The Book of Knowledge - The Keys of Enoch

I just ordered a copy of The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch and thought it might be a good idea to post a few links to associated websites I came across that are loaded with related information and also a 27 minute youtube video on the subject very much relating to these amazing times we find ourselves in (this time 'round).

The Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak came up again when I was researching the nine frequencies of "God's Perfect Circle of Sound" and so I felt it must be time to add that reading to the "to do" list. Below are links to a description of the work, a related website and the video.

also, I have provided an attachment of the cool book cover...

"To every discerning and illumined heart, it is evident that the Father, the Divine Being immeasurable exalted beyond every human attribute (such as corporeal existence), will not allow you to remain in veiled eternity if you desire to transcend the veil.  He stands exalted beyond and above all Creator Gods as an unfoldment of the Ancient of Days, as Divine Mind of the Ain Soph --- the brilliant Light revealed to His Sons and Daughters."

"Let us walk in the Light, You and I, for in the end there will be many beginnings --- as this garment of life is offered up and the Adam Kadmon puts on another garment of Light.  The Word has become flesh so that every Living Letter of Light that passes through this body can create myriad bodies of Light.   Hosannah!"

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Thanks for the great post, Chris. I had the good fortune of studying the "Keys" and the Pistis Sophia for three years in Tulsa. The music and toning in the "Keys" is transforming and transporting.

The Pistis Sophia as translated by J.J. Hurtak is a deeply profund journey into the Divine Feminine. The core of the journey is presented through dialogue of the Apostles with the Christ in the light body. Eighty percent of the dialogue is  between the Christ and Mary Magdeline. Yet, none of this appears in the patriachially polluted sciptures of Western Churchianity. Go figure.

A great adjunct to this work is The Three Resurrections: Kaballistically Decoding the "Book of Revelation by Rebecca Carol Lee. She shows how the Book of Revelations can't be understood without the scroll of Enoch and Tarot, the Kaballistic bridge between the two works.



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The Academy for Future Science

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Can't wait for my copy of The Keys to come in! Am finding so much good quality appropriate-for-our-times books to read right now! The Law of One 106 sessions, The Day After Roswell by Col. Philip J. Corso (what an amazing account that is about the Roswell crash of 1947 and soooo much more concerning reverse engineering and sanctioned plausible deniability!!!) and The Keys of Enoch to come!!! I had heard of this very important work before, but let it go until it came up again from Jonathan Goldman of referring to it in one of his CD booklet inserts that accompany every CD he offers. So good when someone not only produces impeccable quality, but takes the gracious and nurturing time to explain to the listener what the particular project entailed in detail. Now that is what I call spontaneous participation in the Law of One!!!

Love and Light, Chris

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Hi Chris,

I worked witn the "Keys" in a study group and if there's one available in your area I highly recommend checking it out. The group meditaion energy is, well, out of this world. There's very powerful healing frequencies in the sacred names.

One ot the study guides used in the Keys groups is the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures. I'll own that I had a little bit of judgement arise when I learned that it was published by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (Jehovah's Witnesses) which brought up an old joke: What do you get when you cross a Jehovah's Witness with a Unitarian?...Someone who knocks on your door for no particular reason. Yet, it is the only translation of the scriptures of the old and new testaments that is rendered from the original languages. The more I got into it the more aha! moments I had. It's a great companion to the Keys.

Just finished reading Black Wave, by John and Jean Silverwood of San Diego. It is one of the most inspiring sea stories I have ever read. As Clive Cussler commented..."A family adventure that leaves you spellbound. Truly unforgettable reading."

I'll check out the Roswell documents again. I've been reading The Mystery of 2012, Which is a collection of essays by people who believe there will be life after the Neo Crazies. Great reads.

Love, Light, Life and Laughter,


Ps. Sounds True dot com is having a sale on some cool stuff.

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How in the world did the Jehovah's Witnesses come up with a credible work???  Will mysteries never cease???

Thanks for all the great leads!!!!  If you do decide to get back into researching Roswell, just do yourself a big favor and simply order Col. Corso's book, The Day After Roswell.  I got really lucky picking up the lead on that tip while researching something else vaguely related - they said it is the best book on the subject and man were they right!  Still am amazed how many times one thing leads to another so well when searching for truth!!!!

Thanks again Thomas!


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"Another similarity is the Council of Nine and the 24 Elders, both
mentioned in both documents, but I think I remember Ra saying the
council of Nine was/is specifically assigned to care for this planet's
3D training ground, and the Keys of Enoch, in the introduction (in JJ
Hurtak's amazing vision/journey) says the Council of Nine is the
protective council for this whole universe (one of many in the

Anyway, no big thing really, just wondered if anyone had caught that seeming discrepency and what they thought about it."

It would appear that the Council of Nine got promoted. I wasn't aware of the discrepancy til now. I will be visiting with Keys facilitators witin the next month and ask. JJ moved to Misouri a few years ago, understandable when you look at the energetic map of this cotinent.

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Waking thoughts this morning brought recollections of Keys teachings. The discrepancy may well be that the work of Ra is a channeled work. Dr. Hurtak is very explicit that the Keys of Enoch were given while in an ascended state. (five days, I believe). The discrepancy may due to the filtration process of a channeled work. The journey through the Keys is beyond mind. I would think being in the presence of Ra would be similar excepting that the channeled work passes through the astral realm. A potion of the keys deals with discerning the distracting decoys within the lower planes. The material projections of these decoys are expressed in the four hundred ninety-nine lesser gods of the Hindu.

One of the experiences within the Keys work was journeying through Bardo and seeing and feeling the traps within the astral plane for the purpose of acquiring discernment skills. Those traps can seem very real, as I'm sure they were for Charles Manson.

Love and Light


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Good Morning, Fairy Farm Girl,

Ah, the Atlantic beaches. I can smell the salt air.

The energetic map that I referred to is in the Keys of Enoch book. It's a copyrighted work but the map showing the energetic grid lines may be available from the Academy for Future Science

The grid lines form what looks like a line drawing of a dove. Ironically, or maybe deliberately, the heart of the dove is over the "Heartland." It seems rather strange that this cauldron of fundamentalism, also known as the Bible belt, would exist in the heart of a dove. But the belt has been unbuckled. The rigid positions are slowly being dropped, not just here, but everywhere.

So you got a happy call! Go with it in a gentle spirit of acceptance and a wild spirit of joy an enthusiasm with the knowing that the itty bitty shitty committee will probably tell you that it was a dumb thing to do.

Blessings on your journey and hope you stay on the forum.

Love, Light, Laughter and Love,


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Judgment is the age old trap that entangles us so unnecessarily. True discernment would have us avoid the trap by constantly forgiving and seeing the Creator in, yes, even Charlie Manson. Man, if I could only learn one thing from the Law of One sessions, let it be the utter futility of entrenched/adopted judgmental determination in a hologram of 3rd density illusion in constant flux. Creator/Unity Love/Light Light/Love Teacher/Learner Learner/Teacher, God/Intelligent Infinity/Union/Creator sees nothing but Unity. We are therefore encouraged to do the same but free will prohibits the forcing of this understanding. It must be sought diligently with all my/your/our heart for me/you/they to get it deep down where it integrates mind/body with spirit and prepares this entity for further progress leading to 4th density and beyond. Until then, I am forever allowed the opportunity to be a Charles Manson or a Hitler as many times as I be willing to suffer through those self-inflicted consequences and drag my cosmic/spiritual feet and spin my wheels for no apparent good reason, but there is no angry God preparing to strike me dead for doing so. On the contrary, Hitler (and later, Manson, probably) is said to be in a protected realm right now where entities in STO are helping him recover from all the karmic entanglement. They see only their own eternal desire to lead all back to Law of One and Unity.

Oh, Tom, I got to thinking as I was reading further into the sessions of Law of One, Ra mentioned there are many many councils conducting themselves in the very same way and there are 67,000,000 planets holding some form of life from density one through density 5 (or 6) within our galaxy alone! This leads me to believe that the ascension journey that JJ took was straight to the main council of nine and that this model is replicated throughout the guardian confederation councils throughout this universe and throughout the omniverse. We see this kind of replication in nature and spirit and quantum physics is even beginning to discover such nature in the form of sacred geometry. God/Creator/Union is present/consistent at every scale, and any part of that scale, no matter how infinitely small, literally and fundamentally represents the "whole" of Unity. That just blows me away! When I learned that from the sessions it reminded me of the experiments Dr. Edgar Mitchell of IONS related to in a lecture he gave, specifically, one of the experiments involved taking a sample of cows blood to attempt, by a more metaphysical mysterious means, to find out what was ailing the cow. The sample was taken with the entered into agreement of scientist conducting said experiments and owner of cow to agree that they both intended to find out what was ailing the cow. These experiments had a limited amount of success when they were conducted, but they got laughed out of the scientific community, and the slides of the experiments were boxed up and sat on a shelf somewhere for years. Someone discovered the slides who was aware of the intention of the experiments and took them to a radiology lab to do some experiments of their own with the now available MRI technology. Now this is years since the original experiments and the cow and owner of cow were long gone. What remained were these 2D slides of the original experiments, not even the original slide of the blood (in the case of the cow). They took this 2D slide and ran it through the MRI and much to their amazement, they got 3D images of the cows whole anatomy, including the metal wire that was lodged in the cow's stomach! We reside in one big hologram where Creator is present and completely represented at all scales/levels/densities/dimensions of this expansive hologram of discovery and endless ways of expressing Love of Creator/Union/Intelligent Infinity.....

Thank you both so much for chiming in and helping me understand!!!!!

Oh, almost forgot Elizabeth! I wanted to say something about STO v. STS. According to Ra and the Law of One that is operating in many densities/levels throughout the universe/omniverse, there literally is no v. due to the unassailable nature of Unity/Infinity. From our vantage point we see STS and STO characteristics being adopted in this petri dish dedicated to honoring free will, but Unity only ever sees Unity/Infinity, and completely allows for pathways through this octave of densities through either STS or STO. Ra is STO, as is the majority of all self-aware densities throughout everywhere, and explains that, although all have the inalienable right by way of inviolate free will to take the path that suits them, STS has its disadvantages in that it is harder for social memory complexes to form and stay together when there is always this tendency in the STS crowd to form an elite that is served by those deemed unelite. This ends up dissipating the collective energy through the chaos that the inequity causes, but is never judged as inappropriate or wrong, just a bit illogical and ultimately a harder path back toward unity....

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Regarding the Charles Manson comment: The context was the "astral plane," rather than the Keys. My apologies about any confusion on that matter.

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Just began reading the introduction this morning (that instead of coffee was delicious!) and the similarities between The Keys and The Law of One is absolutely breathtaking! I did notice one thing that slightly puzzled me, but can most likely be chalked up to confusion among distortions in a world of symbols and illusions (amazing we get anything right in a holographic illusion in upward spiraling flux, LOL). Some of the similarities had to do with the nature of galaxies and solar systems, and that as you go from larger to smaller, they all develop their own personalities and unique behavior as free will entities - nothing is dead or dormant. They become free will agents with a unique approach to an upward spiraling journey toward (back toward) intelligent infinity.

Another similarity is the Council of Nine and the 24 Elders, both mentioned in both documents, but I think I remember Ra saying the council of Nine was/is specifically assigned to care for this planet's 3D training ground, and the Keys of Enoch, in the introduction (in JJ Hurtak's amazing vision/journey) says the Council of Nine is the protective council for this whole universe (one of many in the omniverse!).

Anyway, no big thing really, just wondered if anyone had caught that seeming discrepency and what they thought about it.

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The initial reason I approached the subject of judgment was due to the unnecessary blockage it creates for no good reason whatsoever and I am/was so excited to find out how utterly useless are entrenched negative views and conclusions concerning others, even Charlie and Adolf.  In a way, it is very appropriate to use the fiction in Star Wars as a way of seeing the danger of being sucked into the "dark side" by creating an entry point through entrenched/adopted negative conclusions about anyone.  The last thing I would want for you to think my dear beloved Elizabeth is that I was trying to be hard on you personally, but I think in your heart of hearts you already know that.

You simply gave me the opportunity to share something about judgment that we of the STO group need to understand if we are going to cooperate with the STO guardians that are led to assist one Adolf Hitler during a very confusing "time" for this entity.  If their hearts are so strongly led to help such an "apparent creep" LOL, than how can we do anything but follow their lead?

I still remember the first time I read the concept of "judge not, lest ye be judged", and never really got it fully until reading the Law of One material.  In an utterly inviolate and indestructible Creation, there is simply no fundamentally appropriate place for the practice, and can only create blockage somewhere in the seven chakras that will ultimately require remedy through the art and practice of forgiveness.  I am tired of going backwards, even for a minute moment, and I am willing to bet that you feel somewhat the same way too!!!  So please receive my comment from someone who loves you very much and so appreciates what you bring to our social memory complex in the making.  Please foregive me if I caused you even one second of grief dear sister of mine!!!!

I find it so much easier to appreciate others now after reading (am through book 2 now) the Law of One sessions.  My next more seemingly difficult lesson must now be to love myself as I love our Creator, to love myself as Creator, in a way that cannot be denied without causing unnecessary blockage that will ultimately have to be addressed anyway...

Love/Light Light/Love, Chris

P.S. I will be posting some passages from the Keys of Enoch introduction later so as to try to get some answers to some questions before entering into the main body of this most amazing account/document...

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Here is an email I sent to Carla at and have not received a reply yet, so am posting it here to see if anyone (who has read both Law of One sessions and Keys of Enoch) can shed any light on this question that is still nagging me a bit.

Hi Carla, or anyone who receives this email,

I sent an email the other day with a few questions. I read in book 5
last night that we should feel free to email Carla with any questions we
have and that you ultimately are able to get to all of them in time.
That has been quite a few years ago that you wrote that and I'm
wondering if you are still able to do that so many years later and
probably so many more emails, LOL. In any case, if you are no longer
able to read and answer everybody's emails that is sure understandable,
but could someone let me know if I just need to be patient and wait for
a response, or if the policy has indeed changed due to time constraints
and amount of emails received?

Just in case you are at some point able to respond to my questions, here
is a bit of a clarification of my question concerning The Keys of
Enoch. Here is the original question: question one: Are the Keys of
Enoch a truly inspired document/account that deals specifically/locally
with the Logos/Creator of this particular galaxy, or of this particular
universe, thus leaving untold Prime Creator/Prime Logos as that
innocuous and amazing mystery responsible for such an unimaginable
expanse represented by the omniverse while at the same time being fully
represented in the smallest particle or wave there is in this creation
of potentiality representing the infinite possibilities for Love to be
expressed through the prime distortion of free will? Or is/are the Keys
of Enoch indeed talking about (mistaken or otherwise) Prime
Creator/Prime Logos? My concern (since the Ra sessions deal quite
exhaustively with the intent, actions and behavior of the STS Orion
group) is that there is a distinct possibility that the Keys of Enoch
account could be an extravagant and exquisite ruse designed to attract
innocent unassuming seekers by STS entities that have gotten very good
at what they do to deceive - the devil comes as an angel of light so to
speak. I really do not want this to be true because the account is so
beautiful and amazing, but, at the same time, I do not wish to spend
alot of time studying an elaborate ruse meant to deceive when I could
spend the same time rereading and practicing those things to be learned
and integrated from the Law of One. My suspicions developed from
hearing the account of Hurtak's journey to the council of Nine through
the gateway in Orion. I understand that this nagging hunch concerning
vicinity may fundamentally have absolutely nothing to do with anything,
but I was hoping you could help me know for sure whether or not this
truly be a holy account or an STS ruse of an elite working to attract
STO seekers???

If the Keys of Enoch are indeed a true and spiritually invaluable
document to be honored and studied, it is quite obvious by the
introduction that it compliments the Law of One Ra sessions very
nicely. That was my original reason I felt led to pick up a first
edition copy of the book.

Sincerely hoping someone can help me understand for sure whether it is
okay to proceed with studying the Keys of Enoch or not (is it an
elaborate STS elitist hoax or not). I sincerely hope it is not, but I
thought you might know for sure, one way or the other.....

"I leave you in the glory and the peace of the one Creator. Rejoice in the love/light, and go forth in the power of the one Creator.
In joy, we leave you. Adonai."

(this last quote is from the end of each session in the Law of One)

Chris Bowers

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--- Post removed at author's request ---

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Not sure how the link to the book of Enoch relates, other than the distinct possibility that JJ Hurtak got to meet the ascended same Enoch mentioned in Hebrew scriptures. In light of the excellent advice Jim and Carla give concerning useless nature of transient information (in book 5 - sort of a collection of "deleted scenes" so to speak, with insightful commentary), I will spend no more time wondering about that transient detail.

I received the perfect "why didn't I think of that?" answer from LLResearch yesterday. It is basically the same answer that Ra gave to Don Elkins on several occasions back in the early 80's. It is the answer I must learn to give when someone is asking me whether some thing or one is "good" or "bad". The answer is, "I cannot answer that for you!" "It is imperative that I not infringe upon your free will and that you sincerely, carefully and soberly answer that for yourself by, in this case, read it and let your heart tell you whether or not it is right for you." "How else would you ever really know for sure?" "There is no danger in doing so, and there are no mistakes in the Law of One."

Even Jim McCarty in book 5 of the Ra sessions states emphatically that, "Even the best of what we may write and share with you is mere human opinion. We are quite fallible and do not wish to place any stumbling block in your path, so please disregard any words tha do not sound right to you. Use only those which ring true for you."

This is the heart and soul of humility and true service to others, plus it is a darn good universal rule to go by with any literature, including the Keys of Enoch. It denies any special-ness concerning claims of being privy to knowledge that no one else has access to and gently guides the seeker/wanderer back toward the personal response-ability of self-discovery, the prime directive and prerequisite to ascending upward to higher densities and brighter lights! It is the most responsible and kind gesture one can make when it comes to giving advice. In fact, to do otherwise is right out of the service to self (STS) elitist agenda playbook of "I know what's best for you - trust me".

Here is the email I received from LLResearch:

Dear Chris,

Thank you for your kind words. L/L Research is honored to have assisted you in some small way on your evolutionary journey. As to your questions, I am sorry that I can not satisfy you with the answers you are looking for (and yet Gary did satisfy me spiritually by putting the ball back in my court where it belongs!).

1. Questions asked of Q’uo (the current source being channeled through Carla) regarding the legitimacy or meaning or polarity of another source of information are never answered. Confederation sources, like Q’uo, can only offer some general guidelines for discerning the relative positivity or negativity of any particular source. They always direct the seeker to look within and to make the discernment for themselves.

As to whether Carla or any other at L/L would know whether the “Keys of Enoch” is this or that, this answer would also begin with question marks. We are not very familiar with this text.

2. About the circumstances surrounding and the motivations behind Don’s death, you can find all of this in Book V which is a collection of omitted fragments with commentary from Carla and Jim. In their commentary, they go into depth regarding what lead to Don Elkin’s death.

3. We do not know if John Lennon was a wanderer and, if so, what density he came from. As you become more familiar with the work of L/L Research, I believe you will see that these types of questions are not the specialty of L/L channels.

The information with which we deal and seek concerns the timeless principles of spiritual evolution.

Love and Light to you, Gary Admin, L/L Research

All this said, I now find no reason to delay reading The Keys of Enoch, in fact, I read a little last night and had about 5 blow me away full on resonating "WOW's" from reading only a few pages past the introduction. I still find myself being a bit put off by some of the religious sounding text at times, but I have finally learned to stop throwing the baby out with the bathwater (what a shameful waste of perfectly good bathwater, Haaahahaha). I also find that, so far, the writing leans heavily towards an inclusive nature which is always a great indicator of STO legitimacy/sincerity. And there are so many corolary parallels to passages from the Law of One Ra sessions, far too many to ignore.

I will use the remainder of my time in this forum sharing certain "WOW" passages and then let each one decide if they spontaneously go "WOW" too. This becomes the perfect Law of One opportunity to share without infringing upon the inherently inalienable and highly regarded free will of others.

Love/Light, Chris

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"And I was taken from this region of the stars into the Mid-Way station of Arcturus, the major programming center of the galactic Council serving the Father on this side of our galaxy, which is under the direction of the Council of Nine --- the governing body of our local universe.

There I was shown the network and the courts used by the spiritual Brotherhoods who adjudicate decisions pertaining to the planets involved in our region of space."

Every bit of that could have been said by Ra in the Law of One because the vast majority of it was said by Ra in certain passages.

To be "fair and balanced" here is a passage that bothered me a bit (smacked of Judeo/Christian religious elitist rhetoric, but not completely void of value).

"And I was told by my guides, Enoch and Metatron, that I was not to eat the food of the false powers of the Earth, nor encourage my seed to marry with the fallen spiritual races of the Earth, nor join in false worship of those who serve the fallen mind energies of the Earth. But my reason for being was to exalt the Father so that all knees should bend and that all heads should acknowledge the "time is at hand" for the externalization of the Father's Hierarchy, so that His Kingdom will come on Earth as it is in heaven."

and then right back to what could have just as easily been mentioned by Ra in the Law of One,

"This scroll (the 64 Keys of Enoch) is to bring forth a new cosmology of consciousness in explaining how the Brotherhoods of Light will work with members of the human Race who can accept the promise of New Life in the myriad other universes. The Keys, thus, are to exemplify both the spiritual understanding and the scientific understanding that must converge if the right reality structure is to be shared by members of the human Race in taking a quantum leap forward into the New Age.

The purpose of this teaching is to open people's minds to new ideas, inviting you to share in the experience of the education of the soul.

This teaching is to make you aware of the Divine Light worlds within and without, allowing you to co-participate with the many worlds of intelligence that are part of your collective birthright. You are to see how Life's blueprint has already existed in worlds prior to material creation, and to understand how a timeless blueprint was coded into this body of temporal consciousness so that your body can put on other garments of God's creative work through multiple bodies (or "densities") of Divine Love."

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v2: Being part of an open-ended universe, we are part of an open-ended mind; being part of and open-ended mind, we are part of an open-ended universal image.

page 26 v10-21: If you look beyond definition what do you see? Universe beyond universe, you see the Many and the One, or as the Greek philosophers would say, the 'En Kai Pan. And when you see the many as well as the one, you recognize that the most perfect plurality is also the most perfect unity. By going into the splendor of the universes (plural) you recognize a higher plan of creation that can be seen in this universe, in this level of creation. Then, you can understand that one must go beyond all theologies and all cosmologies which say that this is God here, only in this level of creation. For God is neither here nor there, neither Po nor Ti as the Greek philosophers would say. He is seen in all the universes. Therefore, you must recognize all universes in order to see God, and He cannot be seen in the image of your own creative universe for He is beyond all images. He is beyond all universes, and yet all universes function collectively as the brain diagram of the higher order of Creation.

Why has there been a testing of God? What unworthy deed has He done that man must scandalize His Name within their own laboratories of delusion? Can the perceptual form of this planetary mind be so vain as to suppose the universe does not exist beyond the scope of its own three-dimensional matter-energy body?

If the planetary mind cannot see the nature of God and the cosmos within the collective "I AM" of its higher evolutionary body, how shall it determine its course through the heavens in order to behold and declare the true and certain nature of life as recreated within the universe of Living Light?

Therefore, grasp not at the spiritual inversions of light into matter, life into death, but awaken your vision with the light and love and the grace of humility before the Magnificent and Beneficient One of Eternal Peace.

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I also was put off by a few of the passages sounding a bit elitist, but so much more of it is so inclusive that I must look into this further and trust my heart as I go.  I will keep trying to get some more affirmation, one way or another, from others like Carla from LLResearch, and plan on being very careful with the reading/studying of that information. I am keeping an open mind because the introduction rides between an exquisite account of someone's amazing transported vision to the top of the hierarchy of the Logos of this particular universe or one hell of an extravagant ruse to attract unassuming sincere seekers toward STS elitist entities that has them at WOW! and AWESOME!!!  So far WOW and AWESOME is the experience I keep getting on many of the amazing passages, so I am definitely leaning toward legitimate experience.

Jonathan Goldman of healingsounds may be able to help me out with this too! One thing is for sure - in book five of the Law of One series, Carla does a great job of explaining a great discipline for "testing the spirits" and we can take our lead from those overseeing and guarding our planet right now, those who simply pour light and love upon any entity entering our "airspace" so that very little deceitful influence gets through, excepting those exercising their free will in search of being deceived by STS illicit power structures/hierarchies.

I will let you know if I find out anything more, and please, anyone else having anything to say about this, please chime in!

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what an insightful description of the properties of Unity that will ultimately be better understood in time by the scientific community once it stops being such a quasi-religion itself and begins to approach new data with a more balanced mind, scientific objectivity complimented by intuitive subjectivity, always with the more complete understanding that, if history has taught us anything, there is always more to learn about the elemental properties/characteristics of Creation, especially the understanding that everything in this distortion of Unity is made of Light, even if you can stub your toe on it, LOL.

"Enoch is telling us that each level of evolution has a Pyramid of Light through which the human creation must pass on its way into the greater creation (on its way back to Unity, its origin). If we are to go beyond our three-dimensional set of creation, we must go through our three-dimensional field of energy into the multi-dimensional fields of pyramidal Light energy."

"If you look at platinum crystal under a field ion microscope (they actually included a picture of this on page 30!), you see bubble formations which form pyramid shapes of Light going from every stage of geometry all the way through the immediate field of the crystal. If you look at blood crystals under an electron microscope, you can find the shape of the pyramidal field in the crystal forms of blood."

"What you are seeing is the Merkabah which connects the key pyramids so that Light can be used in unfolding the next stage of evolution. The key of Enoch is telling us that the biophysical relationships which exist in all life processes from the smallest hydrogen atom to the largest quasi-stellar formation, are eventually going to prove that the Pyramid of Light is the central geometric form for all biophysical and consciousness evolution."

"The pyramid shows that the Universal Mind is all present, not only in every molecule of star ionization but in every vibration of consciousness flow. Whenever you look, you are going to find that the consciousness flow is going to go into that universal constant (or never be apart/separate from that universal constant that is the signature of inviolate Unity)."

A close examination of the pyramidal units in hydrogen atoms will further reveal the geometry of a Star of David (Merkabah - Star Tetrahedron - fundamental principle of concurrently seeking and being sought) as a life-giving form. In consequence, the hydrogen matrix which makes up the present spin orientation (constant angular momentum - vortices) of our evolutionary network."

"Once again, Man will understand how the geometries of the pyramid fuse space, time, and matter to form the ideal focus for star energy transmission."

"Enoch explained how the Brotherhood of Light established pyramids on certain planets in this solar system in relationship to Saturn (remember the Rings of Saturn mentioned in the Law of One Ra sessions?) --- the key to the planetary table and density levels (remind you of the density levels Ra describes?) of other forms of intelligence operating within our solar system."

"These pyramids are built in grid formation and are connected to chronomonitors which measure the vibratory levels of consciousness on a given planet in units of a thousand years."

"Pyramidal grids of information were established on Mars, for example, for use by artificial intelligence. They were built for the gathering of information deciphered from the magnetic lines of force attuned with thinking servomechanisms or computers existing in our solar system. These (3-sided and 4-sided) pyramids were established in grid formation so that the artificial intelligence of the vehicle, through stimulated emissions of radiation, could gather all information through "short" electromagnetic wave amplification."

"The grids collect knowledge about the complete range of subsystems, biomes, ecosystems; geological and evolutionary information; knowledge of energy working through all manifestations of physical form. For example, the grids measure energy as order and disorder transmitted through crystal structure and sunlight, and calculate all astronomic forces passing through the inner planetary crystalline network."

goes on to say more about this knowledge-collecting grid system, and then says,

"Man will then see he is co-citizen and co-participant of star kingdoms which are part of a cosmic pyramid, which is surrounded by a crystalline sphere separating this universe from other universes."

Ra could have just as easily been saying the very same thing in response to the correct question, and actually did say much of this in similar fashion in certain locations in the sessions....

again, the similarities are amazing and too extensive to write off as mere coincidence...

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The higher orders of intelligence (like Ra) understand that the Messiah is where the redemptive energies of the Body of Light are manifested. When they are manifested within you, you are (become) a part of the collective Messiah. The collective Messiah unifies not only the one hundred and forty-four thousand Ascended Masters that this physical universe is familiar with, but all physical universes that interpenetrate this physical plane and those beyond on other frequencies of light.

page 27, v35-37: The third key tells us that creations that survive must desire more than Eternal Life; they must also ingather the Light of the Living, because on the frequency of Light is determined the next threshold within biochemical evolution. Light is the emanations of Divine Love that desire to serve all manner of creation that serve the Living Light. Moreover, within the frequency of Light is determined the astrochemical parameters as to the width, the dimensions, and the size of the galaxy. For within the larger galaxy is the larger image, which is open-ended just as the universe is open-ended.

page 28, v49: There can be multiple programming through Light manifestation without physical form. Light is both image and similitude; Light is both energy and matter (both particle and wave).

v52-54: For these Host Energies are the networks of salvation, the electromagnetic energy circuits set in place around the Earth and prepared for the computing of our Light-Life spectrum conversion. Our energy conversion has been prepared and focused through a series of interconnecting pyramid functions which are crystallized bio-rhythmic wave formations. These functions go into the appearance and reappearance of our specie creation throughout the eons of time and transition. The species of Light have remained intact throughout these ages because they are the invincible projections of Divine Creation that withstand negative fields of desolation and abomination with their love of God and their selfless devotion to consciousness growth and evolution.

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page 27, v29

"The Creative Mind is Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, I AM that I AM, or I Shall Be what I Shall Be, a constant evolving, a constant remaking of every order of creation."

a very interesting similarity to much mentioned in the last few posts is found in Law of One, Book 2, page 116,

"Ra: I am Ra. It is correct that there is a correlation between the energy field of an entity of your nature and planetary bodies, for all material is constructed by means of the dynamic tension of the magnetic field. The lines of force in both cases may be seen to be much like the interweaving spirals of the braided hair. Thus positive and negative wind and interweave forming geometric relationships in the energy fields of both persons, as you would call a mind/body/spirit complex, and planets."

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In an earlier post there was a discussion of who the Council of Nine were, whether a group entity in the Saturn environs, or what.  I want to provide a link to the first channeled information regarding the Nine and from the Nine. It is part of the book The Only Planet of Choice which preceded the Ra Material by some 8 to 10 years.

The spokesman for the Nine, who goes by the name Tom, speak in agreement to the Hurtak information, and seems to indicate that they are/have been in 7 density and reaching for 8 density.

Chris, your comment on Creator, and sub creator refers to Ra's frequent comments and referals to Logos and sub logoi, ie. the unique local manifestations of the Logos/Creator for each smaller fractal part of the Multiuniverse. Each Sub-logos is capable of designing Its own galaxy/sub-universe with it own peculiar differences. This so that the Creator may know the Creator in new and different guises.

I have not gotten a copy of the Keys of Enoch yet but am going to check out Half Price Books this weekend.

Love and Light,



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"We will then see that our human creation is part of the greater creation which seeds its life codes by crystal invagination into cycles of star field creation.  Before this can take place the human evolution must be educated to understand the presence of the Merkabah (Star Tetrahedron - two tetrahedrons intersecting from above and below to create the star, the "wheel within the wheel" and the Vesica Piscis) which is the key to engendering a whole new star seed creation.  Enoch showed me how the Mystery of the Pyramid (note: Ra was involved in building the pyramid at Giza) and the Sphinx were directly revealed in the landing of the Merkabah, as the manifestation of the "Wheel-within-the-Wheel" which I witnessed as it opened up and became one pulsating center of Light technology in the shape of a pyramid."

"The Sphinx symbolically represents the face of thinking spiritual intelligence which can move in and out of our solar spectrum and show us how we can leave behind our solar evolution (the Lion) and become one with the Sons of Light."

"These spiritual vehicles of Light (Ra mentions these several times in the sessions) will once again come down into the communities of the righteous which are in special grid areas of spiritual vibration throughout the world.  These grids contain the pyramidal light patterns that will receive the vehicle which will come as the capstone of Light activating these centers of Light consciousness."

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I wrote David to ask him about The Keys of Enoch and he said it is of "mixed polarity" which affirms my occasional momentary suspicions concerning certain terminology used in the Keys at times. It is my conclusion that there is good info to be garnered from the Keys of Enoch, but let whatever does not settle well go without giving it another thought.

That is the way I am approaching this amazing document anyway, and that goes along with the advice of Carla, and many others, who said/say to not believe everything they say, but only that which resonates with you personally/intimately, for that is where the real honest "getting-to-know-me-better" good work is really done. Ultimately, it is up to each of us to become tuned to our personal connection with Creator, for we are Creator seeking Creator or denying Creator, being expressed in an infinite number of ways......

Love/Light, Chris

P.S.  I told my best friend, who is an athiest, that he is the Creator denying the Creator.  Even he had to get a big kick out of that because, if it is true, it is hilarious and would be an experience that a liberated and totally free Creator could really enjoy!!!!  Its a shame religious people become so thin skinned - they don't know what they're missing in the Creator's land outside the box....

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