Increased solar radiation???

Has anyone besides me noticed that the energy/radiation from the sun has become greatly intensified this summer as compared to the past?  I'm a sun worshiper, or at least used to be.  But this summer, just a brief period of time in the direct sun is like being exposed to a very strong infrared spot light. I am not getting sunburned, but my skin still feels an intense burning sensation when in direct sunlight for more than a few minutes.

Also, I have noticed that plants in my garden areas which usually thrive in bright sunlight are also showing searing on their leaves, withering even when the soil is damp and certainly reacting negatively this summer. It is like they are being cooked.

I am going to do some research, but it is interesting that the MSM has not said "ANYTHING" about the ozone layer in well over a year, at least not that I have seen.  Anyone who has information, please let me know. 







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Dear Berry,

I also have noticed that burning sensation........but no sunburn,also plants suffering"over exposure".

extra Light?    Love,Mary

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Hi Mary,

I checked it out.  There has been no recorded increase in solar activity recently. The NOAA site for the ozone layer indicated no unusal decrease in the layer.  So I have come to the conclussion that what I/we are feeling is the increase in the galactic photon energy belt which we have begun to enter a year or so ago.  Yes, Light!   I have no idea how to check on that, as I believe the scientist bunk the whole idea of the photon belt.



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Dear Berry,

Thank you for bringing up what I have been noticing. I have a couple of Bonsai trees that went fried looking.........They looked like they would die, yet now new growth is showing up. I am very fair skinned and a couple days of going sleeveless I knew I would have a burn....but no. I choose to believe this is beneficial, perhaps part of the shift that the world is experiencing?! Vital new energy and information raining down from above! Love,Mary

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I have too for the last 5-8 summers now.  It is a not so subtle intuitive sense that I am receiving way too much radiation and I move to shade as if I were escaping something more than just a little heat.  The level of intensity was/is noticable.  I thought it might just be my imagination because I didn't hear anybody else mentioning it, but have believed for some time now that there is something more than my imagination going on with that level of intensity.

I would imagine if we could get a glimpse of the whole astronomical ongoing scenario from the perspective of all we have learned about "what's goin' on" (Marvin Gaye alert) we would hardly be surprised....

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Mary and Chris,

This is just what I have been feeling. It was not like there was too much sun light but as if I were in a great big microwave oven.  Almost electric.  And this was not when the temperature was extremely hot, maybe 82 or 83 degrees F, usually very pleasant.  Move out of the direct sunlight and it was pleasant as one would expect.

Yes, I think there is indeed more in Heaven and Earth than humankind has imagined.


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Hey Berry, Ursh forwarded me the neat "Blue Rapheim" message you sent to her and here are a few of my favorite quotes from it:

“know that you are already awakened ... there is no awakening but only
rememberance and realisation that you have always been awake ....
unified and whole ...”

“it is only when you attach and give your power away and become
dependant externally that voids your inner power... it is much like
distracting a child with a toy only to coax them into inner exploration
... experience and further learning ... but if the child becomes
attached and dependant on the one toy then inner development and
learning will become stagnant and cease”

“however It has not experienced everything that it has conceived ... you
are the instrument ... the source of that experience”

“resonance allows a shift to centre ... the greater the resonance the
faster the shift”

“when we speak of dimensions ... many assume that dimensions are
external ... outside of you ... somewhere up and out there ... this is
not so”

“as you vibrate faster you reach zero point where all potentials exist
for creation and everything becomes synchronistic ..”

“suffice to say that zero point is where the space of synchronicity
exists ... where all is occuring in and at the same moment .... where
all potentials are available for experience

“it is the reason why this is such a great moment in your now .... all
beings are coming here ... all are watching ... all are participating in
this event as it is the event of zero point
.... it is only during these
cycles that transformations to the next harmonic ... the next octave
.... can occur on a mass scale ...”

“this null-zone is expanding across your globe .... and will begin to
accelerate after 777 ignition point ... there will come a point in your
time where planes will be grounded due to severe fluctations in earth’s
electro-magnetic ley lines causing navigation and electronic devices to
behave chaotically .... when this occurs know it is almost time for your
new earth and new humanity ... this will be the sign-post

“it only takes one person to realise they are awakened to trigger your
planetary awakening ..... the next child born could trigger a mass
planetary awakening .... it could happen at any moment” (this one
reminded me of something very very similar the author of Course in Miracles
said about only one person needing to fully get it and then the whole gets it simultaneously - no wonder judgmental
behavior is such an utter waste of time!!! No one who really gets it, or is close to getting it,
would ever dream of wasting any time berating anyone about anything!!!! That is so wonderfully liberating bro!!!!)

There's a fireworks display going off in my heart and mind!!!

Love, Chris

Everything is closer than you think.    

Namaste,     Tricia

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and Less is More!

tag, your "it"!!!!

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Did you by chance notice how Blue's message corresponded with what Ra has said in the Law of One information regarding Transformation/Ascension/Harvest?  I am continually lifted up when I read transmissions that each substantiate the other.  YES!......I am with you, as I saw fireworks and heard the Marseille when I was reading this transmission. (Along with the 1812 Overture{sp?}.  But I think for the sake of the rest of the Portal family I will post the whole thing.  I offer thanks to Ursh for forwarding that information to you.  Obviously it is an important bit of information.

In the love and light of our one infinite Creator,


--- Post removed at author's request ---

    "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain."

      Wizard of Oz

Later my friend,


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glad you're gonna post that!

you said,

"I am continually lifted up when I read transmissions that each substantiate the other.  YES!"

Amen Brother!  "Seemingly" Serendipitous Affirmation has been one of my favorite and most frequent experiences of late.  I will go out on a limb and say that Life in balance and peace is most likely chalked full of such affirmations....

Oh, and Elizabeth, you said something that really hit the resonant strike zone I thought:

"I was reminded to relax into the change by Bear-- and then the Devas
pointed out that it is when a birthing mother relaxes into the pain and
changes that change/Birth instantly occurs"

I can't tell you how many times I have had the frustrated experience of wrestling with something until I finally "gave up" in a positive sense, just relaxed, and then the solution comes so natural and simple it is down right embarrassing....

And then the same thought occurs to me again, "Why don't I get this sooner with all the experiencial knowledge I possess on the "groundhog day" subject?"

We are on our way in this wonderful world of groundhog days!!!

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