Something Marvelous Is Happening Now!


Something Marvelous Is Happening Now!
Something Marvelous Is Happening Now!

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Something marvelous can happen to you right now! Find out how!

The mood of the wish fulfilled is the high tide which lifts us easily off the bar of the senses where we usually lie stranded.”
~ Neville Goddard

Recently I encountered a story so uplifting I wanted to share it. We all go through periods where we feel down or even depressed. During one such period where I was quite desperate for relief, I came across a very inspiring story in the book The Law and the Promise by Neville Goddard.

Something Marvelous Is Happening Now! | in5d.comThere was a woman who was at the end of her rope. At 55 she was out of money, did not have a job and feared looking for one at her age. She had been to several Goddard presentations over a year’s period and was just desperate enough to give his imagination theory a try. She remembered Neville telling of an artist who got to the place of feeling everything was wonderful and thus it became so. She decided that each night while she lay in bed she would focus on the fact that “something marvelous was happening in the moment”, not later but now.  She faithfully did this every night with great joy and enthusiasm. In a period of two months she saw an old friend and had a chat. Soon after that friend showed up at her door to give her a check for $2500, back then this was a lot of money.  She was thrilled. It turned out that this friend had gone to New York and encountered an acquaintance of this lady from 25 years ago. During this

period the friend had become very wealthy and wanted to share it with this lady. For the next 2 years she received generous monthly checks. At the end of this story the lady was going to the lawyers office to sign papers to receive these checks for the rest of her life. Her powerful imagination and enthusiastic attitude brought her great security. My challenge to you is to try this exercise or a version you like of it.

One of the benefits of this exercise is that it keeps us right in the here and now where all our power is. All the masters have taught in one form or another that our power is in the now. The past is over and the future is an illusion. We are creating the future as we go and ultimately want to leave it to our divine energy and relax and enjoy the moment. Regret over the past and fear of the future is where our anxiety and unhappiness comes from. As we embrace the now and learn to look for things to feel good about in the moment we learn to cultivate our joy, peace and well-being. Meditation is another wonderful tool for this, when we quiet our minds and get still and know “I  AM”, we come back into our connection to the Divine Mind and all things begin to make sense and flow.

Enjoy the video below as a guide and to give you ideas. I know something marvelous is happening right now for you.

Kim Caldwell

author of Activate Your Abundance Book and the Abundance Meditations


How wonderful to have abundance show up on your door step like that after just a few months investment in using the law of attraction. I've been trying to get more and more into that feeling place of abundance and financial security but it's hard because there's a part of me that feels unworthy of abundance and when it does start to show up I feel like I don't deserve it or feel guilty. For example just last week I was practicing redirecting my thoughts and feeling abundance and well being and I was feeling really good all day and really staying with it. Then after making a customer support call to with my internet company I got an email with a link to a survey where I recieved a $25 gift card to Amazon for taking the survey. It was like part of me rejoiced in receiving the gift and being able to buy a few nice things I had been wanting, and I felt like I had attracted this little gift to me by sending out all that positive energy throughout the day...but at the same time I felt unworthy of the gift for some reason and couldn't be truly happy in receiving it. I'm not sure why I feel this way. Only just recently have I become aware of how much I don't let myself want more or didn't feel I deserved more than what life was offering me...but I'm learning to see the abundance that I do have and feel grateful for that...and have started to allow myself to identify new wants and needs and work to draw those things into my life. It's hard! Anyway, I'm rambling...thanks for sharing!

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Snwdream-Go for it!  So I have a lot of urgent needs at the moment. I have been trying to give my heart to god/mother/father/universe to direct me (not an easy task for a onetime atheist) and asking god for help. An old customer hires me out of the blue for cash. A friend just called me up and wants me to take a gift-not a loan-of money to see me thru my rough patch. Another friend hired me to do some tasks and is offering advice and support to get my stuff done ("Brian-you've got to work the system!") LOL

Just out of love, these wonderful people have offered what they have unconditionally. I know this feeling 'unworthy' very well. It's just habit I think. You mustn't let it worry you. I think all but a handful of maladjusted people do it at least sometimes. Laughing


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       I love the thought that not one,,but many incredible things are happening at any given moment. Obviously ,  it can draw attention from worrying about one's own situation, and is another way to see the "bigger picture". We all know, at least in hindsight, that the best things that happen to us can come out of the worst things,,,,haha! and , we have probably all heard how the universe is constantly in motion, with hundreds of events interweaving to create another, it's mind boggling!! But, this esercise helps simplify it for me,,,,no matter what is going on, just know that countless numbers of others are taking place, and any one of those can intersect with us, or start a chain of events that lead back to us,,,,,and being conscious of it can help lead it to you, and make it more likely you will see it when the time comes......I think that is why,,,trying to control the situations in your life can be so harmful!! Just a thought

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