A Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices

I think most of us have heard about a few free-energy devices, invented by a handful of people.  These inventions have been suppressed and kept from the market, because they rival the profits of the oil and fossil fuel giants, nuclear power industry, etc.

I was astounded to discover that, in A Practical Guide to 'Free-Energy" Devices, countless numbers of such devices have been invented.  This PDF is 1731 pages long and is available for download here:


But one need only read the table of contents (pages 4 - 7) to appreciate the enormity of the free-energy technology already in existence.  The table of contents is followed by an alphabetical listing of devices (pages 8 -10) and then by their inventors (pages 11 - 14).  The guide is even illustrated with diagrams of the devices. 

Wouldn't it be cool to build your own?



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Thanks, Noa.  That's a great document.  I saved it.

If anyone wants to actually get their hands into putting together motors, they can look into the monopole motor (and other) kits of John Bedini's designs.  John Bedini is a giant in the zero-point field, as is Tom Bearden.  Bedini is a practical genius and Bearden is a theoretical genius.  They work together sometimes.  So take a look here http://johnbedini.net/ and at the bottom of the page hit the link for "Motor Kits."  The kits aren't cheap, but they look fascinating; they're meant as teaching devices, I think.

Going back to that initial page above, if you hit the link a little higher up (in purple, centered on the page), you'll be able to see a number of presentations, some in video form, of Bedini-Bearden designs.  (By the way, the two of them invented and patented the MEG (Motionless Energy Generator), which is featured in the document you posted, Noa.)

I know that there's a little book of Bedini's that shows you how to build your own motor, but I can't remember the title.  If I remember it, I'll post it here.

Finally, the best, easiest way I've found to learn about and really understand how to tap into zero-point energy (from the quantum vacuum, as Bearden says) is to view a lecture given by Dr. Peter Lindemann, who has worked with both Bedini and Bearden at times.  It's called "The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity".  To find it, go to Lindemann's website (http://www.free-energy.ws/ ) and then to the "Products" page.  It's there in DVD.  The key information here is that we access free energy ("cold electricity") every time we turn on an ordinary electric motor.  That is, there's an initial spike of power that is not accounted for by the electrical flow into the motor from an outside power source.  It comes from the quantum vacuum.  Many of the free energy motor-generator designs have been attempts (many successful) at turning the current off and on many times a minute/second and then capturing those free energy spikes to repower the motor and/or power a load.  The lecture is actually broader in scope than this and is quite fascinating to say the least, but this is the practical nugget in it.  It definitely turned my light bulb on, so to speak.  I'd recommend it to anyone who wants this zero-point energy busines de-mystified once and for all.

There are also other good lectures of his there; I've seen/heard several of them.   I found the one on the "Lockridge Device" to be fascinating.  The device was a free energy generator that some German practical genius had made simply by modifying an old automobile generator -- an ordinary generator, not some new, special design!  When the allies invaded, an American soldier by the name of Lockridge found this thing running in the basement of an abandoned house powering a bank of light bulbs, but connected to no power source.  You started it by pulling a cord wrapped around a pulley on the shaft, just like an old-fashioned power lawnmower, and then it just kept on running.

So... essentially, it's all here right now.

Hey Bob,

I had not heard about the surge with electric motors before but it sounds like the same thing Tesla came across when he was building the first power lines. They found that the first time they would turn the power on and run current through the lines a giant blue spark would come out of the transformers and arc out on the ground or some unlucky person close by. It killed quite a few people.

Everyone started trying to work out how to stop the blue spark, except for Tesla. He recognized that it was not being generated by the power supply, it was manifesting through a particular set of conditions that had been created. He pretty much dropped everything to understand what was happening and i believe he did in the end. His research from that time on was dominated by his near obsession with static electiricity....this is also the time when it appears his patents started disappearing and people began discrediting him.

We all know free energy, we have seen and probably even touched it.....we still get the blue spark although they did work out how to make it safe......you know the little blue spark?.... you will see it sometimes when you turn a light switch or power point on.....thats it!....it can't be that hard to re-create it...in fact it "wants" to happen, so much so that we had to work out how to stop it!




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