visions, audacious goals and understanding change and strategic issues (analysis). Trends identify key forces shaping the future. Environmental scanning includes global, local, political, economic, technological, environmental and social trends. Roadmaps help us visualize strategies and collaborative foresight.

Paradigms are the assumed truths of our logic.

Acceleration is built into the physics of the universe.

Healing is the psychophysical equivalent of creativity. Creativity is embodied inspiration and imagination. To the extent we intentionally commune with the source of infinite peace, love, health, bounty, and oneness we encourage their manifestation in outer reality. Their embodiment is the natural result of personal growth.


Massless virtual particles are constantly being created and destroyed everywhere, including our bodies. They arise from and sink back into the void. Our whole body flickers in and out of existence at the quantum level in trillionths of a second. Quantum mechanical ZERO POINT oscillations are real; an incessant dance of subatomic particles flicker into and out of physical existence. We are vibratory oscillators with only half of our biophotons materialized or embodied at any given time. Puthoff suggests that mass corresponds to kinetic energy, the zero point induced internal particle jittering, while the force of gravity is a long range effect. Each of our quantum re-creations is an opportunity to transform utterly. Given the equivalence of mass and energy, the vacuum energy must be able to create particles.

(Thot: In a way, we are already are a bit like ghosts, like the music "oversampled" on a compact disc that has very real spaces in between each small bit of sampling, of info that our ears hear as apparently continuous music - we are not as static as short term appearance might suggest!)

Read more about and from Iona Miller at her personal info where you will find a myriad of links to the body of her work to date. Here is one of my favorite links so far http://myzeropoint.50megs.com/

Welcome aboard Iona!!!

links to whet da whistle and blow da hair back





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Dear Chris,

As unofficial greeter of new members I was(am) thrilled to greet Iona....she live's just a few miles from me! Though this area is getting more concious all the time,I am so pleased to know she is nearby,helping to raise the vibe of Southern Oregon! I also thought....oh boy Chris is going to LOVE talking to her.

Dear Iona,

Welcome to the transformation team. I look forward to getting to know you! Love,Mary

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Your hunch about me being excited about her work was spot on!!!

I am so excited to have her show up in the TT community and share all of her great websites that resonate like a bonfire! For me, Iona is one more wonderful affirmation that there is very constructive ongoing transition toward ascension and all one need do is just show up, be available and stay open to the possibilities, and then allow the process to happen like one allows oneself to be a passenger on the train, only this train keeps morphing into a better train as we ride the train and collectively agree with the upgrades of said train! Nobody is just a passenger and everybody benefits from all the other passengers, and the momentum of the Universe already leans graciously and benevolently in our favor! No wonder judgment is such a non starter - it throws cold water on a perfectly good fire and retards the exciting and beautiful process.

Makes me think of all the things the Masters were trying to teach us about the fundamentals of Reality, and what do we do? We turn it all into religions to control one another. That is so yesterday! LOL

Oh yea, you so lucky! If I lived close enough I would be over visiting you Iona until I wore out my welcome, talkin' shop and keeping you up til 3 in the mornin', or until cointelpro decided our discussion is just too exciting and spot on for our own good, LOL.....

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And raring to Go!    Love,Mary

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ready to go on "the peace train"

how's bout a bit of the

Tea for the Tillerman

to start da mornin'


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Ok - now I've found you guys ;)

Wow, thx for all the glowing comments, which certainly DO inspire me further.

Let me say how I got here!

Last winter I hit the Wall with all the bad news I've had to ingest for my intell work and became really depressed for a month. While working on line, I was surfing my cable TV and cruised by and HAPPENED to catch one of the occassional cable access shows on that channel I never watch. YUP - it was Fred doing his thang for RVML. I loved the combo of info and heartfulness which mirrored my own Conspirituality angle. So I checked out his site, got on the list and noticed TT. I thought that sounds supportive and pre-screened, so I began the course.

Along the way I perked back up, but persisted through with Fred's timely reminders. Now, here I am - your very own world-class Paranoid Woman... hehe, which I say because I often write for Paranoia zine. But I love being among the people on social networks even more than ink.

I know it's usually tacky, but often I just post what I'm up to or just wrote, because I figure if I'm chatting, I should be writing, but I always answer mail and direct inquiry. The housekeeping on all these sites is mindbending.

Anyway, I look fwd to getting to meat Mary and continuing our good cause of helping people become more fully human.

Thx again for your warm reception. And Chris, thx for the jumpstart and confidence.

When I first became "the spy who came in from the underground" I was afraid that contact might be misconstrued and damage my street cred, but that hasn't been the case, fortunately. Maybe that is the value of living outloud, transparently. I had no other option in terms of furthering my activity beyond being a voice crying in the wilderness and doing my pro bono therapy outreach.

There's no place like 'home.'


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Dear Iona,Chris,and all,

I had the fun of being at a talk given by Fred at RVML a year before the portal began. He mentioned it was being created.....but a year later I too heard of it on our local public access station. TV is not all bad! I look forward to being in both virtual and real community with you Iona!  Love,Mary

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Thanks for sharing about your journey, Iona. And thanks Chris, for bringing some of her wisdom to this thread. I'm surprised to hear they actually had my talk at the RVML in Ashland on public access TV and some people actually watched it. How cool! Things are changing and shifting all over the place. Thanks to all of you for being transformation agents on our planet.

With much love and gratitude,

 Anyone that says, living outloud, transparently... And...pro bono therapy outreach, is invited to my earthly and virtual town!


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Lots more amusing and creative lines with a purpose on her personal info and websites.  I so love when people like io can see so much of what is really happening in this world and maintain a healthy and very positive operation in the Law of One complete with healthy sense of humor....

Yea, Baybay!!!!!!

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