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Here are a couple of my favorite inspiring quotes. Enjoy!

Quotes from the amazing book Cosmic Journeys by Rosalind McKnight:

Every soul has its own special tune to play in the universal orchestra. p. 93

War is the manifestation of fear. Humans fear to be killed. Thus, they kill out of fear, striking first before the fear turns in upon itself. p. 223

From Revelations of an Elite Family Insider (2005)

Q: Is there in fact a force that tries to keep people in a sleepwalking state, a force that does NOT want people to "be all they can be"? If so, what is the best way to deal with it?

A: It is connected to the operations of your physical body which rebels every time you reach higher to that realm. The physical body has the task to let you experience this reality, and whenever you search for the other, it resists. It is its duty, so respecting this and gently taming your body is the best approach. Also beings will accompany your thoughts and try to divert them. Again it is their duty. Show respect and that will be recognised by them. Never see them as malicious or evil; they only react to your actions. There is not a force which does not want you to be what you really are. The opposite is true, but they also have their tasks that they must fulfill. 

Q: Are there any wholesale events on the horizon that will translate into a quantum leap in mass consciousness and/or redefine life and the way it is lived?

A: No, nothing like that. It is a personal matter, meaning you getting self-conscious yourself through the tools available to you. There may be an event which would alter the way civilisation is perceived now (it has happened before many times), but that will have nothing to do with what you mentioned. Your duty towards the One and yourself still stays the same, no matter what happens. Do not waste energy waiting for events, your stay will only be extended. 

A: I might add this, which may sound contrary to what I said, but read carefully: When the masses are made to believe something negative, they may create what they did not want. This is how, for instance, the "NWO", as you people call it, works. You believe it is taking shape, so it will take shape. And conspiracy theorists are major players in helping this to take shape by bombarding you with "facts" that it is taking shape. They claim you are giving up power everyday, and that "they" control you more ... while in reality you are in full control. So the very people who are "waking up" to it are the ones who are creating it. Visualization works for both positive and negative thoughts. But I repeat, even if these things would happen, your duty towards the One and yourself still stays the same.

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