Who is Jon Peniel - An Amazing Story

I have recently been reading Jon Peniel's account of his (alleged) true life current incarnation experience and many lives association with the ancient sect known as The Children of the Law of One, allegedly still very much active with alleged origin predating Atlantis and even the "Adam & Eve" mythological story. Here is a link that has the PDF of Jon's story. THE CHILDREN OF THE LAW OF ONE & THE LOST TEACHINGS OF ATLANTIS - Shattering The Matrix

and here is a link direct to the PDF

luke 5th print.qxd - The_Lost_Teachings_of_Atlantis.pdf

The following is a bit of a briefing, and some interesting history on the alleged fulfillment of an Edgar Cayce prophetic reading concerning a John Peniel...  This link is also a very interesting complimentary read relating to the book (Atlantian Sons ) Enjoy

Q. Is the author the John Peniel predicted by Edgar Cayce and others?
A. When the book was first published, we weren't even aware of these predictions. Jon was only aware of those told to him by his teachers (which are similar predictions). The book was originally going to be published anonymously, but the publisher's rep insisted it have his name, stating that certain major distributors and bookstore chains wouldn't carry it without the author's name. So Jon agreed for the sake of distributing the message. After publishing the book, it was brought to our attention that the Edgar Cayce readings, and other sources, had predicted the arrival of a significant spiritual messenger/teacher by that name. We have since acquired the complete Cayce readings on CD ROM, and looked it up. Cayce said that Peniel would be bringing a message to the world about "a new spiritual order of things", which is essentially what is happening through the book, the teachings, and the Golden Rule Organization. Part of that reading, which was kindly sent to us by the A.R.E., is reproduced below.


              This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at the home of
              Mr. and Mrs. T. Mitchell Hastings, 410 Park Avenue, New York
              City, this 19th day of January, 1934, in accordance with
              request made by those present.

              P R E S E N T

              Edgar Cayce; Hugh Lynn Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno.
              Carolyn B. Hastings, Josephine L. B. Macsherry, T. Mitchell
              Hastings.  (Mrs. Hastings led in meditation, before Mr. Cayce
              went to sleep.)

              R E A D I N G

              Time of Reading
              11:40 to 12:40 A. M.

           1. HLC:  We seek at this time such information as will be of
              value and interest to those present, including T. Mitchell
              Hastings, Jr. in the next room, regarding the spiritual,
              mental and physical changes which are coming to the earth.
              You will tell us what part we may play in meeting and helping
              others to understand these changes.  At the end of each
              fifteen minute period you will pause, until I tell you to
              continue, while the recording instrument is being arranged.
              You will speak distinctly at a normal rate of speech, and you
              will answer the questions which we will ask.

           2. EC:  Yes; as each of you gathered here have your own
              individual development, yet as each seeks to be a channel of
              blessings to the fellow man, each attunes self to the Throne
              of universal information.  And there may be accorded you that
              which may be beneficial, not only in thine own experience,
              but that which will prove helpful, hopeful, in the
              experience of others.

           3. Many an one may question you as to the sources, as to the
              channel through such information that may be given you at
              this time has come.  Know it has reached that which is as
              high for each of you in your respective development as you
              have merited, and do merit; and has accorded and does accord
              to the realm of light that which may be aidful and helpful in
              thine own experience, and in the experience of those that ye
              in your service to thy fellow man may give unto others.

           4. Hence, in giving the interpretation, MANY are present;
              many of those whose names alone would bring to others awe -
              discredit, yet - even a wonderment.  For, not only then must
              the information be instructive but enlightening; yet it must
              also be so given that it may be a PRACTICAL thing in the
              experience of thine own self and in the experience of life of
              thine fellow man.  Not only must it be informative in nature,
              but it must also be that which is constructive; though
              [pause] that which is informative and that which may be
              enlightening and constructive must at times overlap one

           5. First, then:  There is soon to come into the world a body
              [See Par. 6 below]; one of our own number here that to many
              has been a representative of a sect, of a thought, of a
              philosophy, of a group, yet one beloved of all men in all
              places where the universality of God in the earth has been
              proclaimed, where the oneness of the Father as God is known
              and is consciously magnified in the activities of individuals
              that proclaim the acceptable day of the Lord.  Hence that one
              John, the beloved in the earth - his name shall be John, and
              also at the place where he met face to face [Peniel].
              [GD's note:  Could this mean that John, the beloved, had
              been Jacob?  See 3976-15, Par. R2.] * *attached below**

           6. When, where, is to be this one?  In the hearts and minds of
              those that have set themselves in that position that they
              become a channel through which spiritual, mental and material
              things become one in the purpose and desires of that physical
              body!  [GD's note:  Beginning of new age of spiritual
              awakening?  See 5749-5, Par. 5--7; 281-38, Par. 16.]

           7. As to the material changes that are to be as an omen, as a
              sign to those that this is shortly to come to pass - as has
              been given of old, the sun will be darkened and the earth
              shall be broken up in divers places - and THEN shall be
              PROCLAIMED - through the spiritual interception in the hearts
              and minds and souls of those that have sought His way - that
              HIS star has appeared, and will point [pause] the way for
              those that enter into the holy of holies in themselves.  For,
              God the Father, God the Teacher, God the director, in the
              minds and hearts of men, must ever be IN those that come
              to know Him as first and foremost in the seeking of those
              souls; for He is first the GOD to the individual and as He is
              exemplified, as He is manifested in the heart and in the acts
              of the body, of the individual, He becomes manifested before
              men.  And those that seek in the latter portion of the year
              of our Lord (as ye have counted in and among men) '36, He
              [He, Christ Spirit?] will appear.  [See 3976-1, Par R2
              (12/20/34 EC note in re '36), and 3976-10, Par. 4-A, 5-A on
              2/8/32 in re '36 changes.]

           8. As to the changes physical again:  The earth will be broken
              up in the western portion of America.  The greater portion of
              Japan must go into the sea.  The upper portion of Europe will
              be changed as in the twinkling of an eye.  Land will appear
              off the east coast of America.  There will be the upheavals
              in the Arctic and in the Antarctic that will make for the
              eruption of volcanos in the Torrid areas, and there will be
              shifting then of the poles - so that where there has been
              those of a frigid or the semi-tropical will become the more
              tropical, and moss and fern will grow.  And these will begin
              in those periods in '58 to '98, when these will be proclaimed
              as the periods when His light will be seen again in the
              clouds.  As to times, as to seasons, as to places, ALONE is
              it given to those who have named the name - and who bear the
              mark of those of His calling and His election in their
              bodies.  To them it shall be given.

           9. As to those things that deal with the mental of the earth,
              these shall call upon the mountains to cover many.  As ye
              have seen those in lowly places raised to those of power in
              the political, in the machinery of nations' activities, so
              shall ye see those in high places reduced and calling on
              the waters of darkness to cover them.  And those that in the
              inmost recesses of theirselves awaken to the spiritual truths
              that are to be given, and those places that have acted in
              the capacity of teachers among men, the rottenness of those
              that have ministered in places will be brought to light,
              and turmoils and strifes shall enter.  And, as there is
              the wavering of those that would enter as emissaries, as
              teachers, from the throne of life, the throne of light, the
              throne of immortality, and wage war in the air with those of
              darkness, then know ye the Armageddon is at hand.  For with
              the great numbers of the gathering of the hosts of those
              that have hindered and would make for man and his weaknesses
              stumblingblocks, they shall wage war with the spirits of
              light that come into the earth for this awakening; that have
              been and are being called by those of the sons of men into
              the service of the living God.  For He, as ye have been told,
              is not the God of the dead, not the God of those that have
              forsaken Him, but those that love His coming, that love His
              associations among men - the God of the LIVING, the God of
              Life!  For, He IS Life.

          10. Who shall proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord in him
              that has been born in the earth in America?  Those from that
              land where there has been the regeneration, not only of the
              body but the mind and the spirit of men, THEY shall come and
              declare that John Peniel is giving to the world the new ORDER
              of things.  Not that these that have been proclaimed have
              been refused, but that they are made PLAIN in the minds of
              men, that they may know the truth and the truth, the life,
              the light, will make them free.

          11. I have declared this, that has been delivered unto me to
              give unto you, ye that sit here and that hear and that see a
              light breaking in the east, and have heard, have seen thine
              weaknesses and thine faultfindings, and know that He will
              make thy paths straight if ye will but live that YE KNOW this
              day - then may the next step, the next word, be declared unto
              thee.  For ye in your weakness [pause] have known the way,
              through that as ye have made manifest of the SPIRIT of truth
              and light that has been proclaimed into this earth, that has
              been committed unto the keeping of Him that made of Himself
              no estate but who brought into being all that ye see manifest
              in the earth, and has declared this message unto thee:  "Love
              the Lord thy God with all thine heart," and the second is
              like unto it, "Love thy neighbor as thyself."  Who is thine
              neighbor?  Him that ye may aid in whatsoever way that he, thy
              neighbor, thy brother, has been troubled.  Help him to stand
              on his own feet.  For such may only know the acceptable way.
              The weakling, the unsteady, must enter into the crucible and
              become as naught, even as He, that they may know the way.  I,
              Halaliel, have spoken.

That particular reading, is the only Cayce reading that refers to Peniel by name. It also appears that this reading was one in which a being called Halaliel, was speaking through Cayce at the time, because at the end of the reading, he says "I Halaliel have spoken".   Cayce/Halaliel seemed to say that John Peniel would become known as the Earth changes were about to, or had begun on Earth. Considering all that is happening on the Earth as far as climate, extinction of species, and many other things, the changes have begun. Note also, the emphasis on the Golden Rule ("Love thy neighbor as thyself") in the last paragraph.

 First, let us make it clear that Jon Peniel is not claiming to be the one Cayce referred to (nor denying the possibility). If someone thinks he is, or isn't, he doesn't care. He doesn't believe it is important or relevant, and feels that if he is, he is, and if he isn't, he isn't, and it makes no difference in regards to his mission, or the teachings. Jon reminds us that the message is far more important than the messenger. You will have to decide for yourself, the importance and value of the ancient teachings Jon presents in this book, and manifests in his life, even if his name was Kilroy Magoo, not Jon Peniel.

 After reading the book, some ARE members, and Cayce study groups, have come to believe or even proclaim Jon is "the" Peniel they have been waiting for. On the flip side, some people (not Cayce study groups or ARE members to our knowledge), without even reading the book, have claimed that the author isn't "the" Jon Peniel. And they've done so quite vehemently, sometimes with hostility, rudeness and insults. One must ask, why are they so threatened? If he isn't "the" Jon Peniel, his message of truth, kindness, caring, and unselfish love certainly isn't going to hurt anyone, only help. But the fact is, the message is a threat to darkness, and selfishness, and the selfish, separate self. And that is the real reason for attacks, regardless of the claimed reason.

 We have every respect for Cayce, and feel he is truly one of a kind. There have been a number of Cayce imitators and copycats, but none who we are aware of delivered the words that "rang the bells of truth" with our Inner Beings, like Cayce. It was the same message as that of the Children of the Law of One, which Cayce was part of (even though he wasn't always conscious of that), and as that lived and given by Jesus, who was the founder and leader of the Children, throughout all his lifetimes. Sometimes even Cayce's readings were off however, and he'd be the first to admit it. There can be many reasons for that. But most importantly, Cayce would frequently, and intensely, admonish people to change, to transcend the self (the source of all problems), to be self-sacrificing, to love selflessly, to live their lives and use their thoughts in such a way as to return to Oneness with God, and thus get in touch with the truth and source of all true knowledge directly, rather than listening to others. This again, is the same message repeated over and over in Jon's book, and specific methods for accomplishing the transition from selfish separateness from the Universal Spirit/God, to Oneness with the Universal Spirit/God, are given in detail. And the world doesn't need another Cayce at this time in history. It is the end of the world as we know it, and rather than finding and listening to another prophet, it is time now for all good people to make the internal changes necessary to return to Oneness with God, and manifest Christ Consciousness through Unselfish Love.

With all that in mind, we can examine the apparent contradictions raised by those who have an issue about who is or isn't "the" Jon Peniel, which again, Jon feels is irrelevant. The first, is that Jon's name is not spelled with an "h" (John). This difference in spelling between Jon and John, has been pointed out by some, as if it is relevant. But one must realize the name given by Cayce and others, was not spelled, it was spoken. It was thus naturally assumed by the American transcriber, to be spelled in the American way ("John"), rather than the more European version ("Jon"). The transcriber actually did this for a couple of reasons. Besides being the common American spelling, the transcriber assumed that Cayce/Halaliel was referring to the apostle John, and thus also used the modern English Biblical spelling.   It isn't really an issue, but for those who feel that it is, they should keep in mind that even the name "John" as was used in the Bible, is just a translation of a translation of a translation, etc.. The name/word "John" or "Jon", was not even part of Jesus' language, and many different languages have their own version of that name, even now. Also, an unrelated interesting side-note, is the fact that in the complete Cayce readings on CD ROM, John the Beloved is referred to 12 times, always exactly in that way ("John the Beloved"). Nowhere else in the entire readings, except for the above reading, is it said in the above manner.  

 As to other sources of channeling, that use the "Cayce style", or other styles, we cannot verify the validity and/or accuracy of those sources and must remind people that many other "readings" have either been wrong, faked, or not relevant to anything provable one way or the other. At best, even good readings are subject to change, especially since some aspects of the future are not pre-determined, but rather subject to change depending on the use of free will, thus can flux in accuracy a great deal over time.  Such readings are only accurate a certain percentage of the time, thus, we think people should use their own intuition to determine such things (which is partly what the book is about - teaching you to become your own source of information from God, and not rely on others). In the old days, a false prophet didn't have a chance to make excuses, they were stoned to death. And a good prophet, an alive prophet, didn't make a prediction unless it was certain. Even Cayce would say that the time and places of many things could not be known, because of the free will factor.

 Some so-called prophets who did Cayce-like readings, even gave readings that defended their own inaccuracies, saying things like the prophecies would come true at some point anyway, and it was just a time line difference, and also arguing that people needed to be essentially told false prophecy to get them to change. That kind of thing would have gotten you stoned to death for sure, and is a great catch-all excuse for a false prophet. How would YOU like to be told that your world was going to be destroyed on such and such a date, and you completely changed your life around it, only to find out many years later, nothing happened?! It seems to us that being prepared for the inevitable is good, prudent, and wise, but getting people to act on it by deception, rather than free will choice, is very wrong.

To summarize, regardless of whether or not the author is "the" John Peniel people have predicted, the information in the book could be the most important you have ever read, and should just be judged on its own merit. In our opinion, the name and predictions are irrelevant, and at best, far less important than the message and teachings. Decide for yourself. Don't let any one, or any thing, distract you from the truth, and what's really important.

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Hi Chris, I find his name interesting.  'Peniel' makes me think of Pineal gland and it's function in consciousness transformation, as one, Rob.

ChrisBowers's picture

I hadn't thought of that, very interesting.  The read is quite interesting, bringing together so many complimentary sources in affirmation for me, and a bit hard on the "intellectual" fence sitters and rubber neckers, which is good for me, LOL, and I mean "intellectual" as a pejorative in this case, haahahaha

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Over the years I have had many people emailing me, asking for the PDF, The Children of the Law of One & The Lost Teachings of Atlantis. I recently found a website that has this PDF. This will expedite anyone's desire to download this PDF. As many already know, this is not related in any way to the channeled Law of One sessions with RA by Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert, but remains an interesting read nonetheless.


and here is a link direct to the PDF

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Thanks Chris,,I just downloaded it,,I am anxious to start reading it tonight...I like the comment about the Pineal gland from the original post

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Have always valued your open-yin (HA), so I'm very much looking forward to hearing what you think/feel about this somewhat fantastic Jon Peniel story. When I first read it I didn't trust it so much, but am reading again and feeling a little more open to it this time for some reason. Had been receiving requests for the PDF periodically for years now, so I finally decided to update this forum and add the link to the PDF. Should have done that from the beginning, Duh.

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Man, I'm really draggin a%& reading this, but I like it. His constant breakaways to "what the book is about" are a little annoying, but the idea that this is the original,,,"religion",,,but not a religion, is fantastic,,,,it makes sense that all religions originally come from universal law, as you can find bits and pieces in all of them. If everyone read this,,,,true or not, it seems like it could help end the zoo known as organized religion...

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I'm gettin there! I find it is getting better as I go on. Interesting to see mentions of "end times" so to speak,and "the harvest". He jokes about the book being redundant, ha, Because the message is really so simple,,,unselfish love. It's amazing how complicated we have made the world "up" to be, when that one message,,played out by all of us would change everything. Religions are soooo "bloated!"

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You know, halfway through this, I stopped,and went back to watch a video I posted here a couple of months ago. https://youtu.be/-8szr8oPrxE It didn't draw any attention, as it appears to be a martial arts demonstration, but it is actually a short version of a lecture on the heart sutra. I believe Lama Dondrup is from Nepal, and he makes statements that mirror Peniel's points. If we are constantly making statements and actions that don't reflect what our hearts are feeling, than how can we ever expect to be in harmony with ourselves,,,or others? When I hear that, and think of the phrase "proper edicate", which is drilled into us from an early age, it is easy to see why everyone is so uneasy..

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Yeah, form without function, and pretty soon we forget we are even out of touch with our inner true Selves. another thing your comments made me think of is what David Icke said about his "trip" on Ayahuasca, "everything that vibrates is illusion, the only thing that's real is Love"

All you need is Love,
wa wa wawa wa
Love is all you need
Love is all you need
Love is all you need

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Todd, I watched the video of Lama Dondrup Dorje's chi demonstration, and was quite taken by the use of energy and the spiritual side (his exposition of the Heart Sutra). I used to take Tai Chi and I'm familiar with Buddhism, so I know that this stuff is real. But I did get a little warning feeling in that, for all his words about humility, he didn't seem that humble. However, I dismissed it and went on to search more about him and his teaching. The only negative thing that came up was this, but when I read it (and watched a couple of the videos linked), I realized that my "little warning" about this teacher probably had some foundation: http://www.dharmawheel.net/viewtopic.php?t=9597
Check it out and let me know what you think... it's worth reading all of the comments.

Bob07's picture

I must add, though, that the Heart Sutra's teaching on "Emptiness" is wonderful and profound. And so is Tai Chi.

tscout's picture

wow Bob,,thanks for that link. I don't hear that guy saying it was Lama Dondrup that did or said all those obviously "not the way" things to him, but,if Dondrup has become involved with a "pay to become a Buddist" school in any fashion, then I would never get involved with him either.. The video I posted was quite old, I think the late 90's, long before this. It's funny, because he says himself in that old lecture that Buddha didn't want people to worship him, only to improve themselves,,just like Jesus told people to go within, not to look for the answers in a church. Both profound statements that are ignored by most. Unselfish love,and looking within might just be the universal laws that all religions came out of,,,so simple, yet so hard to carry out. When I was in China, I went to huge temples, more like towns, on holidays where thousands ,maybe hundreds of thousands of people go to pray to Buddha. There might be 30-40 pray stops for people, and they go to every one, and fill the donation boxes at each stop! There is a mountain of incense burning in the courtyard by a 60 ft. statue,the fire is as big as two houses, and burns all week. People are just throwing shopping bags of incense on the fire. I did it once with a new friend there and was appalled at the similarity to western churches. But there are so many people, you have to walk from at least a mile away to the little town in a herd of people,,,,,and hundreds of vendors selling incense of course,ha! I wouldn't follow anyone at this point, and I surely wouldn't worship any belief system. It's so easy to become poisoned, no matter how pure you are at any given point in your life, just as children have their creativity, pure thought, etc. drummed out of them as they grow.Or shamans who find out they can make a living selling what they have. I will take the pure things I got from his old lecture and put them into perspective. They were basic truths, and that's all we really need to do our own work. If he has been poisoned then one can only hope he finds his way back.
As for his energy work he did there, it was the only one I have ever believed. Brian and I talked about all the videos regarding this back when I posted it. When you see a teacher controlling his students,,don't believe it, family members do that to their loved ones all the time in a variety of fashions, different types of control built up over the years. But these were supposedly strangers from an external art school,,karate. The points about rivalry were relevant, and the difference he displayed between expanding and condensed energy was something we can all learn from. Watch how the big jellyfish in the ocean move. They are like a human spine,brain,and nervous system without all the add ons. Watch how they pulse, always condensing and expanding. Now apply this to your yoga, or qigong, or taiji practice. Ancient texts say man is here to mix heaven and Earth,,in the triple burner,,the 3 dantiens. This is our life, breathing, condensing, or shrinking, sending our roots into the earth, then expanding, which expands that bubble of energy that is us, the feeling comes quite easy with a little focus on breathing .To me,the movement helps to change,,,condense, expand. When we stop doing it,,,our biological vehicle dies,ha. Ancient Taoist texts also say that man and woman mix heaven and Earth when lovemaking.Of course they're not talking about the porn that most young people are learning about sex from, but the true exchange of energy that can take place with two coherent lovers that truly balance each other. It is the secret of youth, but almost non-existent. It is so hard to find a truly balanced partner. Talking about it makes it even harder, as bringing attention to something brings it to the conscious level, and that can spoil so many energetic things ,ha. Anyways,,,if that guy has become poisoned along his path, I wish him the best in finding his way back,I think ,like many, he had pure intentions until he went out and tried to teach it....
Oh yeah,,,I did read the comments, but they seemed to lead to a generalized view on any school that charges money to teach spirituality,,,,I guess I basically agree with them, I can't think of any school that has ever maintained it's initial purpose, and it leads back to the point about not needing someone to tell us how to live.Just take the basics and do what you can to incorporate them into your life. It's just our way here in the west to be willing to do almost anything to "get what he's got". We must really enjoy being led,,ha! I can take what he said about rivalry and apply it to my taiji, and improve myself. I don't need anything else from him. Scientifically you would say that it's all about ions, positive ions coming from the space around us, and negative ions from the Earth. We mix them and manifest our world.I relate to it that way as well. I don't need any more details to do it,,,just the practice.....

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Well said, Todd. I hate to be boring, but I agree with you completely.

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The Peniel book kept reminding me of the old Rampa books, I read some of them as a teenager. Last year, someone gave me a link to a site,and I noticed all Rampa.s books there,so I downloaded them all. Over the last week I have read 4 of them, and found them interesting, there are so many references to ancient history, even way before the theories Graham Hancock has brought to the surface. There were also many references to the future, which have all come to pass except for, technically, ww3. What a diversion! Now I have to go back and finish Peniel's book, ha!

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What was the website you found to download the Rampa books?

tscout's picture

Heyyy, I got them all at this link in pdf... http://thelivingmoon.com/44cosmic_wisdom/02files/Lobsang_Rampa.html

Someone had sent me this link... educate-yourself.org/ ....I noticed his name in the huge topic list there. There is a decent article about him at that link,,, and it leads to the others. I never really knew why he needed to do a walk-in on an Englishman, but ,after reading 5 of his other books, his story is amazing. I finished another one last night that talked briefly about a city in a glacier in the Tibetan Highlands(which of course used to be seaside), a city built for giants, far more advanced than we are(other than the fact that man keeps blowing himself up on this Earth).

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