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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is SnapGoods?

    SnapGoods is a great place for people to connect with each other, find goods they need or want, and put them to good use. For example, say you want to go for a bike ride this weekend, but don't have a bike. Or you want a top-of-the-line backpack for your next camping trip but don't want to pay a top-of-the-line price. Good news is, with SnapGoods you can instantly hook up with dependable, local people ready to lend you exactly what you need.

  2. How do I borrow stuff?

    SnapGoods lets you look for stuff posted by local partners and people, or just folks within your network (i.e. Facebook or Meetup groups). (That way, you know your stuff is coming from trusted sources.) When you find something you like, you'll be able to learn more about it, review feedback about the lender and ask the lender questions. When you're ready, we'll help you request a reservation on the item for the dates that you need it. Once your reservation is accepted (it normally just takes an hour or two!), we'll also help you easily set up a time and place to pick it up.

  3. How do I lend my stuff?

    If you've got something to lend, then you're already off to a good start. Posting a good is as simple as providing a picture, a quick description, and how much it costs to reserve it. If you'd like to get a little more specific, we'll also give you a lot of options to help you customize the way you want it to work. Sound good? Try it out now.

  4. How do I approve a reservation?

    Someone wants your stuff? That's great news! As soon as the reservation is requested, we'll send you an email so you can accept, decline, or ask for more info. You have up to 24 hours to respond to a reservation before it expires. Please don't let reservations expire! Good communication keeps the community strong; bad communication makes puppies cry. Don't make puppies cry.

  5. Can I cancel a reservation?

    Having second thoughts about a reservation? No worries, just go to your reservations page and select the unwanted reservation. You will be able to cancel it from there. Remember though, you might get charged part of your deposit for late cancellation. In any case, we strongly recommend you message the lender so there's no hard feelings.

  6. How do I pay for this stuff?

    Normally you just pay for goods using your credit card. The first time you request a reservation, we will ask you to give us your credit card info. Once your reservation is accepted and you pickup the good, you can trigger payment by SMS or on the SnapGoods website. At that time, we will charge your card for the reservation fee and send the money to the lender's SnapGoods account. Alternatively, a lender may elect to accept cash or a check at pickup time to pay for a reservation.

  7. How do I get paid for my stuff?

    If you accept payments via credit card, which we recommend, payments are all handled securely via the SnapGoods system. When a borrower comes to pickup your good, she will trigger payment by SMS or on the SnapGoods website. SnapGoods will then send you an email or SMS (per your Notification Settings) that payment has been received. Money you receive via SnapGoods is available in your SnapGoods Account for reservations of your own, or you can request a cash-out via PayPal transfer or check.

  8. How do I return the stuff I've borrowed?

    We'll notify you when your reservation is about to end. We'll also help you set up a convenient time and place to drop the good off.

  9. How do reviews work?

    SnapGoods will leave you feeling pretty dang good. But don't take our word for it. It's feedback from people like you that help the good go 'round. To review your recent experience, just log into your account, select a past deal and click Leave Feedback. Give us the low-down every time you complete a transaction and good things will happen for everyone. The more the community knows, the stronger it gets. Which makes more people share, well, MORE.

  10. How much does it cost to use SnapGoods?

    Signing up for SnapGoods and posting and browsing goods is free. If you borrow a good that makes use of the SnapGoods secure payment system, you will be charged a small fee on top of your reservation fee. The fee is $0.50 per reservation, plus 7% of the reservation fee.

How We Keep Your Stuff Safe

  1. What happens if bad stuff happens to my goods?

    We do everything we can to keep your stuff in good shape, but sometimes damages happen. That's why we allow you to specify a security deposit to cover loss or damages. What's more, SnapGoods backs up transactions between verified users with the SnapGoods Guarantee. If something goes wrong, we guarantee that your goods are repaired or replaced, plus we will provide you with a temporary replacement good for the few days it can take to patch things up. Bottom line: if something happens, we'll make sure it gets fixed or replaced. Don't hesitate to report a problem and don't hesitate to smile more. We love smiles.

  2. How do security deposits work?

    Deposits ensure Lenders will be fairly compensated should their goods be damaged or lost during a reservation. A deposit is an agreement on the part of the Borrower to compensate the Lender for damages up to a certain amount.

  3. How are deposits made?

    The first time you request a reservation, we will ask you for your credit card info. In the event something goes wrong with a reservation, SnapGoods will work with the Borrower and the Lender to work out a fair compensation for the damages, up to the security deposit amount specified on the good. At that point, we will charge the Borrower's card on file for the amount of damages.

  4. How much should I specify for my security deposit?

    The security deposit should be the amount of money it would cost you to reasonably replace your good, in its current condition, if it were totally lost. Sites like Ebay are great places to see a large number of a particular type of good in various conditions.

    Don't sell yourself short, as we cannot guarantee replacement for any amount greater than the security deposit. At the same time, don't go crazy and slap a $1 million deposit on everything. No one's going to want to borrow your stuff if they think they're going to have to mortgage their house if things go bad. Oh yeah, and the maximum deposit amount on SnapGoods is $5,000.00.

  5. If something gets damaged, who decides how much money it is worth?

    The short answer is: we all do. As specified in our Terms of Service and Rental Agreement, both Borrower and Lender agree to let SnapGoods serve as arbitrator of any disputes with respect to fair compensation for loss or damage. If things go wrong, tell us. We will then start a conversation with both parties and work to come up with a fair settlement.

When a Good Deal Goes Bad

  1. What can I do if there's a no-show, or somebody is rude and/or late?

    At SnapGoods, you're in good company. But every now and then, there's a rotten apple in the bunch. Although we strive to collaborate with respectful and reliable individuals, punctuality and courtesy are self-enforced. So if you're not getting a good vibe from someone, let the community know by reporting a problem. Repeat offenders may be punishable by suspension from the community. Fashion offenses are not something we can help with.

  2. What should I do if the good isn't advertised accurately?

    Nothing good comes from mis-advertised goods. At pick-up, inspect your stuff before letting the reservation begin. Indicate what was misrepresented in your review of the Lender and the item. Being honest keeps expectations managed and Grandpappy happy.

  3. What if I'm running late or can't show up?

    Thou shalt respect thine fellow member by being on time. But...if you must be late, it's a good thing we have a simple message center that lets you communicate with your lender or borrower easily. Communication is critical! In order to uphold a good reputation and access to the SnapGoods community, don't get negatively reviewed for lateness.

    As for a "no-show", short of curing world hunger, there is simply no excuse, and you could be summarily barred from the community. Ask yourself: WWAGGD? ("What would a good guy do?" Duh.) Remember this is supposed to be fun. Get there early. You may be making a new friend.

  4. Whom can I contact if anything goes wrong?

    If you have an issue you don't know how to resolve, you should first reach out to your fellow member through our system. If you need our help, you can always report a problem for any reservation. Please just exercise good sense before you click it. Mostly because we have a highly attentive but small team of cranky, unicorn-dragon-hybrid customer service reps that get super ticked off when we wake them up without good reason.

A Community of SnapGoods

  1. What good are my networks to SnapGoods?

    SnapGoods connects you with people within your networks who have stuff you want and need. That way only people you know and trust can access your goods and vice versa. It's like a velvet rope for the coolest and most useful stuff in your 'hood. The more people you connect with in your community, the more choices you'll have, and the better your options will be.

  2. Is SnapGoods going to spam my connected networks?

    Hell no! We're dedicated to doing only good, not evil. The only thing we will do is help you find the right people for making good, secure transactions.

Good Tips on Privacy & Legal Stuff

  1. Can people in the community access my personal information?

    Absolutely not. SnapGoods may help you share your stuff, but that's all we share. Your personal data helps us keep the community safe and sound by allowing US to know our community better. But we'll keep your private information in the vault until you are ready to deal with another member.

  2. Can I be sued or get sued if anything goes wrong?

    Before you can participate in a SnapGoods transaction, you must agree to our Terms of Service, Good Guy Policy, and Rental Agreement Terms, all of which reinforce two simple concepts: 1) you are declaring that items you share are in working condition and 2) you are accepting all risk associated with using another member's item (i.e. you accept it 'as is'). Remember, SnapGoods is here to help you set up the transaction, but it is your responsibility to provide others with decent, functioning stuff and to be truthful about any known defects. It's also your responsibility to know how to work stuff that requires some technical expertise. Pick up a manual, MacGuyver.

    However, if despite all the best intentions in the world things were ever to turn sour, we require that you allow us to abritrate as a first course of action since our primary concern is your safety and the ongoing safety of the community overall.

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The Movement

TIME names Collaborative Consumption as one of the “10 Ideas That Will Change The World.

Collaborative Consumption describes the rapid explosion in traditional sharing, bartering, lending, trading, renting, gifting, and swapping reinvented through network technologies on a scale and in ways never possible before. Watch the video.

From enormous marketplaces such as eBay and Craigslist, to emerging sectors such as social lending (Zopa), peer-to-peer travel (Airbnb) and car sharing (Zipcar or peer-to-peer RelayRides), Collaborative Consumption is disrupting outdated modes of business and reinventing not just what we consume but how we consume. New marketplaces such as TaskRabbit, ParkatmyHouse, Zimride,, Zilok, Bartercard and thredUP are enabling “peer-to-peer” to become the default way people exchange — whether it’s unused space, goods, skills, money, or services — and sites like these are appearing everyday, all over the world.

For a list of some of the hottest start-ups in the Collaborative Consumption space, check out our Snapshot of Examples.

Click here for an infographic that summarizes the three systems of Collaborative Consumption, the key drivers and the four key principles that make it work.


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Snapshot of Examples

We have collected over a thousand examples of Collaborative Consumption from all corners of the world. Below is just a handful of the hottest ideas from around the globe.

If you spot or know of any great examples in your area, please add them to our CC Antenna. Feel free to tell us more about them at [email protected]

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Product Service Systems

Product Service Systems

Pay for the benefit of using a product without needing to own the product outright. Disrupting traditional industries based on models of individual private ownership.

Car sharing
Zipcar, Streetcar, GoGet, WhizzCar, Autoshare, Stattauto, Autolibre, Denzeldrive, Cambiocar, Zazcar

Car sharing (from big automobile brands)
BMW DriveNow, Volkswagen Quicar, Peugeot Mu, Daimler Car2Go

Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing
Whipcar, RelayRides, Drivemycar Rentals, Getaround, Tamyca, Buzzcar, Nachbarschaftsauto

Bike sharing
Velib, Bixi, Barclays Cycle Hire, B-Cycle, Ecobici, Call-A-Bike, CyclOcity, Niceride, HZ Bike, Social Bicycles

Ride sharing
Zimride, Nuride, Liftshare, Jayride, goCarShare, GoLoco, Carpooling, Caronetas, DuckSeat, RewardRide, Avego, Zebigo, Tickengo

Solar Power
Solar City, Solar Century, PretaSol, One Block Off The Grid, CitizenRe

Toy Rental
Dim Dom, BabyPlays, Rent-a-toy, ToyLib, Speelotheken, Brinquedoteca, Smarty Rents, Toygaroo

Textbook Rental
Chegg, CampusBookRentals, Zookal, BookRenter

Art Rental, Artsicle, TurningArt

Fashion Rental
Bag Borrow & Steal, Fashionhire, From Bags To Riches, i-Ella, Dress Vault, Love Me and Leave Me, Renttherunway

Netflix, Quickflix, LoveFilm

General Online Rental
Rentcycle, AnyHire

Peer Rental
Zilok, Rentoid, Ecomodo, HireThings, Thingloop, Rentalic, RentStuff, Bid & Borrow

Neighborhood Rental
Sharesomesugar, Neighborrow, Neighborgoods, The Sharehood, Frents, Friends With Things, Hey Neighbor!

Redistribution Markets

Redistribution Markets

Redistribute used or pre-owned goods from where they are not needed to somewhere or someone where they are.

Big marketplaces
craigslist, eBay, Flippid, Gumtree

Free/Gift Exchanges
Freecycle, GiftFlow, Givmo, Ziilch, Exchango, Freally, Yoogot, ThingLoop

Used Electronics
Gazelle, eBay Instant Sale, Apple Recycling Program

Swap sites for books
BookHopper, Thebookswap, Paperbackswap, Bookmooch, eBook Fling

Swap sites for baby goods and toys
Toyswap, thredUp, Swapitbaby, Swapkidsclothes, MumSwap, Tauschteddy

Clothing swaps
Swapstyle, Clothing Exchange, 99 Dresses, Big Wardrobe, i-Ella, Mano Drabuziai

Swap sites for media (Dvd’s, books, games)
Swap, SwapSimple, Dig N’Swap, Netcycler, GaBoom

Neighborhood Marketplaces
Egg Cartel, Zaarly, Garage Sale Trail, Hey, Neighbor!

Collaborative Lifestyles

Collaborative Lifestyles

It’s not just physical goods that can be shared, swapped, and bartered. People with similar interests are banding together to share and exchange less tangible assets such as time, space, skills, and money.

Coworking Spaces
Citizen Space, Hub Culture, The Hub, Vibewire Enterprise Hub, TechHub, NewWorkCity, StudioMates, Bees Office, CoLoft, La Ruche

Coworking Space Finders
Loosecubes, DesksNearMe, DeskWanted, CoLoco, OpenDesks, DeskSurfing

Social Lending
Zopa, Prosper, The Lending Club, Boober, Maneo, Qifang

Social currencies
Ven, Quid, TimeBanks, LETSystems, SPICE Timebank

Peer-to-Peer Travel
CouchSurfing, Airbnb, Roomorama, Crashpadder, One Fine Stay, Bed And Fed, 9flats, iStopover

Taxi Sharing
Taxi2, TaxiDeck, TaxiStop, FellowCab, Weeels

Barterquest, OurGoods, ITEX, Bartercard, Tourboarding

IndieGoGo, Kickstarter, StartSomeGood, Pozible, Crowdcube,, Catarse, Profounder

UrbanGardenShare, Landshare, SharedEarth, YardShare

Skill sharing
Brooklyn Skill Share, TeachStreet, TradeSchool, Skillshare, Skilio, WeTeachMe

Shared Studios/Workshops
3rd Space Studios, TechShop

Parking spots
ParkAtMyHouse, ParkCirca, Park On My Drive

Neighborhood Support
WeCommune, Share Some Sugar, Bright Neighbor, Hey Neighbor!, Streetbank, OhSoWe, ToolzDo

Errand & Task Networks
TaskRabbit, Zaarly, YourJobDone, AirRun, MyTaskAngel, Gigwalk

Unique Experience Marketplaces
Vayable, Gidsy, Sidetour

Social Food Networks
Gobble,, GrubWithUs, EatWithMe, Wok ‘n’ Wine, HouseFed

Storage Networks
StorPod, ShareMyStorage, SpaceOut

If you have spotted an idea connected to Collaborative Consumption, please share it with us.

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Thanks Noa,

The Movement post is an excellent resource that I intend to make god use of.


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Thanks Noa,

The Movement post is an excellent resource that I intend to make good use of.


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God use is good use!  Innocent

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