On Love

Hey beautiful friends,

Below are some of my favorite quotes on the transformative power of love. Enjoy!

With abundant love and joy,

Sacred Love: An open, timeless connection through which those involved feel naturally drawn to support and nurture each other's highest and deepest essence and intentions.

Whenever I hug someone, I want to consciously focus on sending the energy of "Hey beautiful being! Thank you for being with me in this precious moment together."

On the deepest levels every one of us is always held in sacred embrace by the collective love of all of us.

Upon finally gathering the courage to look into the deepest depths of my own fears, I was stunned to find there the mirror of love looking back at me.

Fear is future oriented, based on past experience.
Love is a full embracing of what is, in the present.

I feel so blessed to have tapped into the limitless love of the universe, which is beyond all beyond and an integral part of me and my connections. Fear is limitless, too. I can go there. You can go there. We all have choice. Sometimes fear brings powerful learning experiences that help me to grow. Yet I so enjoy choosing love every day and in every way.

Fear brings separation; love brings connection and unity.

My desire to teach and help others can sometimes cause a person to shut down when what they are really wanting or needing is to be loved and nurtured or to feel compassion.

I so want to find ways to connect more deeply with you. I want to find more ways to fall in love with me, with you, and with us all. I even welcome getting caught up in some of the drama that may be involved as long as you join me in opening to my deepest intention of doing this to find ways to ever deeper connection and love with ourselves and with all beings.

I commit to finding and generating love and empowerment within myself and to sending it out to all no matter what is happening around me.

There is an expansive dimension in this universe where space is filled with radiant diamond stars. Each of these beautiful stars is made up of divine beings who continually emit a tone of pure, unconditional love and support out into the universe for all who are open to receiving it. Each star has its own unique resonance, so that when a soul opens to this dimension, it can choose to receive from any one star or several stars with which it resonates most deeply. And when it is ready, a soul can choose to open to the entire amazing symphony of love and support available from the combined rainbow spectrum of sound emanating from the whole universe, which is filled with these diamond stars. When a soul thus opens, it allows this divine symphony of love to resonate with all parts of its being and to lift its vibration to whatever level it is ready to expand.

The path of the heart leads directly to the soul place where we know we are all interconnected.
I am the genesis of love. We all are the genesis of love!

I trust all of us. I trust the universe. I trust myself. I trust the collective wisdom of All That Is which brought us to this time and this place we are experiencing right now in this moment. This trust has brought me countless gifts and blessings throughout my life. I trust that love is the core vibration that links the most profound place inside each of our beings. We are all connected through sacred love. May I ever more breathe this sacred connection in every breath I take, no matter where I am or who I am with. Your sacred love flows into me. My sacred love flows out to all of you. Our sacred love flows out to all.

Whatever your story is, whatever my story is, whatever story we have co-created in this wild and crazy world, I’m OK with it. I’m an unwavering stand for total acceptance of what is and for inviting ever more love and harmony as we dance together.

What if every person I meet is my divine lover? What if every person who comes into my field of awareness has sacred gifts that can help me become more whole and integrated with all in the universe? That is how I want to live my life.

May our hearts guide us. May our guides support us. May our sacred love embrace all.

onesong's picture

Beautiful, Fred.
Love is our greatest teacher. Each time our hearts break open wide, we have the ability to emerge stronger and ever more loving. As the cocoon moves from chrysalis to butterfly, so with our heart and soul growth. We strengthen our 'wings' and we learn to fly even higher.
May love be what you are met with in each Holy instant.
In connection, love and light. Peace be and so it is.

fredburks's picture

Thank you, Kristyne. I feel incredibly blessed to be so loved and supported in my life by so many, and to be able to return the love and radiate out to all. Much love and many blessings to you!

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